Levi and Family Do Tyra

Just posted this at AOL: New Video: Levi and the Family Johnston on Tyra , without actual video because HutyraffPo doesn’t provide embeds.  Jerks.  They irk me with that shit.

So sad, now, that the baby is going to go through this crap.  No matter who’s right, they all lose.  As I said there, Levi blew it by not taking the high road.  If the Palins are really keeping him from seeing Tripp, there’s nobody in the world who wouldn’t support him fighting that.

Of course, if it comes to him trying to publicly shame Bristol and family into letting him see Tripp more, he’d better have his ducks in a row and doing the Electric Slide.  Going on TV and saying “Let me see my son” is an invitation to the Palins to explain why they don’t.

I really can’t stand the sickening glee with which people eat this stuff up.  I tire of explaining this, but the only reason I write about this stuff is to try and add a productive voice to all the voyeuristic titters.  These 2 kids (3 now) never asked for this shitstorm, and they deserve a lot of latitude.



  1. I agree completely, I wish there was no market for this stuff.

    Wether it was Billy Carter, Amy, the Reagan kids, Bush HW’s brood, Chelsa, the Bush daughters…

    No one chooses their family, and as you point out the kids certainly didn’t ask for it, or deserve it. I hate it when the best someone can do is to say, yeah well,.. so and so is a moron because looky looky what cousin Mortimer says about them..

    That is reasoned debate?

    It’s too bad they can’t put their family in a blind trust, to protect them. and us from the dog and pony show, it’s cheap, and unworthy,. no matter who it is, or what party,.

    There simply is no honor in it.

  2. […] mind that, though. Although I, too, was sickened by Levi’s exhibitionistic performance on Tyra, I would never get down in the mud like this: What’s even more creepy is that the other person […]

  3. I agree completely. Private family matters should not play out before a camera. Sorting it out publicly will prevent it from sorting out decently. But this is Reality TV meets Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and both are much more popular than they deserve to be. Why, I don’t know, but they are.

  4. This is sad for the baby, but lets not forget the it was Sarah Palin who paraded her family in front of eveyone, using them as props to show she was a “normal hockey mom.” You can’t use your family to try and gain a political advantage, and then complain when the media actually pays attention to your family. She could have protected her family if she wanted to.

  5. […] is the latest volley in a very public, very ugly family feud. While Palin looked sympathetic early on, there is very little chance that […]

  6. wat
    who gives a fuck? why waste your time giving a fuck?

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