Say it Ain’t So! Gordon Ramsay a Donkey?

I love watching Hell’s Kitchen, if only so I can laugh smugly to myself and say, “Come on, you couldn’t tell that was a  doves’s egg poached in tortoise broth?  Donkey!” during those blindfolded taste tests, or imagine how I would give Ramsay  what for if he ever yelled at me like that in the kitchen.

I also love his other show, Kitchen Nightmares, where he often berates restaurateurs for using frozen or prepared foods.   Ramsay, heal thyself:

GORDON RAMSAY is serving ready-made meals prepared at a centralised “food factory” at his gastropubs and bistros across London, it was revealed today.

The meals are put in white, unmarked transit vans and distributed to his three gastropubs and Foxtrot Oscar, his bistro in Chelsea.

Dishes such as pork belly, coq au vin, braised pig cheeks and orange and bitter chocolate tart are prepared in bulk before chefs put them in plastic bags and dispatch them across London.

Will this revelation hurt Gordon?  I don’t know, but think about this:  Who’s actually going to bring it up to him?



  1. Love Hell’s Kitchen. However, I would probably part ol Chef Ramsay’s hair with one of those well honed knives if he dared to call me a ‘stupid cow’ like he has those other women. I’m always curious as to what the man’s BP is–he looks like he is mad enough sometimes to stroke out.

  2. […] Say it Ain’t So! Gordon Ramsay a Donkey? […]

  3. […] Say it Ain’t So! Gordon Ramsay a Donkey? […]

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