Today’s Quickies and…I Pwn the Internet

I’ve now had 5 stories hit the AOL Welcome Page this week, with buckets of traffic for me, both there and herwfssnuggiee.  That rules.

I might have to do this at AOL.  Ace called Michelle Obama a Sasquatch.  Man, that’s too good to pass up.

Speaking of Michelle, the British press are at it again, going all apoplectic because she touched the Queen.  Hey, this is America, Chauncey.  we’re free to touch all the queens we want.

Chelsea has not taken a future First Dude.

Ahhh, substance: the G20 communique’

G20 meets “Road House”: Obama the “cooler”

Eric Cantor thinks we’re “overreacting” to the economic crisis, in between sips of Cristal.

Damn, the truth about Snuggies!  Also, snuggies meets the mutant from “Total Recall.”

GOP should “Be Like Mike.

Gee-Twunny Honey.



  1. As far as MsO touching the queen goes…

    the queen touched her first, which that is an indication, that she is not opposed to being touched herself…

    meech out and dutch tombodi hand, make this morld a betta pace, if you tan!!!

    those Brits need to get over themselves….we kicked their asses once…and we here to show them, we STILL got it…


    so, we sent our first string Bball team to represent!!

    rolling eyes…

  2. LMAO! Michelle, love the song! LMAO!

  3. […] Today’s Quickies and…I Pwn the Internet […]

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