I’ve Always Hated Kids Who Can’t Blow Out Birthday Candles

Unless there’s a good reason, like an iron lung or something.  Plus the grownups who help them blow out the candlesanimated_birthday-candles, then act like the kid actually did it.  No!  You get NO WISH!

Also, I hate giving cashiers inexact but simplifying change.  You know, the bill is 17.23, and you give 22.23 so you can get a five back.  The fucking blank stare I get in return has made it so I don’t even bother anymore.

Last thing.  When they put your coins on top of your bills.  Least helpful move EVER!

OK, that’s it.  Good night!



  1. “Happy Balls In Your Mouth Day!”


  2. True that! Cube….so funny I retweeted you. FYI – Tommy showed me what teabagging means.

    Hello, MIchelle and PCL….love the new pic, M! You’re just like PCL’s fine Pinot Noir, getting better with age. BTW – thanks for the messages 🙂 You really should just give in to the temptation and join Twitter.

  3. Hi Diana!

    He showed you???? LOL

    Ahh Twitter–Caleb was giving me the info on that, I’m still not crazy about it. I’m just leery still–but indeed tempted too.

    So, are ya gonna be on the show Saturday? I certainly hope it goes better this week–I get annoyed with the hollering. Granted I mostly laughed through the whole show–until the hollering started. You did get the Easter email I sent to both you and Tommy, right? Enough said. I won’t bitch any further about it. Spilled milk and all that.

    Anyway, hope you’re having a great day and week.

  4. twittering huh??

    can I do it from my computer??? lol…I thought it was only a cellphone texting thingy…

    and thank you Diana…=)…I had to ditch the mullet pic…hahahhahahahaha

    and dayum girl…look at your fine self!! I mean really…babeolicious!!

    hugs to you and that handsome devil of yours…

    PCL!!! my girl!! hugs to you too, missing you guys…busy as a 3 legged cat in a litterbox these days…so that is good, more money in my hand!!


    And Tommy, GoodNite??? so early??

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