Today’s Quickies and…Why Did I Start the ‘…and’ Thing? Now it’s Expected

I expended a lot of energy pointing out what dicks the cons are being about the pirate thing, and on every conceivable detail about the Obamas’ new effing dog.  I’m really tired now.

Moe Lane gets an A in “Applied Fireflyology.”

Wrong Chelsea, but I’m still totally there.

Proof that “I’m passing out” is not an oxymoron.

Finally, the “Multiple Migs” law!

When will Caleb’s website go from beta to master beta?

What’s more amazing, the song, the cashier, or the fact that they got all that shit for 42 bucks?

I love how the Google Ad for this was “Wilmer Valderrama Gossip.”

Future Caleb’s back.

Market for Monte Cristos craters.


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  1. In case anyone wants to really nerd out, there is a Role Playing Game over at Cube. Yeah. “Pirates! The Video Game: An Obama Mind Control Production”


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