Redstate Gets Down and Dirty: Raises Incest in Defense of Sarah Palin

Update: Andrew Sullivan linked my AOL piece, read what he says.

I’m going to include my AOL cross-post here in a minute, but I wanted to add a little to what I said there.

It would be facile for my newfound conservative fans to assume that I’m just trying to even the score from the Daily Kos shitstorm, but I will say the same thing I did then:  This is not some anonymous, black helicopter freeper accusing Levi Johnston.  It’s the managing editor of Redstate, as identifiable on the right as Daily Kos is on the left.  The irresponsibility here is extreme.

I really don’t get it, there’s plenty of legit garbage to throw at Levi and company.  Why risk this kind of loose talk?  Are there any Redstate readers who are unsure whether to hate Levi?  And why demonize guns?  That seems highly counter-intuitive.

Anyway, here are the particulars of this story, in all their stomach-turning glory.

Redstate Crosses the Line: Implies Incest in Attack on Levi JohnstonI started out the week reporting on a prominent liberal blogger who crossed the line of decency, and now, an influential conservative blogger has , effectively, evened the score.

In what appears to be a warning to any who would oppose GOP superstar Sarah Palin, the Managing Editor of has launched an all-out attack on Levi Johnston:

The left was right. Now, though, they can’t be bothered by it. Below is the actual Levi – no preppy clothes. No polish. Just good old boy who knocked up the Governor’s daughter. Not exactly the image Tyra Banks and he would like you to think about.

The picture he’s referring to is this one, picturing Levi and his sister posing with guns. I find it curious that a conservative would attack someone by showing a picture of them enjoying their 2nd Amendment rights.

Never mind that, though. Although I, too, was sickened by Levi’s exhibitionistic performance on Tyra, I would never get down in the mud like this:

What’s even more creepy is that the other person in the picture is his sister. And, as if lifted from the pages of Deliverance, she has his name tattooed on her back. Think about that one for a minute.

In case you missed it, here it is again, toward the end:

Soon Levi will sell his tell all book, delightfully ignoring awkward questions about his relationship with his sister while relishing in the awkward details of his relationship with Sarah Palin.

While the shock of the implication is stark, it is also telling that the picture used is from a collection that made the email rounds during the election, sent by liberals. I guess treason isn’t the only thing that’s a matter of dates.

The conservative blogosphere was quick to condemn Markos Moulitsas for his insensitivity this past weekend. Let’s see if they can be as circumspect about one of their own leaders.

Tommy on: Daily Dose:

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  1. This will be interesting on PM.

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  3. Erickson is a LUNATIC, but we already knew that by what he did to you (i.e. to Mark DE: the Puff the Magic Negro story @ Redstate). THIS story is pure bullshit, although I do chalk the Johnston clan up to being opportunistic sellouts for going to the media. Does anyone else NOT GIVE A SHIT about the Palins (or cohorts) anymore?! Go away already. Ugh.

  4. Yeah, that isn’t a Left or Right issue…….it is a douche (I’m so classy!) issue. Simply proves that idiocy is alive and well on both ends of the political spectrum.

    On the plus side, they make the rest of us seem “normal”. Which is a rare feeling for me, so I say Thanks!

  5. That’s what Daily Dose is all about: fuckin’ class!

  6. Snarkandboobs….great name! I liked your tweets about condoms 😉 Fuckin’ class is right, babe. No decorum necessary around here….right, PCL?

  7. Thanks Diana! OK, good….decorum is not my strongest suit.

  8. Hi Diana! That’s right, just don’t use the word ‘fuck’ if Cube is around though–he’s all about ‘form’ now (LOL).

    Love the decorum in here–it’s where I take my coffee break from fighting the wars on PM–I get battle fatigue sometimes.

    Snarkandboobs (awesome name), that is the classiest way (douche) one CAN put this situation.

    Daily Dose = Nothin but fuckin’ class!!!!

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  10. Right winger? He might be speaking from experience on incest.

  11. […] Quickies and…Walk it Back The Redstate incest story hit pretty big today, with a link from Andrew Sullivan, who seemed to admire Erick’s nerve […]

  12. So is this writer suggesting that Sarah Palin’s daughter lied down with and had a child by a man who commits incestuous acts?

    Perhaps he should think before he speaks. Oh, I guess THINK is asking a lot.

  13. I have no problem with an incest joke on a kid who probably did bang his sister. Kudos Redstate. Who gives a shit? It’s Jerry Springer now, and incest is a positive for Red Planet.

    *Bur seriously, who cares if Levi fucked his sister. I think it’s true. And, there is that National Enquirer article about Sarah Palin having an affair with Toad’s friend or whatever.

    I like Red State logic. And for the record, I am good with incest jokes, however, the metaphor to Deliverance is innacurate. Ned Beatty took it from two dudes — who were in all likelihood brothers. Like, Red State brothers. Here it’s a brother and a sister and that’s ok.

    Thank you.

  14. Oh, and by law, Levii and the entire clan is “fair game.” Why? They are “public figures.” Therefore, anyone can make fun of these toothless inbred Palin fuckers however they please. They chose the spotlight by going on Banks. It’s not even close. Just because Red Planet tried their hand in comedy makes not difference at all.

  15. Cube, you ignorant slut!

  16. Tommy you puritan virgin!

    Hey, why doesn’t my screen name pop up with the link to my newspaper? Also, Levi is fair game. So is Erickson. He did write how he envisioned you, um… masturbating.

    So, there is a pattern developing here Tommy. Don’t you think masturbation and incest lines are good for a conservative blog? I’m becoming a fan of Red Planet. Levi’s fair game, and because Red Planet is a serious blog, serious discussion on this is necessary. Like the Kos feud, you should give Red State props.

  17. Tommy, remind Cube that cursing is bad fucking form!!!

    I commented on the PM version of this story, Tommy. I said it will be interesting to see how many conservative posters would comment on it. And I was right, not many. It’s a sad state of affairs to see how polarized America is becoming. Or, maybe it’s just PM that’s becoming more polarized. It is rather brutal over there lately.

    My break is over, back to my new official post–I was just made the ‘Mediator of Sexual Discourse’ by a poster calling himself King Abdullah on one of the articles on PM.

    Cube he made you Chief Bullshitter. LMAO! Like that’s an insult to a lawyer, right?

  18. I’m a conservative ..though with libertarian tendencies. However, I’m also an old broad, totally behind the times and un-hip……, what is PM?

  19. Political Machine. Go to I’m the handsome one.

  20. Why do you stop in and then leave? I’m lonely here. Make them follow you here.

  21. Hi snarkandboobs,

    It’s Political Machine. It’s a political blog with articles written by authors of both sides. Tommy here, as well as Conservative Caleb Howe, post articles there. You should check it out–but be prepared, it’s is ugly in there sometimes. I don’t wear either side’s label and I get beaten up sometimes in there. That’s why I come in here–Zen time.

  22. Here’s the link snarkandboobs:

  23. Thankies! Oh, I don’t mind ugly….my inner bitch becomes an outie rather swiftly, when required.

    Oh and I pop in and out because I’ve become a Twit Ho. Addicted, I think. I can’t help but think it is somehow Glenn Beck’s fault.

  24. Tommy,
    You seriously want those people in here?

    What about poor Michelle and I, we come here for the peace and quiet.
    It’s always about you isn’t it, Tommy????!!!! What about our needs???

  25. PCL, what are you doing to me? You’re chasing away my customers! Stay and have a drink.

  26. LMAO! How am I doing that? Once they go to PM, they’ll be back. Besides, it’s a slow night over there. So what drinks are you serving up? If you don’t have Pinot Noir–I’m gone!!

  27. A photo like that is usually food for the soul for those on the right. Especially during the last political cycle when they would have claimed it as proof of the Palin’s link to God and Country. Now it’s being used as red (state) meat to prove their inferiority? By extension shouldn’t that reflect on the Palins judgement for letting him in the house as well?

    Was this civil enough for some?

  28. Yeah, a photo like that is NOT food for the soul for this right winger. Does nothing for me…now, if it was perhaps a nude picture of Eric Cartman, that would be a different story. But, then, I have “issues”.

    It also doesn’t make me question Palin’s judgment, at least in regards to leading/governing. This wasn’t a “professional” decision, it was a Mom thing….and that’s a job where there is really no right or wrong…you are basically flying blind. Every kid is different, every situation is different .

    I don’t even understand why that whole deal ever became a story…..they are two dumb teenagers (redundant?) just trying to deal with the ramifications of their actions. Let them be. Left AND right. Of course, it would help if Levi didn’t pimp himself out to shows like Tyra’s (she makes me wish to gouge out my own eyeballs), but as we all know, he doesn’t seem to have the best decision-making skills.

  29. Well…now maybe we’ll find out who is Trigg’s mom. Levi looks very paternal here. Just sayin’

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  32. I thought the incest was ion the Plain side?????

  33. […] warning” that a presidential campaign will mean more scrutiny, more revelations of an embarrassing, personal nature by “the media” (aided by what kinds of […]

  34. […] * Redstate Gets Down and Dirty: Raises Incest in Defense of Sarah Palin […]

  35. […] * Redstate Gets Down and Dirty: Raises Incest in Defense of Sarah Palin […]

  36. Snag-fishing ejaculator Levi’s genes slid into Missy Bristol reallll smooooth, jus’ like Little Levi did! Whoooooo-Doggy! White Trash is a two parent effort.

    The Palin Gestalt at:

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