Today’s Quickies and…Could I BE More Right?

Exhibit H5starZippr7: Politico is finally catching on to the GOP’s Palin problem.

Need to waste some time?  Top 100 interweb videos.  Evah!

Another Dem on a wiretap. I love her hinky existential declaration.

I’ll have a vodka martini, bacon, not stirred.

We’re really in trouble if Texas gits aholt a’ one of them Gatling guns!

Oh, shit, so this is where all the PUMAs went.

Very happy 420 day to you.



  1. Oh my, way to expose our dirty lil secret there, Tommy…

    our little minimeeGWwannabe…

    you know, Im a native Texan…daughters of the Republic and all that good stuff…

    but this Perry fella…

    and what makes you think some of us don’t already got our hands aholt of one of them there Gatlin’ Guns now?


  2. I *completely* forgot it was 4/20, but luckily I smoked anyway.


  4. woops. wtrf? I meant to write, What’s 4/20

  5. And what is wrong with Sarah Palin?…..besides that fact that she supported McInsane.

    I liked the fact that she has a habit of firing crooked cops.

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