How Daily Kos Handles Criticism: Death Wishes and Cyber-Griefing


Just a quick side-note on the Daily Kos shitstorm.  I wrote a heartfelt denunciation of Markos’ joking Twitter exchange, posted a link at Daily Kos, and I did a followup piece at AOL today.  Never did I attack Markos personally.  In fact, quite the opposite.  It’s because he is so important that this matters.

So, what was the reaction?  Well, one of the Kos commenters wished me dead (arguably a threat), which the army of Daily Kos moderators seemed fine with:

Go figure. Kos Kommenters think Tommy deserves to DIE for his heresy:

Good bye. Scum like you should not be allowed to breath[sic]. More or less allowed to use a computer. What “Kos” said was true in every since of the word. I just wish you the best of no luck.

This morning, a DKos contributing editor has been Twitter-griefing Lee Stranahan about his article at HuffPo. Like most of the commenters at DailyKos, this guy doesn’t come within 2 feet of the substance of this issue. What I really love about this is the guy’s Twitter profile. Kossacks are notoriously dickish about anything that remotely resembles self-promotion, but this guy’s name and profile pic are of his goddam book!

People like this make me sick. So unaware of themselves, they’re going around shaming good liberals. Devilstower, you should be telling your pal, Markos, to watch his mouth while he’s still our spokesman, not griefing Lee Stranahan because he called your boss out yet again.




  1. Once again, this is why I will stay ‘undeclared’–too many extreme factions in both Right and Left camps. Extremism is the robber of all individuality, rationality, and even personal integrity–and I want NO part of that.

  2. And Matt on PM did his part in fanning the flames on tihis…way to go….

  3. There’s my beautiful sista!!

    I saw Matt’s piece–what a douche! Between him and Mark ‘Imp’, I don’t know who likes to stir up the shit on the right more. Naaa, it’s Mark. He spins things so much that I often get a severe case of motion sickness while reading his stuff.

  4. Ah, Tommy, aren’t you glad you have some connections with the Dark Side? Caleb is pretty skillful with a firearm, in case you need some protection.

    And, of course, being Italian, I can always “do you a favor” if certain people get out of hand.


  5. To be fair to Kos, perhaps the implication that you should not be allowed to breathe pertains to their anti-Global Warming program.

    Ever the Reaganite optimist, your humble servant…

  6. I can always infiltrate the Temples.

  7. I am not IN THE LEAST surprised by Kos’ Pre-School sand box spray


    LEFT *IS* RIGHT, in sluttier outfits.

    Anyone who ‘identifies’ with One of TWO SIDES – like life is a freakin Homecoming game – deserves what they get.

  8. My thoughts exactly, PCL! Starting to re-emerge from my hibernation – such is the life of the nocturnal laborer…

    Pretty pic, Michelle baby 🙂 Cube…I have all the faith in the world in you, you consummate trollbuster, you. Bob….nice to know you have his back. Seems as though the *dark side* shows itself in all political persuasions (as if I didn’t already know). XX….LOL and welcome!

  9. Wait, so… “Screw them” wasn’t an isolated incident? Well, how about that.

  10. I’m somewhat astonished that the kos kidds somehow think anti-semitism is a conservative policy, that FOX stirs up the anti-zionists?

    I must have missed that meeting.

    Jew bashers are as popular in conservative circles as Marxists, they aren’t tolerated. Israel’s biggest supporters are conservatives, so that’s false on it’s face. The shooter has been linked to Stormfront, a neonazi front, he’s had links to truthers, to say a psyhcotic antisemetic anarchist/libertarian with conspiracist leanings is conservative..

    I’m going to assume the intelligence level here is is far far higher than that on display at kos. So I’ll spare everyone the page long shredding of that kind of thinking. Counting to ten…. slowly….

    I think some here are getting to see Markos as we on the right have seen him for years, I just wish it wasn’t necessary for it to be when good men died. In my family, honor is something people die for, something handed down from father to son, like a treasured heirloom, handled with respect to be keep true till the next generation takes up the mantle.

    Instead of mourning together as citizens, the kos crew does this?

    I imagine many a liberal wonders why lower income working class Americans end up republican, wind up holding liberals as a group in low esteem, Markos’s attitude is a prime example of why.

    Man of us aren’t republican because of what the right says, but because of what the left does and says. It’s nearly all cultural, we aren’t on the same planet anymore. When my father was an officer, and he was shot at, had the door of his car torn off when a suspect tried to run him down, when he sat up at night unable to sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking of the man he’d shot and killed n the line of duty..

    How would Markos think people like me would recieve his comments?

    yeah,. i as a conservative want to shoot and kill cops.. so sayth markos..

    If anyone here thinks the reaction on the rght is heated, really, you have no idea how utterly restrained it is compared to how we feel about it. And Markos can say it, free of any concern for his safety, no one will harm him over this, he’ll sleep like a baby knowing we aren’t the monsters he paints us to be.

    it’s his game, and he knows how distorted it is from reality.

    if he really believed this pap, he’d be neck deep in bodyguards.

  11. I really need to read Jim Treacher more, he can say what he wants n a sentence or two, without the extended verson.

    I apologise for the length of the comment, I’ll try and keep it far shorter in the future.

  12. Welcome. Mark. Stick around. Don’t be jealous of Treacher, he’s been using the 140 character limit since way before Twitter. Any more than that and he thinks “they can trace” him.

  13. WHO SENT YOU???

  14. LOL,..

    Actually, I’ve been reading Mr. Treacher for a couple of years, either through his links from Instapundit, or his many fans about the net. Me,.. ‘m just a little guy, Family man, vet, currently medically retired pending treatment, surgeries, broke my back in a couple places a couple of years back. I was a retail grocery employee dept. manager, who only has high school and mititary training,.. no college.

    but I’m a quick study,.

    and after 30 years of working a lot of night grocery stocking shelves, working with guys who made the people in Clerks look tame,.. you learn to have a rather.. intense sense of humor. But I promise to be good, well mostly good.

    I also promise, I wouldn’t know how to track somebody if you slapped me with a tricorder,

    and the manuel.

    pinky promise.

  15. […] * How Daily Kos Handles Criticism: Death Wishes and Cyber-Griefing […]

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