Open Pirate Easter Thread

Took most of the day off, but that’s no reason we can’t chitchat.  I suggest mashing up Easter and pirate songs.  Like, “Here come Pete-ARRRRRR!!!!  Cottontail…



  1. for those working on taxes this weekend, piracy is a great topic!

    Not that I’m not having any fun-am listening to last night’s Socratic dialogue during the last hour (well, not quite an hour) of U-Sig. :>)

  2. In Yer Easter Bonnet, with parrot upon it, yer be the badest Pirate in da Easta Parade…

  3. “Pirates! The Video Game: An Obama Mind Control Production.”

  4. A yo ho ho ho and a bottle of Calube.

  5. Yes, the last hour. I’m thinking of taking a cue from Red Planet on that. The Switchboard is a necessary angel of death on this Jew/Atheist’s sorta show.

  6. Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hoppin down the bunny trail, hippitty….BOOM. Palin just blasted the little fucker.

  7. Sheeba the cat with helpful tax video

  8. hahahahahahhahahaha

    poor bunny…

    will she hang its widdle foot from her governormobile??

  9. I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

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