Did Barack Obama Flip-Flop on Water Dog Timetable?

HuffPo is running an item today, hyping a “delay” in the arrival of the first pooch, but is that the whole story?  From Huffpo:

UPDATE 4/8: The arrival of the first family’s new dog has been delayed, but it will happen this month.dogstory

The First Lady’s press secretary Katie McCormick Lelyveld says “definitely not this week,” when asked for guidance on the arrival of the Obama’s family dog.
President Obama has said the First Family would get the dog “after I get back from the G20 summit.”

He has said the family had already selected the dog it wants.

Is this really a delay, though?Who gives a shit, right?  This is what happens, you do a couple of stories about something, and then you’re married to 51947543it.  Get a goddam dog, already.  Are you just trying to feed People magazine a steady stream of lame exclusives?

Well, the answer is no, the plan all along was to get a dog after the trip, but not the day after the trip.

Yeah, I know that’s not the dog they’re gonna get, it’s a dog in a bowtie, having a tea party.  What’s your point?  It takes more and more for this to be a “fun” story for me.  And don’t give me this crap about bow-tied dogs being a “gateway drug.”



  1. What a cute puppy in the picture.

    It seems as though they are making the arrival of the puppy a ‘family affair’, what’s wrong with that? The puppy, after all, will be part of the family, as any pet should be.

    The Obamas are showing that they can be responsible dog owners, as well as parents, by not getting the dog until they return from their trip.

  2. that is a cute goggie….

    and I agree, PCL..good job on their part…they sure are not ones for endulging their girls…

  3. Hey Michelle. Welcome to the halls of sanity. LOL.

    They seem to be really good parents.

  4. I think so…

    so, what is your take on this apparent release over The Bow?

    do you really think the WH released a statement saying that, he wasn’t bowing?

    Mark is having fun with it…and he has pretty much said word for word, what I read on several other smear sites…

    that the source was not named….

    love his blowbyblow sightings of where Obama’s hand were/were not…lol

    reminds me of the constant runthroughs they did of the Kennedy Tape…

  5. Much ado about nothing.

  6. If they actually get the dog, I’ll be surprised. I expect it was nothing more than cheap pandering, who,..who promises their kids a dog, then puts it of month after month? I got my children a puppy for Christmas, and we picked it up two weeks before the 25th. He doesn’t want the dog, that’s clear since has he EVER owned one? Live by the pander, die by it.

    Either get the dog, or admit it was just another of his patented written on the fly promises to be reconsidered later. It’s not like his fans even notice when he breaks another promise, and this one is trivial compared to all the rest. His fans won’t care, and his critics won’t be surprised.

    so it zero’s out in the end for him, no cost.

    give the kids their puppy, or just drop it.

  7. Hi, gals and Mark! I still say they should’ve gone with a pooch from the Mid-Atlantic Miniature Schnauzer Rescue org (also hypoallergenic, non-shedding and the BEST dogs in the world!). Tommy might disagree on that.

  8. Sorry Di–I’m sticking with my German Shepherds, have been raising them since I was a kid. However, they are not hypoallergenic nor non-shedding, so they are out for the Obama family.

  9. I’m a Parsons Jack Russel Terrier man meself, females especially. They are the ultimate daddy’s dog and all around champion smile makers. We recently lost our beloved Josie, she passed away from advanced years, and we got a Jack Beagle pup for free to a good home add, I’d rather take a dog that might not get a home than one almost assured of one,.. Josie meant that much to us.

    Gracie is more jack than beagle, and she’s already a full family member,..

    She has a human smile I swear to God, a dog normally displays it’s fangs, canines, and little of it’s small upper front teeth. Gracie when she smiles, from the way beagle and jack genes blended, her small front upper teeth are fully displayed, with her canines hidden in her jowls partially. Making her have the appearrence of a human like smile. Freaky at first, it just endears her to us even more now.

    Gracie be our widdle puppy babies.

  10. Do Portuguese Water Dogs eat linguiça?



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