The Kettle (Associated Press) Goes After the Pot (Content Thieves)

The AP is declaring war on online content thieves, according to HuffPo, making this super-ironic declaration:apobamicon

“We Can No Longer Stand By And Watch Others Walk Off With Our Work”

Oh, what do I do?  Laugh in their faces?  Spit?

These are the same dickbags who stole my reporting, didn’t credit me, then when I called their Washington editor, basically told me to shove it.

See, I scored a rare exclusive on the Michelle Obama ring story.  I managed to get a statement out of the jeweller first thing in the morning, before he clammed up.  I was the only one with a statement.  Not Politico, who tried and failed, or anyone else.

The AP runs a 1 paragraph item that afternoon, cites the denial with zero attribution or sourcing, and doesn’t credit me.  I can’t tell you exactly what their editor told me .on our multiple phone conversations, because it was off the record.  See, I have integrity.

So, eff the AP.  Hard, with sand on it.



  1. Mr. Christopher,

    I empathize with you vis-a-vis AP’s content stealing.

    What I don’t understand is your use of the newly fashionable but annoying employment of the euphemism, “eff” What does that mean, Mr. Christopher? Oh, of course … you and I both know what it means. It’s a phonetic spelling of the first letter, F, in a word you don’t want to use.

    I guess you and the many others who have made the “eff” already trite think it’s clever. I don’t get it. I mean, is there a kid or an adult with language sensitivity who won’t understand what you mean? If not, then what is the point? You’ve conveyed the exact same thought, so why is your “eff” better than my using the actual word?

    The underlying question is, why are people so afraid of a little word? If that’s the word you want to convey, why not use it? My point is that it’s very hypocritical to hide a word behind an expression that everyone knows has the exact same meaning.

    Free your minds, America. Words are just words. And if it’s OK to use a euphemism that junior high kids understand, then why isn’t it OK to just use the word?

  2. Scott,

    what the eff? The comment right after yours was from some dick saying I curse too much, lol. I deleted him. He didn’t read the rules.

    I’m not afraid to say “fuck,” but I save it for use at my discretion. My sole discretion. I use a lot of euphemisms, as I feel they can convey a sense of barely contained emotion, and sometimes, a humorous incongruity.

    In general, I’ve worked at toning down the language on my site, but I fully support the use of profanity. So fuck off. (Don’t really fuck off, I was just demonstrating the point.)

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