Redstate, Hillary Clinton Get Punk’d By White House

Redstate contributor Caleb Howe finds a funny story, makes it funnier :(emphasis mine)spockbama

Yesterday, in what is the latest in a long, hard series of bungles by the White House, reporters who called for an “on-the-record briefing call with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton” were offered the opportunity to provide a credit card if they felt like “getting nasty.”

According to Fox News, the White House distributed an email to the press announcing a conference call, but included the number for a phone sex line rather than the conference call number. Asked for comment White House Press Secretary Bill Burton said the mistake was “one of the stupider things FOX News has covered lately.” I couldn’t agree more Bill, it is one of the stupid things Obama’s administration has done lately and that the press has subsequently covered or, as in this case, not covered.

Good start, I like the juvenile sexual entendres, but he really hits his stride here:

This isn’t the Age of Obama, it’s the coming of age of Obama, and his pubescent growing pains are pon farr-like in their sudden, lurching, painful overtness. It is as disconcerting as it is embarrassing.

BAM!  Fifteen points for the double-obscure Star Trek reference!

Of course, he doesn’t quite stick the landing, resorting to “if-Bush-did-it” whining, completely missing the point that yesterday was April Fool’s Day.  You, sir, have been punk’d, sir, by a very clever White House.




  1. Oh Snap!!!

  2. So uh…… The iPod gift was not a gag?

  3. LOL! That’s what I thought at first too, but it was all over the ‘regular’ news.

    By the way, Cube, nice take down of ‘Truth’. That is one vile human (I’m assuming it’s human).

  4. It’s funnier because they didn’t tell anyone

  5. Or was tommy doing an april fools joke with his article claiming the iPod was an april fools joke?

  6. PCL,

    you mean NONTRUTH?

    that is a very mean person…

    sometimes I just stare at the screen in shock, to what it has typed…

    I have a long standing bruise on my chin from it hitting the floor on a daily basis…

    just another example of a crawfishin’ human, when its day of judgement comes…


    but, but…but….I..I didn’t say, I…wait!!

  7. Yeah, Michelle, I don’t like that person at all. ‘It’ is sooo mean about making it’s point . All’s IT knows how to do is hurl the insults. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to give it a pass much longer. Cube did good battling it today. ‘It’ is the most irrational thing on the blogs. And I’m thinking it’s a male–kind of like Charlie Manson and the BB are his followers.

  8. […] Redstate, Hillary Clinton Get Punk’d By White House […]

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