Palin Compromises on Abortion, Stimulus, but Never Levi

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (I love how we do that, as if anybody doesn’t know who Sarah Palin is.  Are there peopl505px-sarah_palin_kuwait_22a2e going, “Wait, from Monty Python?”) spoke to reporters yesterday, covering a wide range of topics.  The money quote is from the end, but I’ll start with it, since it’s not even the most important part of the story (written by Sean Cockerham, if you can believe it.  And they say Palin gives out weird names).  She was asked about Levi Johnston’s claim that he lived with the Palins during Bristol’s pregnancy:

“I know the truth about my family. I know details about whether Levi Johnston was allowed to live with my teenage daughter or not. By the way, it would be over my dead body that a kid would live with my teenage daughter,” Palin said.

Well, I guess that settles that.  I’ll be doing a story at AOL focusing on that quote.

What I found interesting was Palin’s compromise on abortion:

On abortion, Palin said she’s now willing to compromise on a bill that would require parents to give their permission before girls under age 17 could get an abortion.

Palin said she’s willing to drop the requirement for consent and just accept a bill that would require parents to be notified about their teenager’s plan to have an abortion.

Palin said late last month she was not interested in the compromise.

While the compromise also sucks, the fact that Palin is willing to budge now on parental consent is noteworthy.  In reality, though, parental notification is pretty much the same as parental consent.  Most young girls don’t have the resources or the wherewithal to defy their parents.

Palin is likely to come under fire from the religious right for the compromise, which gains her nothing on the left.  This is another example, if a small one, of Palin’s ability to set aside personal political gain for the sake of pragmatism.

On the other hand, she continues her Tony-Award-Winning political theatre over the stimulus money, presenting her arm to the state legislature for them to twist:

Gov. Sarah Palin told news media here this morning she’s willing to accept the federal economic stimulus money — if legislators agree to use some of it to replace state spending.

“We can back out state (general fund) dollars and replace them with stimulus dollars…I’ll feel better about it because then those dollars won’t just be additional dollars they’ll be replacement dollars,” Palin said.

This is where being part o f an impotent minority can come in handy, a lesson the Democrats never learned.  She can “fight” for what her base wants, no matter how stupid, because she knows that the legislature will force her hand anyway.  It’s like, if Mike Tyson is about to beat your ass, you might as well talk some shit and wink at the chicks in the crowd.

She also spoke about the Alaska Senate’s rejection of Joe Nelson to fill a vacant seat:

“That’s disappointing lawmakers have chosen not only to not discuss and vote in public but disappointed that a very experienced, educated, young dynamic Native leader was not accepted by the Senate Democrats,” she said.

Palin’s been taking a lot of hits lately, and things aren’t looking great for her.  While Levi Johnston is pretty much reviled for his dishing, Palin needs to end this public feud now.  If it continues, there is no way she comes out of it looking sympathetic.  Levi slipped up by talking about his and Bristol’s sex life, but in the end, he will look like the victim of a powerful political family.

If she wants to be President(tial nominee) in 2012, Sarah Palin needs to figure out a way to end the family feud quietly.



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  7. Tommy!!! No head swelling!! We need the room in here–PM is getting so ugly these days, I come here and to Cube’s blog for comfort and relief, and a little fun, too. LOL

  8. You guys were sweetly offended, but it’s just a spamment.

  9. Michelle, you should know better than to feed Diana a setup like that.

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  11. Ok,.. I’ve read worse,.. but it’s probably like the Kenyan asking for 5000 dollars to set up an inheritence fund for you worth millions… a great business deal.. really..

    I agree with your assesment Mr. Christopher, that she should end it quickly, but this comment doesn’t hurt her with Dad’s anyway.

    “By the way, it would be over my dead body that a kid would live with my teenage daughter,” Palin said.”

    Ohhhh, what I’d do to a guy who did my little girl wrong like that. I imagine she’s having trouble holding back Todd, it would fit. If I were in his place, the father instinct is difficult to hold back. At 5’1″ my wife could talk me down, not sure anyone else could if someone did that to our little girl.

    It’s not left or right, it’s a dads need to protect.

    That Levi kid,.. I won’t read anything he says, his credibility is shot. If he were sincere, he’d shut up, and work to provide for his child. Even if he never makes much, send it anyway, it’s a matter of what’s right, wether the Palin’s need it or not, wouldn’t matter. Though, she’s not a millionare. That way, when the child grows, they’ll know dad cared, even if they couldn’t make it work between them, and that does matter.

  12. I agree that her comment will sit well with dads as I agree about how dads are about their daughters (I am one and have three)–but that still doesn’t undo, in this mother’s strong opinion, her breaking rule No. 1 of being a parent: First do no harm. And when Palin put Bristol on the national stage, she broke that rule. She was the mother, she was the one who should have sacrificed all, including career, for the well-being of her daughter. That one little act, was enough for me to completely disregard Palin as a woman, mother, and politician–in that order.

  13. And Chelsa?

    Amy Carter?

    All politicians put their families front and center on a convention stage,.. or did Obama squirrel his girls away in a closet somewhere? They are ALL props, so if that makes Palin a bad mom, what’s that say about Hillary? Mrs. Carter?

    That she had a downes baby,.. is that it? Give up a career because it annoyed moms on the left? Well I can think of a dozen reasons why Hillary is lousy choice for president, her mothering skills never entered into it.

    A mental excercise,. take that position, then put the name of any politician you like in place of Palin’s name,.. consider,.. then ask yourself, would you still judge them purely on that basis? or would you let it slide?

    Your answer, if it’s sincere to yourself will show wether you think it’s fair to say that. You’re free to your opinions, just, would you use the same standard if it were Hillary back in 93 when Chelsa was still in high school. Should she have kept her back stage?

  14. Palin will sink or swim on her own merits, but I have found in many cases, people have been savage for two reasons, they either think (horror!) she used her kids for props..

    do I really need to post links to pictures of democrats on stage with their underage kids?

    Starting at the top with the Obama girls.

    the second reason, is they get their ideas of Palin from Tina Fey and Jon,(Cotton Mather) Stewart.

    “But Mather played a much more direct role in the Salem Trials. His sermons and written works fanned the flames of the witchcraft hysteria. He declared that the Devil was at work in Salem, and that witches should face the harshest punishment”

    sounds rather familiar doesn’t it?

    both Stewart,…

    and Obama’s pitchfork moment.. the Tea party’s aren’t fanning populist rage,.. the left is, the right is just a counter to it,.. like an education to an ignorant child….

    Palin is a symptom of leftwing puritianism, follow our doctrine.// OR YOU WILL BURN!.

    that, is how you on the left look to us. I’m not enraged, or angry, not a nut or party hack. just a common work a day blue collar type conservative,.. and we see you as the screaming haters.. something I believe is what drove our host to write the piece that brought me here. The preception that the loony’s are portraying themselves,.. as you and your spokespersons.

    That would annoy me as much as if Pat Buchanan were still trying to lead the party,.. don’t like him, don’t want him..

    you can have him,


    throw in a free flea collar too.

    he bites though…

  15. Oh,… BTW,

    can you guys take Pat Robertson too?

    pretty please?

    We’ll take fightin Joe Lieberman, we like him.. oh,.. Toby Keith too, he’s a registered democrat but with his boosterism of the troops,.. the kos’eseessss really hate him.. Got all his records… like that boot up yer ass part alot.

    Let’s see…. oh yeah.. got a neighbor who’s a dem,.. want him,.. gotta think about who to swap.. …

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  21. markde:
    I think you missed my point completely, and in reading over my comment I can understand how that happened. So please allow me to elaborate.

    When I said that my problem with Palin putting Bristol on the public stage was, to me breaking that rule number one, it had to do with the fact that she (Bristol) was a 17 year-old, unmarried, Christian, and pregnant. If Palin had any political savvy, and I believe she does, she had to know that the MSM, as well as those who disagree with her religious based views on birth control and teaching it in the schools, would jump all over this thereby shining that spotlight of judgment on a very vulnerable young girl at an even more vulnerable time in her life.

    I’ve heard it said that Bristol was fine going through that. The problem with that is that she is the minor, with not much life experience. It was up to the mother to make the call on that. It is up to the mother to show judgment, to look at the big picture, to protect her daughter EVEN if it means declining a way to advance her career. Trust me, her career could have withstood the sacrifice.

    Palin’s arrogance assures one thing, she’s not gone yet and she wouldn’t have been had she decline the offer from McCain. In fact, it would have strengthened her future rise. Now, if she is the best that the Reps can offer up–Obama will be President until January 19th 2017.

    As for other president’s children on the national stage–well, if you can’t tell from my explanation, let me state it clearly for you: it was never about that for me. And for the record–I don’t represent any side, and this never had anything, for me, to do with hate.

    Thanks for reading and your comments.


  22. Palin needs to make her mind whether Levi “stayed” with the family or if he “lived” with the family. Perhaps she had him staying out back with the goats. I dunno. And I suspect she doesn’t know, either.

    People constantly bring out Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton. Neither became pregnant while single or during the time their respective parents were running for office. Okay, so neither are as good looking as Bristol, but then neither the Carters nor the Clintons were (or are) hardcore fans of abstinence.

    Okay, so I typed that with a straight face knowing full well that Sarah Palin became pregnant with Track before she married The Dud.

    Palin just needs to shut up and pay attention to the business of Alaska. She never struck me as being particularly smart – ambitious, yes, but smart, no – so it would help the people of her state greatly if she’d single-task and get things done.

    Otherwise, yeah, it’s Obama for the next 7.75 years.

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  24. Sarah Palin is beautiful, smart, tough, courageous, has integrity, is competent, etc etc etc and a lady of faith. She scares the daylights out of the Lunatic Liberals. It’s like their Darkness cringes from her Light and they hate her. They don’t even know why but they hate her.
    Hint: she’s honest, patriotic and a believer. Ewwww!
    Leave her alone. Just get out of her way because she will be back. President Bush never answered the despicable lies of the media. They smeared him so badly and he never took a stand, except in the case of the Low Down Lying Dog Dan Rather. This time she will be prepared for the vicious hateful grilling of the liberal loser media. As well as the ridiculous questions (What do you read up there is Alaska??? Do you have magazines up there in Alaska?) Gee, Crazy Cow Katie Couric, WTF are you talking about, what do YOU read, numbskull??
    She will get votes from the people who have sense to see a VERY GOOD THING for this poor poor country and by the time BO gets through, we’ll trample each other at the polls to vote for her.
    That Levi dog is a sleazy mother fugger to go on Tyra and lie about her and her daughter. He is scum. Good looking, but the truth will out. Bet Bristol is glad to be rid of that rubbish. Ah young love! Oh, well…keep trashing Sarah, just shows how frightened you are of her!

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  26. […] * Palin Compromises on Abortion, Stimulus, but Never Levi […]

  27. […] * Palin Compromises on Abortion, Stimulus, but Never Levi […]

  28. […] * Palin Compromises on Abortion, Stimulus, but Never Levi […]

  29. […] * Palin Compromises on Abortion, Stimulus, but Never Levi […]

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