New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes


As I was looking for info about Ann Coulter’s refusal to curse Sean Penn out in a movie, I ran across this throwaway line in a New York Times story about eminent domain.  The subject of the story, Susette Kelo, was appearing on Fox News, and Coulter happened to be in the green room.  I think this is the kind of “pull” that appeals to both sides:

They watched as another guest on the show, Ann Coulter, commanded attention — a makeup artist required a full 40 minutes to prep the glamorous basher of liberals. When it came time to apply the blush to the other woman in the room, Ms. Kelo said, “I haven’t worn makeup in 10 years.”

It made me laugh, because it was such a random swipe. The author of the story doubles back once to smack Coulter while she tries to get up:

Mr. Benedict thought of other contrasts between the two women. There was a great buzz in the building when Ms. Coulter arrived. Ms. Kelo was greeted as any ordinary citizen off the street, without heads turning. Yet Mr. Benedict wrote in his journal that night that 50 years from now the name Susette Kelo will be far better known than Ann Coulter.

Um, yeah, maybe the day after she cures cancer or something.

I am definitely no fan of Coulter’s, but I’ve thought for a long time that my liberal fellows diminish themselves greatly when they make fun of Coulter’s looks.  Let’s face it, in a gallery of political rabble-rousers, there aren’t a lot of supermodels.  If you put Coulter in a lineup with Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Al Franken, and Michael Moorann_coulter_thumbe, she fares very well.  I actually like the gritty photo she has of herself on her website.

I’ve also dismayed at the gender-based cracks about Ann.  For a group that claims to care about equality for all LGBTQ people, it seems like an odd choice.

So, to my fellow liberals, I know it seems like a tough needle to thread, but you can be the better person and still land a good metaphorical punch.

Besides, does it diminish your argument in some way if Coulter’s bod gives you a feeling up your leg?  Do you think Sean Penn didn’t get some kind of charge out of the idea of being lashed onscreen by Ann?


  1. I have always thought she was attractive…she obviously takes good care of herself…her bod is smokin’ for sure….

    but its what she allows to come out, from the inside, that urks so many…and causes them to say ugly things about her…she may be a pretty package, but the inside stinks..

    she chooses sensationalism over common respect…in order to sell her books…I would venture to say, at least I hope this is the case, that she takes herself with a grain of salt…

    Ive always thought chicks that thought they were way hot (the hair tossing is a dead giveaway) over estimated themselves…but they are fun to watch!


  2. Hi Michelle,

    I agree 100% with what you said. I never gave Ms. Coulter much thought one way or another–until she said the vile things she did about the 9/11 widows. To those who lost someone on that tragic day–that was the equivalent of pouring salt on an oozing wound.
    The lack of respect, empathy, and compassion of this woman, is unfucking believable.

    Now go take a nap so you are around tonight. LOL!

  3. hahahahahahah PCL…how did you know???

    and its rainy here too, bestest nap weather…

    better set the alarm…

  4. Damn straight you had better–I may need some comic relief, Cube is gonna have Ziegler on. LOL

  5. Hi, ladies! You know I just had to put my two cents in (too bad I can’t embed that Ann Coulter-Perfected video here). Speaking as objectively as possible, her politics aside, I don’t find her very attractive….those pics Tommy posted are the best I’ve seen of her, actually. I’m just one of those people who thinks it’s more unattractive to be that underweight than a little overweight (and more womanly). I look at stick figured women, like Coulter, with the same disdain/disgust that others feel when they look at fat people (unless it’s due to a medical condition, of course). Same thing with guys. Her nasty comments about Meghan McCain (along with Laura Ingraham) just piled more onto the distaste I already have for her. There was an article posted on Twitter about men who are dubbed “fat admirers” because of their preference for women with curves. I guess I’d be considered a female FA. Who wants to embrace or snuggle with a bag of bones? Not very comforting. It’s just that all the fat jokes hurled against Meghan McCain are out of line, not to mention she has one hot bod and is gorgeous. I suspect that most men would prefer her to Ann & Laura anyday! Such jealousy. OK, now I feel better 😉

    We’ll see you on the show tonight! Preparations already being made for John Ziegler’s appearance.

  6. Remember to bring your Excedrin Migraine 😉

  7. Hi Diana,

    Those are the best pictures I’ve seen of Ann, too. I put aside all physical aspects of her, she is just too bitchy for my ‘gentle nature’ LOL.

    I can’t handle any of the fat/skinny stuff. We are what we are. I’ve never had a weight problem one way or the other, probably because I’m a runner who needs to eat for fuel–but the most beautiful women to me are the ones who look like real women, are strong and open, and are comfortable within their own skin. My god, I sound like I’m batting for the other team. LOL! I just like embracing my womanhood, all women should!

    Looking forward to the show. Got the wine all picked out. Hope to hell there’s no hollering 😉

  8. Here here, PCL! You are absolutely right. Remember that Dove body wash TV commercial, the one with women of all shapes and sizes, but all shared a supreme confidence? That was refreshing to behold. I’m not judging those who are super thin by nature, but those who have a distorted view of the feminine ideal and lose too much weight in order to succumb to society’s pressures to be thin at all costs. Those who judge and are cruel to others about their appearance, whether it’s weight or looks. My rant is really about how much I despise superficial people and Ann just brought it out for me. Pardon the soapbox. BTW – just to clarify, not that you would or should care, I certainly don’t count you in that category….you look perfect for your petite frame 🙂

  9. Ooops sorry, I meant ‘compliment’

  10. Oh, Diana, you never have to worry about getting on the soapbox with me, I love it when you do.

    I do remember that commercial–that was such an inspiring ad campaign. And I totally agree with you that too many women, especially the young women, are buying into the pressure of society as you stated.

    Ann just completely irritates me on so many levels, I usually don’t comment on articles about her because she makes me irrational with her hate. Thanks for the comment and I can say the exact same thing about you too, lady–and my other gal pal Michelle, as well 😉

  11. Okay, that’s out of sequence

  12. lol

    well, I was just trying to be nice…

    personally, I wouldn’t piss on her if her ass was on fire!


    see you gals layta!!

  13. you guys are so great for my ego!

  14. everyone knows,

    the hot chicks are on DD!


  15. Yay!! You’re up Michelle!!

  16. I expect to see my #1, 2, and 3 fans on Unusable Signal tonight. Don’t disappoint me, girls.

  17. We’ll be there Tommy!

  18. I have always thought she is gorgeous, but when she opens her mouth it destroys everything. Although I do agree with quite a few of her views the way she comes across is horrible and vile. She constantly spews hate and isn’t any better than the people who she constantly bashes.

  19. And we did not disappoint…


  20. Most excellent show ever!! Or for you East coasters–evah!! Too cool.

  21. I agree!!

    Good Job!!

  22. […] * New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes […]

  23. […] New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes […]

  24. Eegads! Good examples of body dysmorphic disorder and narcissistic, superficial and otherwise mentally ill people (yes, I know, this is the extreme!):

  25. This is a better link, to page 1. Brigitte’s probably pretty well adjusted. Ben Stiller posted this tweet a short time ago:

    Eugh… Keep your natural face. That’s not hot

  26. She’s a skank and no amount of makeup can make her look human

  27. But when she’s back in her stall does she eat oats or some other kind of horse food? Also, “she” is a man, right? I mean that’s the biggest Adam’s apple I’ve EVER seen. I love trannies, so I’m not judging, just wish he’d be honest.

  28. I guess she needs a lot of make-up for her outside, can’t imagine what it would take to clean up her soul? She is a Christian????? I am a Christian, and I have never heard such hatred, and non-compassion spouting from anyone as much as I have from Coulter….the self proclaimed “perfected” one. She needs to take the plank out of her eye, before she criticizes the cinder in anyone else’s. She is no Christian, she is a money grubbing devil.

  29. WOW that’s great Tommy!
    FORTY MINUTES??? That’s ALL? Depends, actually, we can do it in five or 90 minutes, dependng upon the occasion. She is a lovely lady and I love her blunt honesty. After Cornell Keith letting that whack job “actress” yammer about inbred rednecks at the Tea Bagging…yuck! Ann can say whatever she wants, after that filth! Why is it OK for others to talk trash but Ann can’t? Oh well, truth is brutal, eh?
    And who the hell is Susette Kelo?

  30. So what…it takes just as long for Anderson Cooper to have his make-up applied. Oh and who is Susette Kelo?

  31. So what. It takes Anderson Cooper the same amount of time. Oh and who is Susette Kelo?!

  32. Ann doesn’t have a stick figure any more, since her boob job.

  33. She’s a horse-faced skank with a soul that is black as coal. Any male who finds her in the least bit attractive is not only mentally defective, but should consult a good optometrist immediately.

  34. […] New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes […]

  35. […] * New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes […]

  36. No matter how much makeup she puts on her face it does not enlighten her mind or make her a pretty person.

    Ugly inside shows on the outside and ugly is what you see when you see Ms. Coutler

  37. PCL and Michelle…..just saw this on Twitter. This is a good example of what I was talking about:

    You wanna see something else that made me LMAO? Read the comments:

    NOW you’ll see why it’s so funny!: what a shallow, soulless douche!

  38. PCL & Michelle – If the first link doesn’t work because it’s getting so much traffic, just click on the photo at the bottom of his blog, the one where he’s down on one knee. I’m still LMAO!

  39. lol, Diana…

    one word


  40. […] * New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes […]

  41. I still say, Ann Coulter has that look of a failed sex change opperation. She has the body of a 13 year old boy

  42. […] New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes […]

  43. […] * New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes […]

  44. […] New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes […]

  45. First of all, Ann Coulter has never said anything about Meghan McCain, even after Meghan blasted her with agism, as being over the hill & not “with it” like her and her group of friends. (Ya think Meghan might be a little isolated?) Laura Ingraham did make one comment about Meghan as a joke, knowing she was not overweight. (Should she have told the truth & busted her for one of her actual physical flaws? Laura Ingram is not that kind of a person. ) And saying it took 40 minutes to get her makeup on i a joke. She certainly doesn’t wear muvh make-up. sounds like envy to me.
    What was the other woman’s name again? The one that will be known 50 years from now & Coulter won’t? And who is this “Benidict, anyway? Ann actually shows intelligence. Janean and most liberals show how vulgar, biased and bigoted they casn be, in the name of ” diversity & tolerance.”

  46. So Ann Coulter is tall, stunning and super intelligent, plus she can speak her mind eloquently.
    Is that what has your knickers in a twist? Speaking of hate talk…………

  47. My knickers in a twist? Fiddlesticks, I say! Ha-rumph.

  48. I suspect that she may be a liberal. Like Michael J Fox’s character on Family Ties, played so far over the top as to make the entire right seem distasteful. They caught on to Fox in the second season, has their intelligence gone down that much since then??

  49. What’s with the left anyway? You can disagree vehemenetly with Ann and Laura, but the leftists today seem incapable of merrely discussing issues. They must attack the appearance, morality, intelligence or sincerity of their opponents. I disagree with everything I have ever heard Janeane say. but iIwould never comment on anything about her except to challenge those views. She seems to think that anybody who disagrees is a racist. How can we have calm intelligent political dialog in the face of such unsupported attacks? i realize that she and Olbermann and Mathews are simultaneously entertainers and commentators. That does not shield them from criticism for what I consider unjustified personal attacks on various public figures. There are important issues facing the nattion today. Is it really unreasonable to want more than a few days debate for multi-trilion dollar expenditures of borrowed money? If that isn’t protected, honorable political dissent, I don’t know what is.

  50. I assume you mean besides me.


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