Twitter Badness: DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting

Before I start, let me say that I’m pretty sensitive to this kind of thing.  I always hate the way the media covers these unbesttragedies.  It’s always all about the scumbag who killed people, and the dead are just “the victims.”  What was he thinking?  Why did he do it?  Where’s his Facebook page?

Having said that, and having written about the way blogs on both sides play politics with cooling corpses, I have to say that DailyKos frontpager Dana Houle and Kos himself have earned my “Unbest Individuals Upon the Earth” award (patent pending).  So badly have they made me sick to my stomach that I am resigning as a DailyKos diarist and reader. Here’s why:

This is Twitter, so you have to read from the bottom.  I snipped Houle’s Tweet because it was much earlier in the day.


Dana Houle is a Daily Kos frontpager, not some tinfoil diarist, and Markos is the public face of the liberal blogosphere.  Granted, his influence isn’t what it used to be, but he is still the most recognizable, the most closely-associated liberal blogger out there.

When I saw his re-Tweet, I was stunned, and I hadn’t even heard about the Pittsburgh shooting yet.  I thought he was talking about the shooting in Binghamton.  When I looked back at Houle’s Tweet, and I found the story of the three policemen who were killed yesterday, I could not believe my eyes.  As you can see, I tried to get Markos to explain his re-Tweet, unable to believe that these two would be joking about this at all, let alone hours after the tragedy.

Here are the relevant Tweets, but you can check out Kos’ Twitter feed, my Twitter feed, and Dana Houle’s Twitter feed if you want to look for context.

DanaHoule With no Veep to shoot people, folks are taking things in to their own hands

DanaHoule “He said he’ll be ready if there’s ever an invasion of the United States and that he had stockpiled foods and guns…” Wolverines!!

markosmoulitsas RT @DanaHoule: With no Veep to shoot people, folks are taking things in to their own hands

TommyXtopher What does this mean? RT @danahoule @markosmoulitsas With no Veep to shoot people, folks are taking things in to their own hands

markosmoulitsas When we were out of power, we organized to win the next election. Conservatives, apparently, prefer to talk “revolution” and kill cops.

I also sent Kos a Tweet letting him know I would be writing about this, to give him a chance to clarify.  He didn’t respond.

Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I think this is shameful. This is the kind of thing I would probably delete at Political Machine.  I don’t even see the humor in it, even setting aside the heartless ghoulishness involved.

More broadly, I’m starting to feel like a lot of the liberal blogosphere is forgetting what it means to be a liberal, or maybe I’m using the wrong word.  After 8 years of mortal kombat with the right, we’ve swung too far, become too belligerent.

More and more, I find the left taking shots at targets that they ought to leave alone, or even reach out to.  Take the Palin family, for instance.  The same writer, Houle, goes Full Snarkal Jacket on the Palin family.  Now, I am as staunch an opponent of Sarah Palin as there is, but I fail to see how her troubled family validates my policy disagreements with her.  In fact, her family, and Levi’s, are precisely the people we should be reaching out to.  Normal people have dysfunctional family members whom they a. don’t think represent themselves and b. they still love.

Aside from the political stupidity, taking stories like this and having a good laugh is not the liberal way.  Levi and Bristol are in for a world of heartache, and Palin’s sister-in-law pretty obviously has serious problems.    Where’s the compassion?  Why is it funny that Palin’s family has problems?  Did she put a hex on them?

Some would argue that these stories belie the “family values” she promotes.  I disagree, and most Americans would, as well, I think.  Failing to always live up to your values doesn’t, in ands of itself, invalidate them.  Funding abstinence and  abstinence-only education isn’t a bad idea because Bristol got pregnant, it just is a bad idea.

We’re supposed to be better than this, it’s why we fight.  But when we engage in this kind of scattershot haymaking, we give up the right to say a fucking word about it when Ann Coulter trashes 9/11 widows, or when Palin accuses our President of pallin’ around with terrorists.  We need to know where the line is.  We’re not stand-up comics, or radio entertainers.  We have a responsibility to our ideals that we ought not to betray for a cheap, barely-audible laugh.

Update: Caleb’s “healing” take.



  1. […] the idiots at the fringes would do so, but as my decidedly liberal and decidedly rational friend Tommy Christopher found out, that’s not the case.  Markos Moulitsas twittered his list to blame the shooting […]

  2. Do you know what “projection” is? “Projection” is when you project what you think about yourself or your instincts on to other people.

    For the last 8 years the “liberal” left (they are not liberals, really) has projected “nazi” and lockstep”fascism” and oppression of liberty on to the right.

    Now that they are in power, they amply display those tendencies in themselves.

    Don’t question anything Obama does. That’s treason. And everything he does is great. And it doesn’t matter if liberty is lost, as long as everything is “fair.” Although I doubt we’ll see Hollywood, Rich Democrats or Athletes rights infringed upon – just the little people.

    Everything they ever said about the right has been true about them.

  3. wow, just wow

    it seems that folks are getting a bit wiggy with each other, and I can surely understand in some cases….

    but to support shooting each other???

    Im glad Im in Texas, and well armed….lol

    and STUCK IN THE MIDDLE….yes folks, there is a middle….

    so the only thing to do is say…

    Bring It.

  4. I don’t agree with you, but I’m grateful you’re out there. I believe in the two sides. Without an opposition both parties become tone deaf and ineffective at doing what they once believed was correct.

    But sometimes we get caught up too much in the fight, so much so that we lose ourselves in the process. The only way it works is if both sides can respond as you are here, with common sense, not pettiness and cruel humor that does nothing to elevation the conversation.

  5. Thanks, I think you’re right. There are good people with all kinds of beliefs. There has to be humanity in public discourse, that’s what I think is missing.

  6. Oh and I do believe, this was the less than holy guest on Unsuable Signal last nite…

  7. Mina,
    to a point, I think you’re right. There’s good and bad on both sides and in the middle. It just disappoints me more when it’s my side.

  8. […] The Daily Kos has decided that the best way to honor the Pittsburgh police officers killed in the line of duty yesterday is by joking about their deaths on twitter […]

  9. Mr. Christopher:

    I live in Pittsburgh and have experienced devastating impacts of yesterday’s cop killing incidents. We are still in shock and our wounds raw. I have a degree in psychology and an experienced counselor, so I offered my help for those traumatized neighbors who might be in needs of counseling. Believe me, I know there are demands.

    I am a staunch conservative, but I do not ask if my potential client’s political affiliation before I counsel him/her. So imagine when I saw on the Hot Air Blog regarding “Twitter Badness: DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting.” I’m making a point of thanking you for calling your “friends” hurftul and destructive actions and opinions. You are the kind of liberal persons with whom I could engage in spirited, vigorous, and civil political discourse.

    However, the sad part is this: having been exposed to so many nasty and destructive personal attacks comging from the Daily Kos folks, I am no longer surprised to read your Kos friends twitter threads. I know my reaction is not a positive sign; I also know that many of my conservative friends feel the same way toward the Kos folks. This is discouraging because when we no longer feel angry, we also stop engaging with each other. Such mutual isolation only furthers the political polarization which has been pervasive for the last eight to nine years.

    Mr. Christopher, once again thank you for standing up to what is wrong . I pray that you will not become Daily Ko’s next personal attack. Please keep families of three slain Pittsburgh cops in your prayer.

  10. “Funding abstinence and abstinence-only education isn’t a bad idea because Bristol got pregnant, it just is a bad idea.”

    Which might be why Sarah Palin also supports teaching contraception.

    Oh, and one possible reason for the “pallin’ around with terrorists” comment might be that William Ayers is a terrorist (in much the same way a murderer is a murderer even if he hasn’t killed anybody in a while), and Barack Obama is his longtime pal. As long as you’re bringing it up, I mean.

  11. It saddens me to read and hear about some nutty whack job killing inocent people, esepecially Police Officers. What reallly scares me are these types of reactions. It’s disgusting and sickening to see someone make a political point out of these types of tragedies. I am, what most would say conservative, however, I am an American first. I love my country, and want the best for all of us. It seems this divide between red and blue has deepened since the election of Obama. It’s disturbing and I fear things may get worse. I pray for our country, and I pray for the families of all the victims who were seriously injured or killed in these insane shootings. That should be common ground for everyone…pray for all that are hurting.

  12. Treach,

    Way to get the point of the article. I know Palin supports teaching contraception, didn’t say otherwise. As for Ayres, it matters less to me than Palin’s troubled family means about her. I wouldn’t say she “pals around with” (fill in troubled Palin family member hyperbolically described trait here)
    And thanks for reading my blog. Tell your friends.

  13. Also, to the extent Obama “palled around,” it was with a college professor. Ayers was cleared of charges. Can you guess which prosecutor blew that one?

  14. Way to throw in stuff that blunts the point.

  15. “Also, to the extent Obama ‘palled around,’ it was with a college professor.”

    Who he claimed not to know very well. And then he knew him, but he didn’t know anything about his past (it’s not like Ayers wrote any books about it). And then he knew him and was aware of his past, but isn’t all this a distraction anyway?

  16. This is why I am undeclared politically–too many extremists on both sides. I will not support any political party–only a candidate that I feel is best for the job.

    Living here in the Bay Area of California, I have seen enough tragedy in regards to police being killed by obviously disturbed individuals. This has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment–and everything to do with how the mental health of society is spiraling downwards. And to joke about it, is even worse–I’m sure the families of those slain officers will appreciate it.

    There’s no doubt that the gunman in Philly was indeed disturbed, and to have listened to the ‘rhetoric of fear’ about Obama overturning the 2nd Amendment (like that will ever happen), made the young man a powderkeg just waiting for a match. Such a shame.

    As far as Sarah Palin goes, my problem with her had/has nothing to do with her party leanings, but rather the following:

    Palin wishes to push her religious-based beliefs on others while she can’t keep her own house in order. I frankly don’t care that her daughter got pregnant–it happens.

    Palin was in over her head in the election. That she did not recognize that tells me that she lacks judgment, and that vacuum of judgment was filled with arrogance–an arrogance common in beauty queens, the thinking that their looks will get them through the patches when their lack of intelligence fails them. And a degree in Journalism should have had her prepared for all the MSM interviews.

    As for her personal life. My problem there was her lack of sacrifice for her daughter, Bristol. She put her daughter on the national scene knowing, unless she is just plain and completely stupid, that the MSM was going to jump on the fact that Bristol was a 17 year-old, unmarried, Christian who was pregnant. Whether or not Bristol was fine with being in the limelight is not important–it was the responsibility of the mother to protect her daughter even at the cost of her career, which she wouldn’t even had to give up. This violation falls under my number one rule of parenting: first, do NO harm.

  17. I agree that this sort of political grandstanding is disgusting. Now, I’m not going to say that people shouldn’t take these moments to discuss things.

    I’m rabidly pro-gun, and I just feel overwhelmed by the rapid-fire calls for new gun legislation and for us to curb free speech of Glenn Beck so that people don’t go crazy and while we’re at it let’s ban Taxi Driver.

    People have to discuss these issues during these times. And particularly those on the side of freedom (in any context) cannot allow the statists to dominate the public discourse, whether there are potential curbs on the 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, or 4th amendment, or any other.

    We have to engage these issues even in the most uncomfortable of times, but we must maintain civility. This is sorely lacking on DailyKos. The diaries discussing these issues are shameful in their crassness.

  18. […] was revealed Sunday by a self-proclaimed Daily Kos diarist named Tommy Christopher who was so disgusted by these […]

  19. “Palin wishes to push her religious-based beliefs on others while she can’t keep her own house in order.”

    I’m sure you have evidence of her pushing her religious beliefs on anybody.

  20. Yeah, Jim, stop distracting me!

  21. This is the same Kos who said, “screw em” and “I feel nothing” when four Americans were murdered in Iraq and then had their corpses burned and hung on a bridge. He has long had a lack of empathy, and human lives are just pieces on his political gaming board.

    Really, this is no surprise to the right side of the aisle. The only surprise is that he thinks he is far enough ahead to risk this backlash.

  22. […] was revealed Sunday by a self-proclaimed Daily Kos diarist named Tommy Christopher who was so disgusted by these […]

  23. […] was revealed Sunday by a self-proclaimed Daily Kos diarist named Tommy Christopher who was so disgusted by these […]

  24. P.S. “I know Palin supports teaching contraception, didn’t say otherwise.”

    Then please stop saying she’s “abstinence-only.”

  25. Jim,
    Where do you think Palin stands on Roe v. Wade? And how do you think she formulated that stand?

  26. “Ayers was cleared of charges.”

    Ayers was not cleared of the charges. The prosecution botched the case and was forced to drop it. There’s a big difference.

    Kos actually got his references mixed up, it was loberals like Ayers who were plotting revolutions and cop killing, but the truth doesn’t seem to matter much to Kos.

  27. […] mock a situtation like this. Well, think again. According to Hotair, Unfortunately,  Markos Moulitsas twittered his list to blame the shooting on the conservative movement, and apparent…. eD No TweetBacks yet. (Be the first to Tweet this post)Related postsApril 2, 2009 — Bush kissed […]

  28. Hey Tommy, I appreciate your dissapointment but I have been concerned over the last 3 month that something horrible was going to happen. The Glen Beck show is scary, Chuck Norris is scary, Michelle Bachman is scary, the posts on hot air are just sick. To say that this type of stuff does not set off weak, depressed, ignorant folk, is to deny reality. I watched t.v. in horror as a bunch of Hutus, (urged on by radio broadcasts) killed a million Tutsi’s in Rwanda. Dont tell me constant negative messaging wont set off some people. I live in Texas and you should hear the type of stuff people talk about here. They are buying up guns and ammo, and talking about revolution. Now what do you think is making them believe that that is necessary. You dont think Hannity saying day in and day out that we are communists and that Obama is going to take away your rights, has nothing to do with it? You dont have to say go out and kill someone. All you have to do is have them believe that they are in real trouble and their way of life is over.
    The Hutu millitia in Rwanda did not say go out and Kill folks. They said the Tutsis are coming to take your land and all you’ve worked for. They are a threat to your way of life. Thats all it took to get people rilled up.

  29. “Where do you think Palin stands on Roe v. Wade? And how do you think she formulated that stand?”

    So Obama’s stance on the other side is because he rejects Christianity, then?

  30. When the eff did I say that?

  31. Even allowing for that point of view, exploiting a tragedy to make a point, and joking about it before the bodies are in the ground, is reprehensible.

  32. I didn’t know we were talking about Obama. Okay. Obama is just backing the law; furthermore, he doesn’t have to be anti-Christian to back Roe v. Wade. Has there been some woman who is pro-life forced into an abortion? I mean, I would be against that too–it kinda goes against the right to choose.

    And Jim, enough with the threadjack here–this topic was not about abortion. So, I’m done.

  33. Edited for Rules violation. Go read the rules and try agsin.

  34. “I didn’t know we were talking about Obama.”

    You were talking about politicians and their stance on abortion. Is he somehow exempt?

    Palin is anti-abortion because she’s a Christian, whereas Obama is pro-abortion in spite of the fact that he’s a Christian. Neat trick, that.

    Whoops, sorry for the “threadjack,” discussing something the author of the post brought into the discussion.

  35. Mr. Christopher;

    Thank you for this post. You are a man of integrity.

    The Pittsburgh shooter was no conservative. His beliefs, from what we know, mark him as an extremist and a deeply troubled man. I won’t touch on Kos and Houle other than to say I am not surprised at their attitude.

    A law abiding conservative.

  36. […] DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting From one of DailyKos’s own… Twitter Badness: DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting […]

  37. I found your blog post via Ed Morrissey’s story on Hot Air. While we would clearly have a number of debates from opposite sides of the issues, I am quite honored to stand at your shoulder on this one. Exploiting something like this to score political points is beneath contempt. And I agree with you that our media focuses solely on the whack-job that commits the killings and not on the people who were wrongfully taken from us.

    Thanks for saying what you did. I hope the people on Kos who believe any dig you can take at a conservative is a justifiable one don’t follow their normal schtick and start pounding on you next. Small facets of disagreement aside, what you said was true.


  38. Yeah, they’re pounding on me already.

  39. 300 people died of choking accidents last year. Anyone read any outrage over this and suggesting we ban food? But when there is any gun crime committed by a human being that made a decision to commit such a horrific act, the first thing out of most MSM or now days on the internet is an immediate talk of banning guns and taking all of us that reside on the Right and stamping the label of “extremists” or “nutjobs” on our foreheads. We have become used to both approaches, but we will never understand the use of the deceased in such manners as the Kos has used both our military members and those of the recent tragedies. We well never understand this sheer lack of human compassion. Never.

    As to the references here made to Glenn Beck and Hot Air, as well as other more Conservative sites and media types; since when do people not have a right to present another view of the world or the possible conditions the U.S. might be in? If any member of the Left would ever pause for a nanosecond to review the real positions of Conservatives, they would find us fiercely defending the rights of even Code Pink and Kos to “say” what they want to say. Uh, note to you people; it was not any army mostly made of Leftists that fought for your freedoms to say whatever nonsense you want to say! Democrats and Republicans for decades have fought side by side and died side by side for the rights of ALL to say or express whatever. Have you ever examined the fierceness with which you attempt to silence the voices of the Conservatives? Just which ruler or form of government do these silencing actions so desired by the Left most reflect? Read any history books of late?

    What is so frustrating for most Conservatives is that we want freedom. We want freedom for everyone and we constantly get labeled as radical religious nuts or some sort of bark eating uncivilized barbarians. For most of us we want privacy to begin at your homes threshold, if you want to be an atheist-fine, and we want the rights of all Americans to be upheld by our Constitution. It is just so simple and yet we are judged in a snap and with little truth or careful listening or examination.

    If any of the Left really wants to understand why we are so concerned about Obama all you have to do is understand this quote from Patrick Henry, “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” I you listen to Glenn Beck, HotAir or any other Conservative leaning entity you will find THIS is what concerns us as your fellow citizens, and this concern is not just limited to OUR rights but the rights of ALL Americans to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

    For the love and reverence of those that have died both recently, and in defending our freedoms; could we just agree to respect their lives and leave them out of any political agendas? I sure hope so!

  40. I don’t think the rhetoric is the problem. The rhetoric is simply in response to what is happening. Does Markos not realize that we’ve been called fascists for years now, and that the Kossacks and CrooksandLiars are still calling us fascists every single day?

    I don’t blame any rhetoric for what has happened. Disturbed individuals to disturbing things. This kid was a loser who lost his job, beat his girlfriend, and was being kicked out of his mom’s house and lashed out.

    I’m even disgusted that HotAir and LGF are trying to pin this on Alex Jones. Alex Jones is a conspiracy nut who hates the government, but he doesn’t advocate violence against the government. The whole point of his Infowars website is to, ahem, win the info wars so that we can resist tyranny democratically.

    Kos wants to blame Fox News because of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, and Allah and LGF want to blame Fox News because Alex Jones appeared on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s online show Freedom Watch, and Judge Napolitano introduced him as “the great Alex Jones.” The entire Freedom Watch show is a gathering of Austrian economists talking about how the government is destroying our freedom and our currency and how our economy is going to hell. But if that’s how you feel, say it. People will deal with it as they will. You speak your mind and people will react to it. That’s the price of freedom.

  41. Sorry, I forgot to thank you Tommy for standing up to the Kos. Thank you very much for standing up for decency!

    Hope you have fire proof underwear on for the assault to follow.

  42. To see some on the left attempt to use these tragedies for political gain is disgusting. Tragedies such as these aren’t political opportunities. Those on the right could argue that incidents such as these are the result of the failure of the Obama administration to properly respond to the economic situation, but that would be inappropriate. This is a tragedy where three officers lost their lives, while attempting to protect and serve the people of Pittsburgh. Any attempt to exploit or make light of the situation is reprehensible.

  43. I just read the comments over at Kos. Fucking sick. One post calls for killing Tommy. Fuck you Kos. How about that? Simple enough. Tommy’s absolutely right on one thing, some stains utterly are forgetting what it means to be a liberal. There is no more “respectful dissent” as I pointed out last night. There can be disagreement, respectful disagreement, as to whether the joke was “too soon.” But, Daily Kos simply (and I must say, sadly so) bares fulll vicarious moral responsibility for the threats to Tommy.

    I’m really shocked. Instead of addressing Tommy’s argument (which objectively is reasonable even if I disagree with him subjectively perhaps) the leaders of this blog attack him personally and explicitly allow for one of the most disturbing posts I’ve ever read.

    They have’nt just forgotten what it is to be a liberal. They have forgotten how to be a person. It’s easy to cower behind the veil of anonymity. I do. Tommy doesn’t. His kids could read that crap.

    In conclusion, suck my balls Red State… I mean… Daily Kos.

    You have lost your way and I wish I could prove it like this…

  44. Great post that both sides of the aisle should pay attention to.

  45. Mr Christopher, I am at a loss as to how you just noticed how hateful liberals can be. Were you around when Spot died a few years ago? How about Tony Snow? These people can’t help themselves.

  46. It’s on both sides, as I said.

  47. “Never let a good tragedy go to waste” That is the new liberal left rally cry. Funny thing is, oh, first sorry, never been to your blog, but your dead on about Daily Kos. But what I was stating is that his article on this and one from the NY Times by another author had damn near the same opening paragraph so I knew that it was the *talking point* for the day.

    Reading the comment sections here and over there in regards to this is interesting. First, individuals like the guy who runs that blog are no more than bottom feeder shills. I am sorry I don’t hold that much stock into “party affiliation”. For instance Gov Palin. Say what you will, but when it takes the entire liberal blogosphere, MSM, and Democratic party to go on an attack against one woman who they consider *irrelevant*. Believe in me, she has them shook for 2012.

    Because if she was a non issue, they would not spend so much time and effort trying to take her down. When it comes to the point that they go after her family the way they do, they are bypassed scared. And please don’t lie to yourselves and state that it is not true. Saying she is free game because of running for VP is bullshit. Because if it was *fair game* you would apply the same rules all across the board.

    Sometimes in the black community you will hear us say that you can tell a persons character by how they treat there family. Or hear the phrase “when one comes up, we all come up”. And as a black woman, I sure did want to know why Obama’s brother was living in a hut. I sure did want to know why he wasn’t using him and his wifes Ivy league education to state that anything is possible if you work hard or that it was possible to achieve whatever goal you set or look at me we did it, you can too.

    All we got was a speech on black men leaving there kids. We couldn’t get more than that because every time we attempted to his supporters began to froth at the mouth. Sorry. I don’t believe in that whole if he fails the nation fails theme. We survived Bush, I think we will survive people not agreeing with Obama. Contrary to popular belief, our country is set up in a way that allows all branches to play a part. No one can carry this country on there shoulders.

    But back to Daily Kos. Those individuals need to step back from there computers and take a deep breath and let it out because they are becoming literally rabid daily. Seriously, why do they blame Republicans for everything when we have the majority? Are they that naive not to realize for the last two years Dems had control? If they didn’t like the bad policies why not hold those elected officials they raise all that money for to account and make there asses work?

    I am in the military stationed on Fort Bragg and I have to say that knowing these are the people who literal hold our life in there hands get such a free ride because all anyone can do is blame the last administration STILL when the new one took over 20 January is pathetic. I might be a Dem but I don’t do group think. There are alot of unhappy people right now because all of this back and forth on whose fault what is, is STILL going on and we are wondering when they plan to shut the hell up and actually start working instead of dreaming up conspiracy theories.

    That is why they lose the military vote. Because it’s hard to vote for individuals who have lost touch with reality to the point everything bad that happens before they know the facts the cast blame. It’s disgusting that the families of these police officers are now caught up in a political tug of war. I mean come on. Cops come to a location on a domestic violence call and all of a sudden the shooter slash wife beater all of a sudden got scared that they were there to take his guns because of Obama because he watches glenn beck and listens to hannity and not because he just put the beatdown on his wife/girlfriend?

    Are they serious? You mean while he was shooting he just all of a sudden yelled he was a Republican and I am scared that you three are here for my guns and not because I am a dirt bag who beats up women and I am doing this because glenn beck and hannity said that it was going to happen today? Liberals. I am soooo glad I belong to the Clinton branch of the Democratic party.

    This reminds me of the primaries and how they tried to say her remarks in regards to Kennedy had something to do with Obama. Ya’ll may need to worry about a Republican take over in 2010 seriously. Because 4 years of this type of narrative will NOT win you any elections no matter how much you may raise.

  48. I will have to say I am disgusted at what I am reading here. No conservative blogger or talk radio/ TV host is to blame for someone else picking up a gun and killing innocent civilians or police officers. We saw this with the Lupoe family murders as well…

    Politics aside, we shouldn’t be looking at the party membership of some fanatic and saying that group is the reason for them outrage. We had a Huffington Post writer kill her lesbian lover a while back, but it isn’t like Arianna herself is guilty of participation in that murder. Let’s not let our political leanings blind us from what is going on…

    These are tough times, and whether you are on the right or the left, you are hurting. I will have to say that I was really upset last year when I heard about the RCMP murders, and how the Canadian Press handled that story, letting family and friends of the murders paint the three officers serving a drug warrant as the villains. It would be nice to see these reporters helping to organize a fund raiser for the family of the victims instead of turning these monsters into “cult heroes”…

    Problem with the Press is that not matter how awful the story, if it bleeds, it leads…

  49. […] Twitter Badness: DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting Before I start, let me say that I’m pretty sensitive to this kind of thing.  I always hate the way the media […] […]

  50. […] was revealed Sunday by a self-proclaimed Daily Kos diarist named Tommy Christopher who was so disgusted by these […]

  51. “More broadly, I’m starting to feel like a lot of the liberal blogosphere is forgetting what it means to be a liberal, or maybe I’m using the wrong word. ”


    Welcome to the goddam party, pal.

    Not too quick on the uptake, are you?

  52. I’m not shocked at how you’re being treated. I don’t bear any malice toward foaming at the mouth liberals or raving conservatives, but I refuse to deal with either at this point. Commenting on line is a sure way to get shat on, more quickly by the other side but soon enough by your own side if you’re insufficiently with the program. I’ve given up on a fair number of friends in real life over this issue in the last 3-4 years. I’m fine arguing issues but the standard pattern any more is, “I think this and if you disagree you’re an evil *%&@er!!!” It’s like half the political world or more is taking hits of nitrous between comments. I don’t need this sort of infantile behavior in my life and I certainly don’t want to inflict these losers on my wife or kids. Hang in there Tommy, maybe the rest of us will be needed someday to build a working polity. Maybe not, but an evil scum sucking paranoid loser chickenhawk RethuggliKKKan can hope, right?

  53. Funny last line. Thanks for your support

  54. Sorry if this has been addressed already but what the idiots at Kos don’t get is this – most police officers tend to be conservatives. Few liberals are willing to put their lives on the line for their fellow man, regardless of their claims.

    I’m a public safety officer and have been since 1982. My heart goes out to the City of Pittsburgh and the families of the dedicated officers lost to this mindless violence. May God hold them in the hollow of his hand.


  55. I don’t know about that. While cops are probably more socially conservative, they are also all union guys, and every cop I know favors stricter gun control.

  56. So they hate you at Daily Kos now, huh? Well, it’ll give you something to talk about with Lee Stranahan. He got kicked out of the Kool Kidz Klub for pointing out that maybe John Edwards wasn’t on the up-and-up about the number of kids he had. Utter blasphemy, right?

  57. Funny, we were just tweeting about that last night. Weird. I sent it to Stranahan, he didn’t answer me.

  58. […] Richard Andrew Poplawski, who slaughtered 3 Pittsburg cops Saturday morning was a conspiricy freak. He was an evil person.  Unfortunately, classy as always, liberals such as the Daily Kos are behaving like a bunch of asses. […]

  59. I take it, Markos doesn’t know that the majority of police, fire, and military personel are conservative?

    I wish I could say this shocks me, but it’s what we have come to expect from the creater of the cesspool known as kos. It’s not a surprise, it’s the same lack of humanity he’s always exhibited when he’s had a chance to spout off. I’m just at a loss as to how kos regulars or huffpo types are surprised. I’m sorry, I’ve read enough threads at kos to be jaded as to how low some on the left will go in pursuit of a quick smirk, especially if somebody dies.

    Tony Snow?

    Did you read any of the stuff absolutely gleeful at his illness and death? It wasn’t hard to find, still isn’t. This isn’t new to us on the right, we’ve been hearing this kind of thing hurled at us for years. It might actually hurt, if it had any truth to it, but since it’s projection, we consider the source.

    markos is a thug, always has been. He won’t do it himself, he’ll just goad the attack dogs to do it for him. His usual pattern, he hasn’t the courage to fight his own fights, bullies never do.

  60. I agree this crazy! Ten years ago I would never had imagined people joking about senseless loss of life. Just 2 weeks ago they were cheering in the streets of Oakland and praising the rapist gunmen has a hero.

    The Oakland rallies of jubilation for the killing 3 cops was organized by the ultra left. The quote unquote community organizers. The type of people who target children of AIG executives… just stunned, bewilder, and f@ckin’ mind boggled.

    Take care and treat life with respect….

  61. wow, Tommy!!!

    talk about some traffic my man!!!

    God musta got into ya….hehehehehe

    big hug to Diana, miss her bunches…

  62. […] Christopher has an interesting take on a recent tweet by Kos founder Markos Zuniga, simply put: “Conservatives, apparently, […]

  63. It’s a sad day. Nice thread jacking above, but int the end Tommy has it dead on: this is about social relevance, both those that have it and those that shouldn’t.

    The Kos has been a graveyard for the most jaded lefties available (no offense Tommy) for quite some time. Why do they work so hard to remove themselves from relevant debate? They do almost nothing but feed the fire that is O’Rielly, Hannity, Limbaugh, blah blah blah. On the right, you have those guys doing the exact same thing.

    What happened to the value of people? What happened to the government’s purpose being to protect our basic liberties? How have we gotten so far from the ability to have common sense debates and conversations and, in the face of tragedy, find humor instead of evil?

    Anyway, soapbox. Just wanted to applaud your post Tommy. It’s the right response, and I appreciate stumbling onto it.

  64. Thanks for this piece. I stopped reading KOS during the primaries when he viciously trashed HRC. He is a mean heartless,narrow minded,man

    I have been uncomfortable with the behavior of people who call themselves “liberal” for quite a while. Seems like an envation of another type entirely.

  65. Awww. Cute baby!

  66. I think it’s sad that this happened to these men. Who would have thought that all of a sudden police would become target practice? It’s happening everywhere.
    I wonder if Obama’s ideas about gun control will continue to be ignored while these people who cling to their guns run around shooting & killing the very same people who are suppose to be protecting us?
    No respect for authority?
    No respect for the laws of the land?
    No respect for common sense and duty?
    I wonder if this has all happened in just 8 short years, or if it only got worse.
    Can’t wait to see how people spins this around and blame Obama this time…

  67. I think it’s sad that this happened to these men. Who would have thought that all of a sudden police would become target practice? It’s happening everywhere.
    I wonder if Obama’s ideas about gun control will continue to be ignored while these people who cling to their guns run around shooting & killing the very same people who are suppose to be protecting us?
    No respect for authority?
    No respect for the laws of the land?
    No respect for common sense and duty?
    I wonder if this has all happened in just 8 short years, or if it only got worse.
    Can’t wait to see how people spins this around and blame Obama this time…

  68. I guess I need to look up “threadjacking.” I thought addressing the author’s points was permissible. Weird.

  69. wow, took me forever to get to the bottom of this thread…

    my goodness

    we ‘sploded….

  70. Jim,

    As Duke of the One-liner, You are free to jack.

  71. Comment by Paul on April 5, 2009 3:13 pm

    You gotta be careful of who you hang with in Texas…lol

    I know what you are saying is going on here, the paranoia…but there is also plenty of folks like me, who do not fear of my rights being taken away where gun ownership is concerned…but what does concern me, is the people that are just about on the edge of such panic…that anything could be possible…

    Its not Obama that is what they fear, or Liberal ideas, its the fact that they know on one level or another, that their radical ideology is becoming so last year…over, done, no longer acceptable.

  72. First, I’d like to join the other conservatives here and commend you for your decency. And as for stricter gun control laws? I don’t know the cops you know, but I have been one in Chicago for 21 years and the majority of the ones I know are definitely not for stricter gun laws. We know first hand, that the only people who benefit from stricter gun laws are the criminals. They always know how to get their hands on guns. Always.

  73. It’s too late at night to be doing research, but we both need to point to data that isn’t anecdotal. Tomorrow. Thanks for the supportive comment.

  74. See what happens when you pray brothers and sisters? You see what happens when you go to Church? Coninkydink? I think not. When you get lemons thou shalt make lemon aid.

  75. fatherCube

    the Lord works in mysterous ways…


    freakin’ amazin…

  76. Thanks, Mr. Christopher, for taking a stand against slander and vitriol. The blogosphere needs more people like you.

  77. Mr. Christopher, trust me, outside the most dense urban areas, cops are mostly conservative. Dad retired as one in a good sized Ohio city, my brother is one, I was an Air Force SP, I read the trade journal, my brother gives me his when he’s done with them. And while what you say may be true of major city cops, it’s decidely not true of cops in fly over country.

    Cops are among the most avid of gun collecters, very pro second amendment at least in my state. Among the service people I’ve known who were in combat units, the same applies. I was in nuclear weapons security, a very combat oriented field, conservatives ran about 2 to 1, sometimes 3 to 1. with a mix of democrats and independents, and apolitical types. We’re true believers, doing what dad did, and making no excuses for it. So the often hurled smear of chickenhawk rung hollow to us, when we know who makes up the bulk of service people. The heavy tilt toward McCain is pretty much proof of that.

    Cops, from experience are never social worker types as a rule. They aren’t very impressed with that kind of mindset. It’s about law and order, they have to be strong willed to do that kind of work, dealng with people who can be some of the worst of us. The running joke among my brother and his fellow officers is that big city police chiefs aren’t cops anymore, but politicians, often making decisions on that basis rather than what a cop in general would say from the gut.

    I’m sure in New York or L A you can find cops who are liberal at least vote that way. But travel 50 miles out, and that changes fast. I can’t think of a cop I know who doesn’t own about a half dozen or more weapons. They aren’t gun control, because it limits what they want to buy. I grew up with and live in the police culture in middle America. Conservatives truly are the bulk of most departments. Besides, even if you find some who aren’t big on guns,

    it doesn’t automatically follow they aren’t conservative n every other way.

    We don’t bash each other for not going party line on every single issue.

    I neglected before to thank you for your integrity.

    If you are liberal, then you are among their best. Saying what is truth especially if you know it won’t be popular to your own takes courage, and I hope you aren’t treated as badly as we fear you will be by other “liberals”.

    It would be nice if your kind of liberal ran the democratic party, then conservatives and liberals might actually be talking to each other again. I’m afraid though we’ve been harassed too much to put any faith in current liberal tolerance. In the service, my best friend, squadmate,. was a Ted Kennedy liberal. I miss the friendly sparring and debates. That never happens anymore, every time I try,. you get tired of being called a nazi every ten minutes.


  79. […] far as we can tell, this story was broken by blogger Tommy Christopher who had a Twitter exchange with Markos which ended in Markos saying “When we [Democrats] were […]

  80. God bless you, Mr. Christopher.

    This restores my faith in humanity. People really can be noble sometimes and you have proven this in your post. Many blessings.

  81. […] propaganda” was somehow responsible for this tragedy. The founder of Daily Kos, meanwhile, took it one step further: DanaHoule With no Veep to shoot people, folks are taking things in to their own hands about 20 […]

  82. […] HE gives me hope that…well…maybe we all can get along. Some day. It’s people like KOS who cause me to hate the left as much as I do. […]

  83. Thank you for posting this. I thought I was alone. Or better yet, I felt alone. I have left Daily Kos and Huffington because of the vitriol, constant snark and abuse. I feel disgusted. For once, clearly we are in power and we have become seduced and drunk on that same power. When did we become such bullies???? We are democrats and liberals. We are much better than that! We are supposed to be uniters, defenders of the truth, protectors of the abused and what have we done??? We annoy, shut up voices, manipulate and destroy. We need to go back to basics and fundamentals of what a democrat and liberal really is. You are not alone, my friend.

  84. “We’re supposed to be better than this, it’s why we fight. ”

    A-freakin-men. 🙂

  85. Tommy,
    Once again–I’m just so damn proud of being the President of your fan club. People finally see what Diana, myself, Michelle and all your faithful followers see–you’re the best!! Now when is Caleb starting his own blog?

    Missed you Saturday night, Diana!!! 😉

  86. […] Also a question of does a Tweet reveal aspects of your psyche that might on reflection be better unsaid? […]

  87. Politicizing a crime is a disgusting thing to do, regardless of your ideology. The Oakland shootings of police officers, and the Pittsburgh shootings, come from different root causes, but neither should be used as a basis for public policy.

  88. Believe it or not we Conservatives wish you Liberals would take back the Democrat party. Seriously. Bring back the days of Kennedy! Some of us have even found ourselves longing for the days of Tip O’Neil, and believe me we never thought we would EVAH think such a thought.

    As long as there is an attempt here at a rational discussion amongst rational thinking people from both sides of the aisle; I would like to express why most of us on the Right, or those of us who would be considered Conservatives so strongly believe in our Second Amendment rights. For those of you on the so called Left, or members of the Democrat party, I mean this with absolutely no disrespect, but many of us who so fiercely defend our rights to own guns are students of history. Most unarmed civilizations go into the column of servants or deceased. Crime historically does rise when the citizenry is not armed. I am sure I could be bombed with many studies that would indicate otherwise, but I am looking at history and not some study performed by any institutional entity.

    What we do not understand is why if you do not like Conservative opinions on the rights to bear arms, why does the Left not research and examine the majority of examples history has given the world? No one ever looks at WHY the Founders placed this in such a prominent position and with such force either. They must have worried about the possibility of the citizens of America not being able to fight either foreign or domestic enemies. And in case no one has observed, invading other countries has not ended. Hello Russia and Georgia. Where is it written that could not happen here? Ever? Anyone concerned about Mexico? I know, I know that is just poppycock and why you Conservatives are so hypersensitive and whack jobs, but I still ask where is it written that we could not have problems on our soil? We are subject to any multitude of disasters from natural disasters to invasions, or attacks like 9-11. Are they likely? Well, we did not think 9-11 was possible, but it happened. Katrina anyone? “You loot, we shoot!” saved many a life in my state.

    So, why risk not having the ability to protect ourselves, or in case of natural disasters provide for our families? If we ever have to defend this nation it will not just be Conservatives (we of the gun owning community) who we will be fighting for either. In a weird twisted way we will be fighting for the rights of the Kos Kiddies to post their claptrap. We look at owning guns as protecting our lives, but also in protecting America and Americans. ALL Americans. And we are not like this guy that killed the cops. Does anyone find it a bit weird that most Conservatives are pro-life and yet we are tagged with being pro-death? Just wondering.

    So check out your history books and dust off those 300 lb. Western Civ books once lugged around by college students long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. There you might find the answers as to why we of the Conservative stripe “cling” to our guns. Oh, and do not forget those ancient American history books in print prior to 1950. And just for extra padding, check out the Constitution and the history behind the debate on the Second Amendment. It makes for great reading!


  89. […] a quick side-note on the Daily Kos shitstorm.  I wrote an impassioned denunciation of Markos’ joking Twitter exchange, posted a link at Daily Kos, and I did a followup piece at […]

  90. I wrote about this and called it “Outgunned Across America” thinking this is what it might take to wake up folks .The framers did not have in mind machine guns and bazookas as walking around guns!

    I think they need to remember that we are all public figures in a sense, some well known some not.


    FYI I got banned there years ago for saying I hated Edwards’ wife! And was sick of hearing about her breast cancer. THey were all in love with Edwards and Obama beat the socks off Edwards. And I said to them “told you so!”

  91. “Failing to always live up to your values doesn’t, in ands of itself, invalidate them.”

    Tommy: Should this reach you: I’m a conservative who hears too little compassion from the right, and see almost none (really) from the left. At times I despair. *Thank you* for demonstrating principled, compassionate disagreement, and giving me hope again. Like “freeus”, above, I want to think of my opponents, by in large, as good-hearted and noble, even if I feel them sincerely mistaken on some issues. You have restored my hope and bolstered that perspective.

    And yes, truly, there are extremes on “my” side too, which appall me more (as they reflect badly on me, not you). A bad person pretending to be your ally is worse than a bad person who is clearly your opponent.

    I sincerely thank you, and wish you the best.

  92. Frankly I don’t even see what you’re bitching about. There are plenty of reasons to be pissed at Dkos. This ain’t one of them.

  93. This kind of intellectual honesty and willingness to call out bad behavior by people who are on our “side” is so refreshing — and all too rare in the blog world. Liberals and conservatives alike would do well to follow your example.

  94. First time commenting here, I’m an xDem turned Palin fan. I appreciate your decorum. You show you can be a worthy opponent in the arena of ideas w/o accepting outlandish hyberbole from your own ranks and even “Generals” Thanks for being fair, particularly to the victims, their families and to the Palins also. We Palin supporters hope to engage you Obama supporters with continued regards for civility throughout 2009, 2010, 2011, up to election night 2012!

  95. Having had my father (a cop) killed by a crazed shooter I appreciate your comment on the callousness of some.

  96. Hm weird. I do not take twitter that serious. People say stupid things all the time, but they need to realize that twitter “records” those conversations. I think you should cool off a bit about all the non-sense written on twitter and blogs. Last time I checked, freedom of speach was still on.

  97. Mr Christopher, think on this… extremists on both sides of issues use the argument that Kos routinely used… Promoting the caricature of your ideological opponent, rather than debating and reasoning.

    If Im a global warming skeptic, im not simply questioning, Im for the death of the human race. If Im for the rights of citizens to own guns, in the eyes of Kos Im FOR psychos to kill cops or gun violence. If Im against gay marriage, then Im not for the govt getting out of defining marriage all together, im actually against civil rights. If Im against affirmative action, then Im not using a blanket bigoted generalization to achieve some moral high ground, and avoid a spriited debate, or the chance to lose ground.
    about rugged individualism, but rather a rascist. Not a very nuanced approach, is it?

    routinely, in pop culture such as cinema or Jon Stewart’s show, a conservative is pilloried per the caricature, then when questioned, he presents his case, and Jon Stewart just shrugs, never responds with more facts, and plays to the caricature again. Mission accomplished.

    I appreciate your stand for free debate, and mutual respect to these complex issues and your opponents. You are part of what makes our country exceptional. Thank you.

  98. Where have you been? Liberals have become what they project onto conservatives.

    Which is why I’m no longer a “liberal”.

  99. Tommy…don’t blame you at all dude for your feelings, wait three hours then go read MY Blog…might perk up yer ears so to speak…Have a GREAT DAY…Mercenary Journalist told ya that!

  100. Kudos on the article. It certainly is possible to find people on both sides of the political spectrum who go way too far, but it’s time the internet grow up and that will only be done if we hold its writers/creators responsible for their bad behavior.

  101. Wow – such great comments on this thread! Kudos to freeus, Pat, Lisa Graas, show me, Mark DE, clancop, soldier4hillary (so am I!), Dan M and Mineko Park…..not to mention my homies PCL, Michelle and Cube (missed you, too 😉

    Very proud of a certain someone 😉

  102. This is indeed a major affront and more than offensive. But I suppose, as always, lefties have no respect for the law, or law enforcement, so this would explain their perennial disrespect for the police and such.

  103. As a Pittsburgh resident, it sickens me to see anyone using the deaths of our policemen as a chance to grandstand their political views. To my fellow anti-gun liberals, please shut up and argue politics when it doesn’t involve dead policemen.

  104. As a moderate Republican, I have to say that this is one of the best-worded pieces I’ve read in a while. That’s not due to your criticism of fellow liberals. It’s more the overwhelming theme of decency and finding middle ground. Very well-written.

  105. Hey,TC
    I picked up this thread at HA from Ed.
    I agree that DK went overboard.
    We see the problem,the answer?

    If we were at the grave to lay flowers,would we meet eyes nod and then go our own
    way,or would we let slip our masks and be human?

    We are being pushed into us-them right-left poor-rich and many more…..

    It is not the guns,they have been there a long time,it is the fear.

    Fear keeps us as pawns.Fear is that of unknowns.

    The questions we dare not ask.

    Sometimes a question can do more than bullets.

    A question of our leaders.

    Ed said you are cool, He’s not my leader but a guy from across town that
    I sometimes read.
    WOW! waaaaay long for me!

    I’ll leave you with this:
    “Sometimes the world is more Groucho Marx than Karl Marx.” ~me

  106. […] Douchebag of the Week: Markos Moulitsas aka Daily Kos and Dana Houle Jump to Comments From Daily Dose: DanaHoule With no Veep to shoot people, folks are taking things in to their own hands about 20 […]

  107. Steve, Ed=heads are more than welcome here. That is one hell of a guy.

  108. i am so sick of everyone thinking cops lives are worth more than any other person!!!! we are all people black white asian latino or purple our lives are just as important as anyone elses. just because someone wants to where a gun and bully people as a job doesnt make their life anymore important!

  109. While I get your point, their lives may not be worth more, per se, the value of their sacrifice is another matter.

  110. Humor makes life not suck.

  111. 1) That guy went too far. Obviously. He shouldn’t be surprised should he find himself getting the crap kicked out of him. It’d be nice if we coultd stay civil long enough to let it pass.

    2) Honest to god no-talents like Glen Beck and the mysteriously-popular-for-being-ignorant Sean Hannity and others like them have done their best to stir the pot o’ violence. “Terrorist fist jab”? Obama going to take away guns? A (more )common sense direction to the country and the wars?

    This is meant to infuriate those (especially those on the right) too stupid to think for themselves. Some will roll this into more nonsense.

    Of course this liberal should shut his mouth and apologize. Immediately. Then his bosses should give him a 2 week leave without pay. Unfortunately the right were given the propaganda this time. They didn’t have to lie inorder to incite the stupidity they so love.

  112. […] A Kos diarist has had it. Category: Odds ‘n Ends  |  Comment (RSS)  |  Trackback […]

  113. Tommy,
    How nice to see both sides coming here and being so civil to one another. On PM, that’s surely not the case.

    I now can fully relate to Cube’s ‘hell and damnation’ treatment of those who attack (using a bullying method) one’s character for no other reason than disagreement of political beliefs. I give Cube credit, I can’t stay in that mode–it goes against my nature–like he can. He has got to be one hell of a lawyer.

  114. […] then go into bonus minutes with Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe, to discuss what Markos Moulitsas said about conservatives, and what Tommy wrote in […]

  115. And the reason level headed discourse gets shouted down… drum roll please…. I give you one “Madmong”. Not to mention whatever that was Mike Gill said.

    Look guys, could we just agree that the name calling is not productive? I mean if it is meant with satire or humor, that is cool. We Conservatives love humor. Really! But this kind of stuff is just not necessary, nor does it accomplish much with all that OUR nation faces. Question, if the Right, Conservatives, Repubelicans, Hannity and Beck are sooooo stupid, then why is it that Hannity and Beck are making a kazillion dollars, are on tv and radio, and the world did not totally go up in flames during the past eight years? Just asking? I mean if we are such morons then logically the path of thought to follow would be that we would have certainly killed all plant life, animals and human beings on planet Earf. So far, I am still breathing and apparently so are you two individuals, the world is on its axis, birds are chirping and my kids are still driving me nuts. LOL! Teenagers! OY!

    Anyone seen the movie “Lifeboat”? I think that is the name of it. It is an old black and white where folks from all backgrounds were forced into a lifeboat and were out to sea with little food or water. Bette Davis, (I think) or Charles Boyer were in it. In any case, these people had to pull together in order to survive. We the People are in the American lifeboat and we had better find a way to survive the issues this nation faces, or all that is going to be left is the boat! Whomever is POTUS in many ways is irrelevant. What he or she, (yes, with Hillary and Palin there could be a she some day), along with Congress are doing on behalf, (or in some cases not so much), of the American people IS what is important. Is the republic thriving? Is democracy being protected? Now those are some real lifeboat issues to me and not whether or not I have a gun. And as I said before those rights that need to be protected consists of the Left’s rights and the Right’s rights.

    One other scary thought for you two might be that my daughters, who are homeschooled could become POTUS one day. LOL! And the head spinning shall commence. LMAO! Sorry guys, I just had to throw that in for good measure on the stupid comment.

    Life has a value no matter what the profession or skin pigmentation. I happen to be green. You forgot to add green as a color. Italian, Irish and Scot blend= green. We who respect and love our law enforcement officers just have special regard for them because much like our military they CHOSE to do something the majority of us did not. In many ways you can say they VOLUNTEERED. I did not. So, if we have holidays to support them, or honor them in any form- it is not to say police are better, but that they are different and unique in their job selection. You know, the job selection where criminals shoot at them, attempt to blow them up, at times go after their families, run them down with a vehicle type job. I am sure EVERYONE faces that just every single day. Insert picture of eye rolling thingy here!

    The point of this whole enchilada is that both sides have extremists and we of the sane gang need to get together and chat about some real solutions to 1) poverty 2) literacy rates 3)terrible Math scores 4) violence across the board 5) Constitutional violations 6) to drill or not to drill 7) fixing the IRS 8) Social Security 9) the care for a growing number of elderly 10) do we really want healthcare identical to Great Britain and Canada. Surely out of all this we could find some common ground and intellectually come up with better answers than the moonbats in Congress keep coming up with? It is obvious we all mostly agree Congress sucks. Now we can call THOSE guys all the names in the world! LOL!

  116. I read Caleb’s response to all of this at Red State, and with all due respect (and Caleb, I love you like my luggage), it seems that some on the right side are taking Tommy’s stand on this situation, as an opportunity to slam the entire left side because of the extreme remarks made by but a few on the left.

    I cannot say it enough: there are good and bad in ALL American political parties and ideologies. All of this situation just serves my belief that it is better to stay undeclared.

    This shouldn’t be an opportunity to vilify the ideological differences in either side, or about which side is good and the other is bad–it’s about
    calling out the ‘individuals’ who made tasteless and disgusting remarks in regard to a tragedy to further their own political agendas. To do otherwise, says that ALL who follow a certain ideology believe the way those individuals believe–and Tommy has proven, without a doubt, that this is simply not the case.

    Before anyone should ever claim to be one side or the other in the political arena–they should follow Tommy’s lead and remember to be a decent human being who obviously holds integrity above all else.

  117. If this is about incivility, I’ve seen liberals get steamed rolled by thinking they are taking the high road & not responding to the sort of junk repeated by someone like Hannity and regurgitated on the interwebs etc. We lost the 2000 elections, in part, because of it.

    Obama had proxies to respond for him and occasional practices it himself (Special Olympics). It’s hard to draw the line when there is so much crap being thrown into the air. I will attack an Ann Coulter type long before a George Will or David Brooks type. They are smart. I would much rather we talk about things.

  118. […] This past weekend, Markos Moulitsas took advantage of the shooting in Pennsylvania to joke about it and blame it on conservatives. And the Internet kind of exploded a little. Seriously, I was offline for most of the weekend and I […]

  119. An officers life is worth more?

    No, even coming from that background I can’r think of anyone who thinks their lives are worth more. It’s about honoring the sacrifice that they just made on our behalf.

    but this,

    “Comment by mike gill on April 7, 2009 2:23 am
    i am so sick of everyone thinking cops lives are worth more than any other person!!!! we are all people black white asian latino or purple our lives are just as important as anyone elses. just because someone wants to where a gun and bully people as a job doesnt make their life anymore important!”


    Look, police have the authority to tell you to comply, because it’s established by law, as a matter where public safety is at issue. That’s the why. Now, bitter? Why? Too many tickets? Get told to knock something off? The loudest always have a reason to hate authority, sadly,.. for some, it means they can just smirk like markos did when a cop dies.

    I’ve had the gun, as an SP, and the job sucks. Everbody is an expert, everybody triple guess the cop, all because they saw CSI, and they KNOW..


    try going in blind when shots are fired,
    try facing down a crowd in a bar
    try confronting a suspect alone, at night,
    try staying detached and impersonal when you are putting a body in a bag
    try accepting, you’ll be hated not for being white, or black, but for wearing blue
    try any of this Mike,

    Then rethink the bully part of your rant. They don’t hate you back, they just sigh, and go back to the job, and what does that say about them?

    I buried my father in 89 under a flag he earned both in the US Army, and in Police Blue. He retired from it when his illness took his health, but he was never as bitter, or angry as some of what I’ve read , he wasn’t bitter, at all.

    That, and the publics good will shown here is the real testement of a cops life.

    If that good will makes you so angry, look inward, you may find the real source.

  120. I confess the bitterness expressed at Hannity, Rush, Glen,. I don’t see any reason in it. None. They have far vaster audiences than their liberal counterparts, and unlike them, they don’t do their shows with the same spittle flecked outrage the left uses. They laugh at the left, which maybe is why they are dispised so much. Hannity is sometimes a bit hammy.. but even when he takes liberal calls,.. he very often says “you’re a great American” same as he uses with conservative ones..

    unless you think he should say that when a liberal calls in and starts calling him a liar, a racist,.. and gets cut off when he starts to cuss…

    Glenn, he’s funny, a self admitted clown, and telling people to educate themselves, to always use more than one source, to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.. to stay peaceful like Dr. King..

    yeah,.. what a rabble rouser he is..

    horrors,.. he even suggests,. you read the Constitution.

    you open minded progressives bashing him, really need to get a rope.

    he’s clearly dangerous.

    And I again, saw someone justify markos with the conservative hate monger BS.. if seeing a neonazi anarchistic/extremist libertarian who happens to be a raging white supremacist jew hater.. as a conservative feeds your favorite stereotype of a Glen Beck fan..

    man, I feel sorry for you.

    It would be just as tortured, just as distorted, as painting the west coast shooter who killed 4 officers, commited rape, a rap sheet back to thirteen,.. as a typical liberal,.. I won’t make that leap, but when you push the previous rant, you invite it in return. and can you say it would be undeserved?

    You want to clean up politics in America?

    Stop, stop, stop pushing distortion and strawmen stereotypes in a desparate bid to whip the faithful into hating the other side even more. Left and right,. just knock it off. Stop defending the indefensible just because they have the “correct” party affiliation next to their name. Congressman yada yada got caught with a bag full of Iranian cash,.?

    well,.erm,, he was just,.. um,.. ya know workin for the PEOPLE of his district,.. “what”.. he changed party’s?


    I’m sick to death of it, defending a party guy, for doing any and all things corrupt,.. then demanding utter purity, total cleanliness from the other side.

    either demand good government from all, or just stay home,. that’s what is polluting the well.

  121. This comment is in regard to our collective level of discourse in blogging and I hope it will be taken as an appeal for fairness among all………no matter one’s ideology or worldview.

    On a personal level, I think electing Barack Obama is the worst mistake America has ever made………and I say that after thinking it through, not off the cuff. Having said that, I will never ever ever attack him personally on my blog………and wouldn’t even if he weren’t the President. I will attack his policies, even brutally at times, but even if I have a thought pop into my head that he might actually be an “inherently evil person”, I would never ever write those things on my blog because that is irresponsible, to say the least. I know things about his personal life …and Joe Biden’s….that I find fault with and I haven’t written about them. I’m sure I’d get more traffic on my blog if I did………..but I don’t think the bloggers who are willing to stoop to that level do it so much for traffic as they are just plain MEAN……..slaves to their lust for power which they are willing to obtain through slander, if necessary. When I see people attacking a certain politician because her family member was jailed……….as if that has ANYTHING to do with who that politician is………I am embarrassed for the people who are willing to stoop to that level…. and saddened. It is particularly disturbing to see it on high-traffic blogs because it tells me our nation has become a bunch of bloodthirsty robots. Personally, the reason I don’t do it is because I am a Christian…….so I have a real problem with the act of crucifixion. Crucifixion is definitely a bad thing and when you attack people for things they are not personally actually guilty of, that is crucifixion. I don’t have much hope for the liberal (or the conservative, sometimes, but mostly the liberal) blogosphere when it comes to their ever making a firm amendment to give up all forms of crucifixion………..but I have a *little* hope that they will.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  122. On the “pals around with” issue, I think there is a distinction between people you are related to and people you choose to associate yourself with, particularly when you choose to associate with them in a policy-making position. That’s a clear distinction and I believe it is a relevant distinction.

  123. Mr. Christopher, “college professor” doesn’t lend credibility to me at all. Mr. Ayers’ views are extreme.

  124. A-to the -Men PCL

  125. If you’ve read me at all, you know it ain’t about civility. You can respond in kind, plus, but when you swing hard at every pitch, you strike out a lot. I will attack whoever needs attacking.

  126. Lisa, I’m inclined to agree, to a point. I think “fair game” is the operative term here. Palin’s relatives are not fair game unless certain conditions exist. The burden is on the writer to explain how it is relevant, and the burden is high.

  127. You’ve earned my respect, Mr. Christopher.

  128. […] Crosses the Line: Implies Incest in Attack on Levi JohnstonI started out the week reporting on a prominent liberal blogger who crossed the line of decency, and now, an influential conservative blogger has , effectively, evened the […]

  129. i don’t get your problem with this tweet. The guy was a fringe zealot who bought in to the fear-mongering of Beck, Hannity and the like. Also, you can’t hold a tweet to the same standard you do a blog post. As spontaneous as a blog entry is a tweet is 100 times more reflexive. It’s a comment made on a bar stool more than an explicit representation of a person’s sentiments.

  130. Dude, it wasn’t a fringe zealot, it was Markos Moulitsas. He’s our figurehead. AND I sent him 4 followups, he just backed up what he said over and over.

  131. I didn’t see anything offensive about what Markos or the other guy wrote. Honestly. It’s called gallows humor, people makes jokes after tragedies all the time. They obviously were not cheering the murders or disrespecting the officers, they were just lambasting the gun-crazy culture on the right. Don’t be such a damn prude.

  132. Existenz,

    I would submit to you that this is why you are not the face of a political movement. You don’t seem to get the responsibilities involved here.

  133. Even granting that you “tend to be sensitive about these sort of things,” I think you’re being disingenuous here in where you choose to park your outrage. Notwithstanding the snarkiness of the “with no veep to shoot people…” tweet, the point remains: Richard Poplawski’s worldview was informed by the rhetoric coming from out of conservative mainstream and new media. “… people are taking things into their own hands.” That strikes me as true, not as funny.

    More disturbing than your pearl-wringing, though, is this: you seem to be suggesting that certain truths can’t be expressed because their impolite, or because they insufficiently cohere with your standards of decency. That thinking seems to me on par with the idea that certain truths can’t be expressed because they’re “unpatriotic.” Or “unserious.”

    Perhaps those now-dead cops have their feelings hurt because Kos was too snarky. So what? Kos’s snark didn’t motivate Poplawski; the unhinged but mainstream talk about the impending marxist/secret Muslim state did. You’re post leaves me with the impression, though, that you believe some false equivalence is to be found between Kos and the Beck/Bachmann conspiracy theorists. That’s worthy of some outrage.

  134. We here in “lefty” New York City love our cops and firefighters. I remember the crowds lined up with signs of support at the barriers near Ground Zero for weeks as the cleanup progressed. I still have a deep pride in our uniformed officers who ran into the jaws of death in order to save others. Every working society owes a debt to those who do the mostly thankless job of cleaning up the inevitable messes. Extremists on both sides are responsible for the ugly climate of discourse that makes a law enforcement tragedy into a political s**t flinging contest. Two sticks of the same provenance rubbing against each other for friction, heat and conflagration. So shameless in their self-interest and shrill in their speech that we on the moderate ends can barely hear each other. There is a line that should not be crossed and we should shun those who cross it. This is not a left or right issue but one of common decency and respect for the dead who served honorably in life. If we as Americans can’t stand together on common issues then our society will fail and deserve to fail. Those who discourse is geared toward wedging us apart are laughing all the way to the bank as they seek to drag us along for the ride. They threw away their humanity a long time ago and now theyr’e after ours. We are better than this. We aspire to something higher. Tommy Christopher knows. Now I have to go post some patriotic outrage elsewhere. All the best to the mindful moderates.

  135. Well, you’re wrong. I clearly don’t equate Kos with anything, that’s the poinjt. He’s in a unique position. The idea that he would make a joke in a public forum to make a point, whether or not that point is valid, hours after the tragedy, disgusts me. My outrage is clearly placed at one who speaks for MY side, shaming us. You might think it’s enough for “them” to be worse than “us,” but I set my bar higher than that.

    The validity of his point is a separate issue. Again, you’re wrong. This shooter waqs influenced primarily by his own madness, but even secondarily, it was by outliers like Stormfront, who conform to neither the left nor the right.

    Beck’s rhetoric may very well be over the top, but this shooting does not validate that viewpoint. If you can’t make that case without using this shooting, then you have no case.

  136. […] started out the week reporting on a prominent liberal blogger who crossed the line of decency, and now, an influential conservative blogger has , effectively, evened the score… While the […]

  137. For the record, I suffer with a mood disorder and I am not offended at all by this comment by Christopher.

    “Again, you’re wrong. This shooter was influenced primarily by his own madness”

    THAT would be a relevant connection………and I say that as a mentally ill person.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  138. “Why is it funny that Palin’s family has problems?”

    1) She’s a fucking crazy woman
    2) She tried to be the VP of our country, while being a fucking crazy woman
    3) Then she got fucked
    4) Then lost

    Like, why wouldn’t it be entertaining to see an awful bitch who is trying to rule you be completely devastated and ruined?

  139. What does any of that have to do with her troubled family members?

  140. Once it was a bulletin board, then a blog, now its TWITTER, TAGGED, and other areas of the information word. I see mant questions asking how is Twitter and Tagged making money. Easy, Twitter and Tagged is making money off of your sevices, they get kick backs from all of your texting . Its just another way for wireless services to rip off the public. Ask the parents of kids that don’t have unlimited texting, Yes its fun, it a information Highway. This is a racist world we live in and can’t wait to read some gossip about people we don’t even know personaly. Why can’t we love one another and have respect for our elders and our leaders. Teach our children the right way and we will have a better life. Look at your own families and relatives and see how you would feel if it was you in the news an disrespected, made fun of, rediculed. This is a pathetic world we are creating for our young people. Families teach hate it is not learned from outside of our homes house. Hate and racism is home taught, look in the mirror. How can you call yourselves Americans and you don’t have faith in the Government we elected. Stop showing the rest of the world ignorance and support what we have. Together we stand, devided we fall.

  141. […] * Twitter Badness: DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting […]

  142. […] Twitter Badness: DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting […]

  143. […] * Twitter Badness: DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting […]

  144. The Daily Kos’ takes it upon themselves to take glee in the troubles of other people – excuse me, the troubles of anyone who is even remotely conservative. They’re a tabloid. A gossip column. Irrelevant unless you’re a lefty looking for a cheap thrill.

  145. […] * Twitter Badness: DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting […]

  146. […] * Twitter Badness: DailyKos Frontpager, Kos Joke About Pittsburgh Cop Shooting […]

  147. […] never ran for president as Republicans; that doesn’t stop fascist idiots at the HuffPo and DailyKos from howling about the grim specter of “right-wing violence”.  There’s a […]

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