Stupid Effing AP Part Q…Who Can Keep Track?

I hate the AP.  Just getting that out of the way.  I say “effing” because I’m really trying to cut down on the amount of profanity at this blog.  That way, the remaining profanity can feel more special.

So, in their report about the Obamas’ new dog, they drop this gem:apobamicon1

The Washington Post reported in its online editions Saturday night that Obama’s daughters chose the name Bo for the pup because first lady Michelle Obama’s father was nicknamed Diddley. The name for the dog was an apparent reference to the singer “Bo” Diddley.

Right, singer Bo Diddley.  Ignorant assholes.  Bo Diddley is a singer the way Jimi Hendrix is a singer, in that it’s something they do to keep busy while blowing holes in the fabric of space-time with their guitars.

Why do I care?  Well, here’s how Wikipedia lists Bo Diddley:

This article is about the singer. For the album, see Bo Diddley (album). For the song, see Bo Diddley (song).

Is this how the AP researches a story?  By reading WaPo and skimming Wikipedia?  At least they credited WaPo.  Bully for them.



  1. AOL posted a very sweet photo of the first family, getting to know their pooch…

    love the body language…this is a very close knit family…

    Family Values

    They are doin’ it right…

  2. Do Portuguese Water Dogs eat linguiça?


  3. […] Stupid Effing AP Part Q…Who Can Keep Track? […]

  4. […] Stupid Effing AP Part Q…Who Can Keep Track? […]

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