Meghan McCain’s New Twitter Creep NRO Bashes Her For Liking Eminem

Meghan McCain wrote yesterday at The Daily Beast about “Twitter Creeps” like Karl Rove and media outlets that disseeminemct her Tweets (except me).  Now, Meg can add a new one to the pile, as The National Review makes a BFD out of Meg’s pro-Eminem tweet:

Okay, I had wanted to stay away from further focus on the Twitter exploits of Meghan McCain, the daughter of the 2008 presidential candidate. But sometimes you just can’t tear your eyes away.

The latest Tweet from McCain: “I used to have the hugest crush on Eminem when I was in high school and he still looks hot in his new music video!!”

This would be, presumably, the music video in which Eminem depicts himself having sex with Sarah Palin..

…Good to know she thinks Eminem still looks “hot” while pretending to have sex with dad’s running mate.

Where do I start with this one?  Well, I’m going to assume you’ve already read why I think the right is going about Meghan McCain all wrong, and point out that  this is exhibit Q.  They dissect Meg’s Tweets as though she’s a political opponent.  She’s not.  Her value is as an observer.  Noting that she has apolitical interests doesn’t diminish her insights, it enhances them.

But the biggest load of irony here is that NRO seems to look down on Eminem’s Palin fantasies, when they are famous for their own Rich Lowry’s near-monkey-corporal-punishing review of Palin’s Vice Presidential Debate performance.  I don’t usually go for the hypocrisy argument, but the symmetry here is too perfect.

National Review can’t keep their eyes off of Meg’s Tweets because she thinks a guy who fantasizes about Sarah Palin is hot.  Just not their guy who fantasizes about Palin.



  1. Gee…

    talk about the ultimate Big Brother Ick Factor…

    she’s just a girl!!!

    wow, just ….wow.

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  3. Meghan who?

  4. […] Meghan McCain’s New Twitter Creep NRO Bashes Her For Liking Eminem […]

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