President Obama and French First Lady Carla Bruni Kiss and ‘Make Up’

Here’s a cross-post from AOL, and all I can say is “Damn!”  If that was me, there would be a very goodcarla_bruni3thumb reason I wouldn’t be able to step too close to her, get my drift?

Update:  I knew France had a hot First Lady, but I never really checked into it.  Did you know that there are nekkid pictures of her?  I am shocked!

President Obama and French First Lady Carla Bruni Kiss and ‘Make Up’

The silly season never ends.

Matt Drudge is pushing this headline: Bruni backs off from kiss… linking to a UK Sun article that makes it seem like French First Lady Carla Bruni had to slap away a slobbering advance from President Obama:

Bruni backs off from Obama kiss…

The former model gave customary pecks on both cheeks to Michelle Obama and other dignitaries when the couple arrived in France.

But when it came to the dashing US President the beauty kept a noticeable distance.

Well, they say pictures don’t lie, even if tabloid newspapers do. As you can see, the President and Ms. Bruni did share that continental smooch (nicely done, Mr. President), and the Sun is just trying to make some hay.

Amusingly, the New York Daily News is running the same photo as the Sun, but their headline says the President blew Bruni off. What a country!

Here’s a picture taken seconds before the one the Sun was referring to. I’ll call it “the approach”:

As you can see, the withholding of labial greeting was mutual. It looks like they had already launched into a conversation, so maybe the kiss would have seemed awkward.

I know if it was me, I would play it super-cool in that sitch. A guy like Nicolas Sarkozy probably keeps a close eye out for over-eager dudes taking advantage of Europe’s loose kissing rules.

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  2. She is a very gorgeous woman, a poet and songstress, who has dated many famous muscians including Eric Clapton and Mick Jaggar- who stole her away from Eric,and then had her heart broken.
    I don’t think Eric will be writing a Layla for her, although Mick may dedicate one of his songs that starts with a B for her… ; )

  3. ***had her heart broken.***’

    should read, of course…his heart broken…

  4. seeing Garret posting here, makes me smile!

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