Today’s Quickies and…Palintology

I covered this at AOL today, but I can’t stress enought how bad a miscalculation it is for the left to constantly jump all over  her.  The Republican establishment is doing that job, and shitting all over themselves in the process.  If the regular people in the party have to choose between them and Palin, well, the left wins.

I’m used to nobody listening to me, but I called this a long time ago, and now it’s obvious.  Now that McCain is toast, the GOP wants to send Palin back to Wasilla, but she ain’t goin’ nowhere, you betcha.


I knew the extra money for canned tuna would pay off!

Coho, tuna, trout IM’s explained at last!

More Levi-bashing, this time by Gramps Palin.

Begala goes all Jon Stewart on Ari Fleischer.

Twitter Fail:  I picked up, like, 5 followers.



  1. Yo! Tommy’s too modest to mention his other score from today. How about the fucking sweet exacta we both hit on Indecision today. I don’t care what blog protocol is, we are bad mutherfuckers and I don’t mind saying it.

    Tommy’s story on Glen “Strawberry Shortcake” Beck got Picked up as did my “story” on the statistical correlation between a Pirate population increase and gay marriages. Maybe Dennis ate a bunch of painkillers today, but, I’ll take it. That’s pretty fucking sweet for a virgin blogger like me.

    Check us out.

  2. Now Tommy, you know if I twittered you would have picked up 6 followers, I just don’t twitter. Sorry. But man, you were on fire on PM. Good articles–I had to defend you a few times, as is my pleasure and it’s so damn easy too. Those people have gone completely off the reservation over there.

    Cube–quit bragging. This isn’t All About Eve now is it? If it is, just remember how that movie ended.

  3. Thank you PCL. Much appreciated! Really swamped, everybody, but know that I read every single one of your comments. Thanks for the heads up, Cube.

  4. I’m sorry PCL. I jizzed in my pants.

    I’m new to this…

    This video doesn’t get old.

    No problem T. Perhaps I ought form complete sentenc.

  5. LOL! Cube, there is help for your condition, you know?

  6. The whole wheat goodness side of me says to look that up in a biology book, but the frosted kid inside says:

  7. Kids these days.

  8. “Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism”

    at least they’re honest about their feelings. So about half of the United states is a potential rightwing terrorist, if they believe in a smaller decentralised government with more power to the states.

    You know if I were a lberal,. I suppose I’d be laughing too if a government department had just labeled the entire opposition party as nutjobs and militia terrorist types,.. but probably not.

    I would have made a lousy nazi if I were German in 35.

    They do this,.. but Beck is nuts?

    The Obama administration has just said in effect, if you didn’t vote for him, you’re a potential enemy of the state. Of course, his toady in that office couldn’t be a leftwing hack,… could she?

    Google,… ah one of Anita Hills gestatpo lawyers,… accused of witness tampering, never proved.

    ““Hill’s attorney Janet Napolitano asked to go off the record, and Hoerchner came back suddenly struck with amnesia ….”)

    never proved, but only her mom would buy that excuse she used.


    with a non sourced report nine pages, no direct threat cited, no data, no specific charges, no witness,.. all maybe could be, might be, conjecture that anyone opposed to big federal government is a scarey bad bad person unhinged, unstable, potential recruit for a militia,.. oh,…

    and gotta watch out for those crazy veterans….

    they’re soooo scarey…

    only me and that guy from California,.. but those codes are soooo outdated….

    The federal government department of homeland security has just labeled half the nation as a crazy racially bigoted bomb making recruit.

    but it’s soooooo funny.

    and of course,..Napolitano isn’t inciting a strong response,… oh no,… she’s just strappin on the jackboots like a good leftist to stomp the citizenry into lockstep, lest they too be labeled as a disloyal potential terrorist.

    They said if I voted for McCain, the government would assume police state powers and attempt to silence any opposition.

    and they seem to be right.

    and it wasn’t creepy when he made his own personal presidential seal, something NO other president has done.

    He has at one time or another diplayed creepy assed gaffs, like this, which draw very negative comparisons to Castro, and Chavez… you add up shit like this.. and you guys just dismiss it. so is he that tone deaf, that detached from how he’s precieved that he’d take on a dictaters trappings, and we are not allowed to have a deep gnawing worry about his intentions?

    I’d be glad to have him just be a regular CLASSIC liberal of the JFK type,. estatic..

    but he keeps doing this stuff.

    why,.. dosen’t this concern the left?

    it does most everyone else who’s paying attention.

  9. I’m more a

    kinda guy, or an old fav

    More Kid Rock style republicans than you could imagine. We aint your daddy’s tea or gin country club jacket wearing get along and play nice style in the Hamptons kind of republicans.

    shit breaks when we come to play.


    we play for keeps

    or we don’t play at all.

  10. Mark DE….love your last post. Great taste in music! Hey, PCL!

    Cube….did you jizz in your pants during Adam’s performance last night? I can’t believe I let you suck me in to that show (boycotted it when Chris Daughtry was voted off). The Rocky Horror comparison was priceless.

  11. Diana and Cube and anyone else:

    In keeping with the little thread Diana started about AI–don’t know if you’ve seen this clip of this gal on Britain’s Got Talent–brought a tear down my cheek :|wbml-aol|dl2|link3|

  12. Hey, Em! Coincidentally, I posted the You Tube video on Twitter earlier this afternoon (that’s why you have to join 😉 ….tugs at the old heartstrings, doesn’t it? It’s going viral. BTW – despite the fact that Cube sucked me in by tweeting about AI, I doubt I’ll watch it again. Call me stubborn, but no one has moved me since Chris Daughtry (who I also saw live). Adam looks like he has some potential, though. Yeah, I’m tough. Sue me, I hate reality shows.

    Yes, I read your e-mail and agree. I think we all do by now 😦 I think that now it’s just a matter of how to deal with it.

  13. Oh man, that sweet lady brought me to tears. I don’t watch AI anymore either–just can’t get into it.

    I hope Cube figures out how to deal with that problem soon, it ruined things for everyone.

  14. careful there markde….

    Kid hasn’t claimed any party….

    This year’s election cycle sometimes feels like a game of celebrity Whack-a-Mole, what with all the famous faces popping up in voting ads, wearing candidate-specific merch, or proclaiming their views on late-night talk shows. But there’s one name you won’t be hearing from: Kid Rock. The 37-year-old musician, who has performed at Republican events in the past and is currently appearing in ads for the National Guard, has sold some 25 million albums and recently went to no. 1 with his latest, Rock N Roll Jesus. But he tells EW that he won’t be using his fame to steer fans any which way at the polls. “Celebrities are always putting themselves behind politics, and people assume I’m a Republican, which is funny, because I’ve never said that I was,” he says. “My views generally lean towards less government, yes, but I’m not going to sit here and talk about it publicly, because I’m not that educated in political science. And I feel like to do so, I need to be. Because I might be able to influence people who listen to what I say, and who am I to tell them?”

    He will, however, be making what he says is his “fourth or fifth trip” to Iraq this Christmas to entertain the U.S. troops still engaged overseas. “You don’t have to agree with what’s going on there to support them,” he says. “I’ve tried to get more [entertainers] to come over with me, and they bail with lame excuses. Just do it, man.”

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