Today’s Quickies and…Wolverine Sucks!

Before I start, check this out at AOL: Evil Mr. Rogers Fox News Clip Makes Rounds of Humorless Liberals

Could my fellow liberals be bigger losers?  God, you should read the comments at Daily Kos.  They make me cringe.  All you need to know about them is available in these poll choices for favorite kids show:

Mr. Rogers
7% 19 votes
Frog & Toad
4% 11 votes
Bert & Ernie (or other Sesame Street characters)
11% 28 votes
Captain Kangaroo
28% 73 votes
Lowly Worm (or other Richard Scarry characters/books)
2% 7 votes
Where the Wild Things Are
8% 22 votes
Dr. Seuss (the actual books, not the horrible live-action films)

Ugh!  Where’s The Magic Garden (and resident hottie Carole)?  New Zoo Revue(EmmyJo)?  Anything by Sid and Marty Kroft?  Where the fuck is Wonderama?  Philistines!

Wolverine sucks, Magneto pwns, and that’s that.  Any comments to the contrary will be deleted.  Unfortunately, comics fans are so biased against Magneto, and in favor of that sideburned lameass (dude, your fingers are razors.  Shave!), that the only cool-ass Magneto pwning of Wolverine is at the very end of this video.

You’re a little pitchy, Dawg.”

Caleb’s new website, and the story that almost cost us our friendship!

Wow, even Hot Air readers support (to some degree) gay marriage in Vermont.  I called this waaaay back (more explicitly here), that Prop 8 would hurry, not hinder, gay marriage.

ShamWow jokes just stopped being funny.

Culture shock: Caleb will need to authenticate the blackface Turkish anchor’s excuse. He’s our resident expert on all things Turkish.

Pictures from the dick parade.

Seriously, if they don’t eat meat, they’re no good to anyone.

Obama confirms: Paul is alive!



  1. And the Beast made Magneto his bitch,.. my favorite X-Man since oh,… 1968 when he still was human in appearence, the bouncing blue eyed beast. Hank to his friends… I do like the blue fur, it’s almost as cool as my pelt, but I digress,….

    I always hated Mr. Rogers, he was wimpy, did puppet voices that made paint peel, and otherwise killed testosterone levels in millions by his mere presence. My show was HR Puffnstuff,. and the subliminal counterculture of Sid and Marty,… the casting of Charles Nelson Riley,.. inspired. in all his works,

    Prop 8,… I know this isn’t a popular view here, but I really am sqeamish about allowing gay couples to use the word. My religious upbringing was Seventh Day Adventist, a faith I abandoned decades ago, but even when I’ve defended gays from threats at work, this one thing is important to me. A man and woman only, because once you make that optional,. who’s to say why not three wives? why not his sister? why not underage marriage?

    I know it’ll happen, the courts won’t allow democracy to delay what’s all the rage in the hip circles. To me it’s just one more case of a minority opinion getting it’s way, because they own the judges. You’ll never convince me, that judges ever gave traditional values a fair chance, they have fame to seek and law to write from the bench, fly over country like me, to us, the fix was in before the cases ever got filed.

    just beware unintended consequences.

    easy divorces have made for generations of single parent families in poverty, with no options. Sure some marriages should end, but this many? Whatever happened to taking the time, to find the right person to share with? We get Miss right now, instead of Miss right, and then the guy runs off, deadbeatin his way to the next batch, while his kids are screwed by his utter lack of moral responsiblity.

    No one thought that would happen, but it did.


    The sham whooa.. what’s to say? a hooker, and he lost a fist fight with her? I’m at a loss,.. jail and man up classes for him, the whole never hit a girl part of his brain seems to need a reboot. Her? Give her a cash prize for defending herself, and counciling on career options.

    I heard about the Japanese festival back in 1980, had friends stationed there. Subie and Clark AFB in the Phillipines were more outrageous, the stories…

    No meat,..

    Bet their boyfriends are the unsmilingest sonsobitches on earth.

  2. There will be no heresy spoken against Magneto! I won’t have it!

  3. heresy

    Gandolf in red armor,……

    You wouldn’t really hit a guy with glasses would ya Mr. Tom sir?


    I’ll be go–ow–od..


    sigh you win,… no Magneto disrespecting,…

    I swears on Mr. Reagan’s ghost, and that’s a promise you know I’ll keep.

  4. […] Today’s Quickies and…Wolverine Sucks! […]

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