Today’s Quickies and…Rocket Babies

Levi Johnston is kind of an ass. Look, if you’re gonna scummily dish on your sex life, go all the way.  Be like, “Tyra, I always thought those Penthouse letters were made up…”

But seriously, dude! Your son is going to see that some day.

This is only funny in the abstract:  Rocket fuel in baby formula.  Aside from the obvious jokes, the article actually says this: “The formula also contains a compound that can counteract the rocket fuel chemical’s effects.”  I’ve never heard of simultaneous food poisoning and unpoisoning.

Rush Limbaugh Slam Poetry.

This site can suck it!

This headline sounds like a Wall Street Journal article written by Dr. Seuss.

I have a follower named Kristy Kaleal now.  Is she related to Superman?

Good day to be gay.


Cyberstalk Rahm Emanuel.

Ward Churchill wins a dollar.

Tenacious D meets Conchords meets Fellini.

You can’t breathe in Jello.

Dick! (h/t OhHellNawl)



  1. Prayer service at The First Church of Barack begins promptly at 11:00. Please bring money. Any amount will help support the Lord’s work.

    “Unusable Signal With Cube: The Messiah Variety Show

    Call-in Number: (347) 677-1645
    Upcoming Show: 4/4/2009 11:00 PM EST

    Are You Ready For a Miracle? Welcome to The First Church of Barack. Please be seated. The Republicans have been right all along! Barack is Jesus. The Messiah. All praise The Chosen One. Tune in to hear me agree with the Republicans as we embark on an historical journey proving President Obama is our Lord, Savior, and The Second Coming. No, really. He is.”

  2. […] Today’s Quickies and…Rocket Babies […]

  3. […] Today’s Quickies and…Rocket Babies […]

  4. […] Today’s Quickies and…Rocket Babies […]

  5. […] – Today’s Quickies and…Rocket Babies […]

  6. […] Friday, I reported on Levi Johnston’s tell-all appearance on the Tyra Banks show. A preview of the interview, airing today, shows Levi telling Tyra about their sex life, and […]

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