Today’s Quickies and…Another Hot Hack

I stumbled across this “Where are they now?” on Charlie’s Angels, and I couldn’t believe how insanely hot Shelley Hack shelleystill is.  Added her to my “freebie” list.  Actually, I think she was already there, so I’ll bump her up a few spots.

DailyKos is apoplectic anew that the dreaded MSM won’t put the Pittsburgh cop killer’s gun in Rush Limbaugh’s hands.  Also, what the eff does that strikethrough mean?  Do these guys have any sense of gravity?

Mixed messages on executive pay? I’m betting on Axelrod.

Paterson shoulda picked Cuomo.

“And did you know that shoplifting is free?”

This is why I always get a sound-proof room.

Heather Mills gets phished.

Eliot Spitzer fucked Gizmo?  Ugly 70’s car?



  1. Ironic. Someone told me about this site justin tv that has all these live events. When I clicked on it, Wolverine was on. I turned it off after freaking out I’d get a virus. I practice safe web.

  2. The kos bit,.. they won’t let it go will they? I’m afraid I know kos only by the antics of their worst, like most conservatives I never go there except in response to a link. Years ago I did consider registering just to debate, but after reading several threads where the few conservatives who did get in were savaged then banned.

    How polite they were didn’t matter.

    I don’t remember who, but the main comment I found was to say in effect, debate with the right wasn’t welcome, they didn’t want anyone outside the leftist world in. They wanted it to be an echo chamber. so…

    If it’s all the same,.

    I thnk I’ll visit here from time to time. From what I’ve seen so far, it may be a place where I can meet liberals, exchange opinions, without any blood on the floor. I’d prefer it that way. I warn you though,..

    I’m married to a democrat, so I’m at least house broken.

    The carpets are safe.

  3. What’s with the *monster cock* tag?! Nice. Does that have anything to do with my recent tweet: I measured @TommyXtopher’s e-Penis on and his e-Penis is 42.41cm! LMFAO. I never tire of these little love notes (OK, there IS more of a likeness in this one 😉 Damn! 61 y/o?! I’m down with the freebie.

    Cube….LOL, I may someday regret that I don’t.

  4. MarkDE… sounds as though you’re describing RedState to a “T” (Cube can attest to their intolerance of dissenting opinions/ideologies). BTW – I really appreciated your comments on DailyKos 🙂 Housebroken, indeed.

  5. Comment by MarkDE on April 6, 2009 8:28 pm

    I would be most happy to hear of your views…

    this is a great place Tommy has put together, even a Moderate Dem like me, can feel at home!

    Welcome to the fray!

  6. I don’t know about Redstate, I rarely go there, Redstate is a bit intense for me sometimes. I used to small time blog in the past, and while I can be rough to someone insulting, I never locked anyone out. I belong to the if you believe it, defend it school of thought.

    I’ve never done a 180 from a debate, but it does allow you to sharpen your argument, and drop any weak lines of thought that don’t help you.

  7. Tommy, you missed the BIG story of the day. Like everything in a Dem administration, it’s about taxes:

  8. PS the cat speaks your language :>)

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  10. […] Today’s Quickies and…Another Hot Hack […]

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  12. […] * Today’s Quickies and…Another Hot Hack […]

  13. […] * Today’s Quickies and…Another Hot Hack […]

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