Who’s Afraid of Sarah Palin? The GOP

Who’s Afraid of Sarah Palin? The GOP
When I saw this report at HuffPo yesterday, entitlled “Republicans Disinvite Palin From Major Fundraiser, Trash Her In Private,” I thought, “Really? Again?”

Well, no, not really. This is the same story Matt Lewis wrote about a few weeks ago. They threw some Mrs. Dash on it and banged it in the microwave for a few minutes, but it’s basically the same story. The RNCC announced that Palin would be headlining their annual fundraiser, but then Palin’s office said, “Not so fast…”

So, now, they’ve “Disinvited” Palin in much the same way that I might “disinvite” Jessica Alba from my birthday party. She wasn’t coming, anyway. The only thing new here is that they found a backup, and took the occasion to trash Palin a little bit more:

WASHINGTON – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is out, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is in as keynote speaker at a Republican dinner this spring.

A GOP official trashed Palin to Fox News and insisted that her camp wasn’t telling the truth. “She was a disaster,” the source said. “We had confirmation.”

So, why re-heat this story now that the Republicans have found their stand-in?

It’s kind of an “enemy of my friend” situation here. The left just reflexively jumps at any chance to trash Palin (note to left: She LOST already), the rest of the press love any Palin headline (always good for ratings/circulation/traffic), and the GOP has found common cause with them here.

Sarah Palin is a danger to the Republican establishment, on more than one front. She will be almost impossible to beat in the 2012 primaries, but stands little chance of winning the general election. The Republicans think that by trashing her now, an effort which began shortly after the election, they can head off a popular, but unelectable, presumptive nominee.

The problem is, they’re not offering up much better alternatives. Newt Gingrich only sounds good because the rest of them sound so bad. The GOP hasn’t wised up to the fact that they need to moderate their message if they want to grow their party.

The left, meanwhile, should get out of Sarah Palin’s way. Let her ride that wave of popularity all the way to that Republican nod in 2012. Better the devil you know.

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  1. […] is making a genius out of me.  I’ve been saying for a long time that the GOP is looking to jettison Sarah Palin as a candidate for 2012.  While I have accumulated a mountain of evidence of this, Gingrich pretty much spells it out.  […]

  2. I do take issue with the comment in the story suggesting that the left is the group trashing Palin. Through reading and research, it seems that the right is doing the majority of the trashing. Who is leading the GOP? It seems that the inmates have taken over the asylum!

  3. I’m A-political & it totally bores me. All the BS. All the political “lifers” who have no other employment interests other than pretending to be our “leaders.”

    But I find it amusing that the people who despise Sarah Palin the most are the ugly people….. the weak people who feel threatened by good looking people.

    Thats why I despise politics. Most of us go about our lives & hope those in Government do their jobs well enough to keep my life from getting ruined by economic DEpression or war or terrorist attacks.

    BUT….. I usually see weak people in Government pandering to the “activists” …… you know….. “activiists”…. those people among us who have no job or are so flaky that they actually go out and waste their lives “protesting” this or that.

    Sarah Palin to me is just another candidate for public office. Its whatever she says / said that makes a diff to me. I’m REALLY glad I’m not afraid of her because of her physical appearance as some of the skanks out there are.

  4. We all know how the Huffington Post has its finger on the pulse of the Republican Party.

  5. If the Republican Party can only come out with Palin as the front runner, is a
    Party that doesn’t have a future. We are looking at 16 years of Democrats.
    Ms. Palin is a very nice looking lady but that is the most you’ll get. It is sad that
    a party doesn’t have brains at all.

  6. I feel enough is enough. If Sarah Palin does or does not run she is an American that can do either. (at least today) Anymore, I hope that grassroots Americans come to the plate and serve a term, I will vote FOR an American who has no political experience as they will truely “serve” the nation.

  7. I was born and raised (reared) in Alaska. I am slightly older than Sarah.

    Sarah Palin is not an Alaskan. She was born and spent most of her childhood in Idaho. It makes me ill that wherever flailin’ Palin goes, she is introduced as the “Governor of Alaska.” That crazy b*tch is no more an Alaskan than Ted Stevens, who was born and raised in Indiana. Both of them are an embarrassment the state they represen(ed). That either of them pronounce to the rest of the country that they are the voice of Alaska makes me feel physically sick. Real Alaskans are not like these people.

    I do agree with the author of this story however. With any luck, Flailin’ Palin will win the GOP primary in 2012, and that will guarantee a Democratic victory in the Whitehouse. I just wish that Palin were Governor somewhere else.
    PS. Sarah Palin has about as much sex appeal as a bloody booger.

  8. Dude that was gross.

  9. Hey man, you try livin’ with that Born-Again Fundamentalist Hate Monger, Paranoid, Hysterical Fascist Palin. Seventy yeras ago, she would have worked for the Gestapo.

    Ooooops, sorry. It is redundant to state the obvious. My bad.

  10. […] is making a genius out of me. I’ve been saying for a long time that the GOP is looking to jettison Sarah Palin as a candidate for 2012. While I have accumulated a mountain of evidence of this, Gingrich pretty much spells it out. […]

  11. […] * Who’s Afraid of Sarah Palin? The GOP […]

  12. I think the party establishment is afraid of Sarah…I think the rank and file love her, see her as another Reagan.
    Look, we all underestimated Reagan in 1980. Don’t underestimate Palin or the Republican party. One major terrorist attack, the economy continues to deteriorate, and the Democrats are going to be in trouble.
    The republican propaganda operatus is already laying the ground work.

    You don’t have to stand for anything anymore to win elections. All you have to do is tear down your enemies. Don’t underestimate the currency of the fear factor in deciding this countrys future.
    I’ve been around for awhile, and I’ve never seen it this crazy. The John Burch crowd used to sit quietly in the corner, waiting for its time. Now it’s time has come, and it will not go quietly into that good night.

  13. […] * Who’s Afraid of Sarah Palin? The GOP […]

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