What the Effin’ F, Nato?!?

HuffPo reports that the US’ NATO allies are a bunch of dickbags:obama_roadhouse

STRASBOURG, France – President Barack Obama hailed “strong and unanimous support” from NATO allies on Saturday for his stepped-up anti-terror strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan and welcomed their “down payment” promises of 5,000 fresh forces.

The allies rebuffed U.S. appeals for more combat forces to join the war, but the backing Obama did gain at a European summit allowed him to claim an early victory on the world’s foreign policy stage.

The President tried to put a happy face on it, but you know he shot them all a dirty look when he called it a “down payment.”  The message: think it over, assholes.  I’m not gonna be this nice forever.

I love this part:

Among countries resisting U.S. appeals for more combat troops were France, which on Saturday rejoined the alliance as a full military partner after decades of being a nonmilitary member, and Germany.

“Nonmilitary member.”  That’s a nice way of putting it.

Apparently, these guys don’t think terrorism from the region is that big a deal, or that the “treaty” part really applies to them.  There was something to the argument that Iraq was the wrong war, but this was the right one, wasn’t it?  Did they oppose Iraq because they didn’t believe in it, or because they’re pussies?

And the right, after all of their bleating about supporting the President in a time of war, are lining up to call Obama the asshole, not NATO.  Even my pal, Ed Morrissey, is in on it.  I’ll presume an honest anxiety, rather than petty politics, at least in Ed’s case.

Look, you have to calm down and give it some frakkin’ time.  Observe the President’s MO so far.  He’s like Patrick Swayze in “Road House.”

Be nice, until it’s time  to not be nice.   We’re barely 10 weeks into Obama’s Presidency.  But, mark my words, it won’t be long until NATO is his “regular Saturday night thing.”

This is the arc he followed with the stimulus bill, asking the Republicans to have a drink on the house, maybe a free lap dance, but when all they wanted to do was throw beer bottles, that was that.

So, relax, give it some time.



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