Exclusive: Million Armed Militia Man March Video Recovered

I wrote about this yesterday at AOL, but the Ohio Militia pulled the video.  I shot the video from my computer with a camcorder, however, so here it is in all its glory:

Update 2: I recovered the video from an active browser on my computer.

Update: The Ohio Militia has made the video private, but I’ll leave the embed code in case they change their minds. You’ve still got the screen shot, and The Washington Independent had this partial transcript:

A peaceful demonstration of at least a million – hey, if we can 10 million, even better – but at least one million armed militia men marching on Washington. A peaceful demonstration. No shooting, no one gets hurt. Just a demonstration. The only difference from any typical demonstration is we will all be armed.

Be there if my a true patriot? Huh?

This has all the makings of a first-class trainwreck, at best. Check out this super-creepy video by “Pale Horse from the Ohio Militia,” calling for a peaceful, armed demonstration on July 4, 2009:(h/t Washington Independent)

Well, as long as there are no felons…

The group currently has 826 Myspace friends. That’s enough right there to turn this into a really bad scene. I’m sure there are all kinds of laws against this, but even an attempt at this could be explosive.

The effort appears to be legit, as the group’s website has been around since at least 2005. Still, a video like this couldn’t have been planned better by proponents of gun control. This video is like a PSA for gun-nuttery, and a demonstration like this would certainly have a negative impact on public opinion toward guns.

Here’s a fun fact that I learned along the way here: Did you know that the law that created the National Guard is called the Dick Act? No, I’m not kidding.

Update: Since the Ohio Militia has pulled the video, here’s a screen shot of the title frame:

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  1. And they wonder why people mock them.

  2. What a bunch of nutcases. I love how the guy says “no shooting, no felons” how in the hell are they gonna control those factors. Unfucking believable! Thanks for providing the video, Tommy, I had wondered what had happened to it.

  3. Well why is it that you can’t trust these guys, PCL, but if you suggested the million man march might turn violent you’d be run out of town on a rail? Seems pretty prejudiced against one group to me.

  4. How did Caleb mask his voice like that? Oh Caleb. Quit spending money on electronic gadgets to maks your voice. Let’s see first if they can get up to four in the tooth count.

  5. LMAO! Oh you boys!

    Caleb: I’m sorry, but I just don’t have a whole lot of faith in the mental health of some of those people. I’m sure most would be there just to be there in a show solidarity–it’s the fringe that worries me. That is not being prejudiced, just rational.

  6. PARDONNEZ MOI, dear programmed, LYAO’d, manipulated Binary Brains – YOU – YES YOU on your ironic, condescending, “sophisitcated” flabby asses – YOU are THE fucking problem.

    “Let’s see first if they can get up to four in the tooth count” – why, titter hee hee! Words From Above by Big Balla Cube, someone who, no doubt, knows his Merlots… TOTAL BULLSHIT.

    The ‘Militia Man March’ is a great idea. “How do you control…” whatever? You don’t. We can’t. Look out the window, Sunshine.

    WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to run this Banana faux-‘Democracy’ AND WE DON’T. We know it and don’t really care – jacking-off with bon mots chiding the ‘toothless’ who are that way because WE HAVE NO HEALTH PLAN. Uneducated because WE HAVE NO DECENT SCHOOLS You tee hee, tsk, then run off for sushi. Fuck you.

    What do YOU suggest we do in the few years left before shit hits fan so hard we’ll all stink? ‘Live Green’? ‘Get Out The Vote’? Blow me.

  7. So, Xanadu,
    Maybe yuo can lead the march in the outfit on your webpage! Perhaps an AR-15 on the hip. A 1911 on the side. Millions of Devines with machine guns. You may be right.

    There’s a link in my most recent article on the psychology of trolls on the internet. I’m over that word simply because it’s cliche.

    If you don’t think some sick fuck asking for the organization of a million gun toting folks is just that, you might want to find a bridge to hide under. A militia? Yes. Strike that. Randomly organized gun parties by some dude with a cheap rip off of Darth Vader’s voice is like fucking Jesus calling.

    miss the wonder years of the simple life on computers. No trolls. 1’s and 0’s. Amber was in.

    “The Search For’Leisure Suit Larry'”


  8. And, I can’t see the blak screen I type into. Nor the red underlined words. I suppose there is no chance of changing this backdrop to white. Like the 2 inbreds who did the Youtube.

  9. Please tell me that’s an attempt at satire.

  10. Caleb, I feel the same way,

    its not so much “these people” but the fringe of the fringe, that won’t follow the ground rules, Im sure this man has no intentions of firing on DC…but how can he or anyone else for that matter, control what other people do, especially 1,000,000?

    this is a bad idea…and I seriously doubt, it will be allowed to go down…

    too many variables…too many wack jobs, that will ally with this group, and try to “blend in” with the other wise peaceful demonstrators…

    hey Xanadu….take a chillpill…

  11. Cube (wonder how I knew you were a man?) Sit down, son.

    Whatever the Militia iz or iz not – THAT ISN’T THE POINT.

    The point is that they were the ones – not you – to show some BALLS and make a display of strength to the Gov. The Militia is unworthy of your spleen. The GOVERNMENT is.

    Why don’t us All Our Teeth folks march on the capital with guns making the point that WE ARE THIS COUNTRY AND YOU WORK FOR US. Civil War SHOULD be a fear in the government’s mind. Why else should they consider the massive shifts we need? Their innate compassion for Man? How’s that been working for ya?

    Here’s the news Cube: Only those with a high Sociopath Quotient seek power. Period. The end. Now the world is in a fucking mess. Are we just going to condescend to the toothless at the computer or are we going to JUMP OUR MINDSET to an ACTION template? Are you?

  12. Hey, Michelle… blow me.

  13. Well, you would know I’m a man if you listened to the tubes show “Unusual Signal.” I’m sure you will explain that one. Because, it made a lot of sense.

    Basically, you are supporting this. I’m not sure why, but, you’ve swayed me. An internet first.

    I got lost during part of your delusional paragraphs. You bring out every cyber cliche in the book. Tin Foil, Troll, tada! But, you’ve convinced me. Tell me, when are you gonna meet me in Ohio? Eh… I don’t believe you.

    Like, your drivel is an insult to intellectual saliva. Adopting whatever fake Vader is saying evinces a mental illness you ought seek help for. Res Ipsa applies to your link. Which is missing. Ok Divine. I’m due back on the planet Earth. Announce the time, plance, and manner for your big gun rally. You’ve won me over.

  14. Cube, define TROLL. In this case I see only one definition: someone who’s smarter than you.

  15. AND, Cube I’ve never heard of you. Does that make me ignorant, or you unimportant? And you keep embarassing yourself with your tiny wiener mind. That’s like ‘Napoleonic’ (look it up) but much, much worse.

  16. So, you come to a pretty laid back blog and ack like a fuckstick. I looked at your rag, I’m not surprised. It’s the ramblings of a lunatic.

    Fuck you. Talk shit to me all you want cocksucker. Why you mess with Michelle is a sign of the sick fuck you are.

    Eat me.

    Who am I? Your Daddy. In fact, this week, I might interview a troll or two. Unless your sorry ass gets booted off of this blog, maybe I’ll see you.

    Oh. The radio show was given to be by Tommy. The author of this blog. Caleb too to an extent. Why haven’t you heard of me? You live under a bridge.

  17. “We don’t like your kind ’round this town, Stranger.”

    I already got that drift, Cubey. You’re regressing and drooling all over yourself. Goo Goo Ga Ga. “Ramblings of a lunatic!” I hear Vincent Price.

    Troll here = someone smarter than you, no matter how many times you squeak “fuckstick.”

  18. “Why haven’t you heard of me? You live under a bridge.” i.e. “Don’t you know who I AM???” Heeeeeee hee heee. Manhood problem screaming out to be heard. I hear you, Cubey Doo. I feel your pain. Go on, say something else drooly, to have the last word. I won’t type a thing. All yours. Go!

  19. Ya gotta admit–she’s good.

  20. Oh, good you haven’t posted yet.

    Cubey – last one. Swear. But I’d like you to know that I live in Beverly Hills in a charming house I bought myself. And I have great boobs. And a kid at Yale who will donate her time and education to charity next year. Okay, you…. GO!

  21. […] Exclusive: Million Armed Militia Man March Video Recovered […]

  22. Xanatroll: I’m glad you can tell I’m a man. We were having a debate as to your gender. Smarter than moi? Hardly. Come listen to the show so i can disembowel you live. Here’s your big chance to really have your name in lights other than the dim ones you create for yourself.

    Smarter than me? Well, the one thing I know is I know nothing. You must be the smartest on Earth! But, I’ll stack my B.A and JD against your school of fucked up.

    That said, I don’t understand you, this is supposed to be a chill block, you’re a jaggoff, you insulted my friend Michelle (and leader of my fan club), I’m not going to return fire anymore.

    I’m actually very much in favor of 2nd Amnd. rights, am a firearm owner, but now see a more liberal argument I didn’t fully realize until now.

  23. It’s funny. There was this “troll” on PM who addressed me as “Cubie” once. Is that the best you have stain? And, if those people alll mask their voices with a shitty Vader tone and are mentally ill, you’re right, I don’t want them around with guns near the president.

    You’re irrational and a troll of a particular variety fitting into a class I noticed after reading sociological study from Univ. of Texas. Thank you for helping me with a segment.

    If you need the phone number to call in go to:


    Later cakefart.

  24. I can’t wait to flash your picture to the audience.

    Oh. You don’t know squat about Rage Against The Machine. You know, the slogan you stole and did not source to. Nor do you understand their music. It would probably bug you out if I told you I hung out with the band once huh? Jealous much?

  25. Correction: Troll = someone with *original thoughts* who is smarter than you.

    “Troll! Troll! Troll” sounds a lot like Rush’s “Socialist! Socialist! Socialist!” Chanting it blasts you below the floor I thought you hit. As your Mommy should have said to you: USE YOUR WORDS.

    WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to run this Banana faux-’Democracy’ AND WE DON’T. We know it and don’t really care – jacking-off with bon mots chiding the ‘toothless’ who are that way because WE HAVE NO HEALTH PLAN. Uneducated because WE HAVE NO DECENT SCHOOLS You tee hee, tsk, then run off for sushi.

    What do YOU suggest we do BIG BALLA CUBE FLOSSIN’ DEGREES in the few years left before shit hits fan so hard we’ll all stink? ‘Live Green’? ‘Get Out The Vote’?

    The world awaits, holding it’s breath.

  26. P.S. My pic’s on Twitter. Show it! I’d be thrilled! My kid will be impressed! I’ll hang a still of you holding it, drooling’n’ranting over my potty.

  27. I like the one on your blog better. It makes more sense. Don’t know the one on twiiter.

    Twitter. Hmmm.

    Care now to explain why you sniped at myslef and Michelle for no apparent reason when I never addressed you? Hmm. Do you think you can just wantonly come on a site and be rude without even knowing who yoa are talking to? Christ. You wonder why there are problems. It shouldn’t matter who I am. Or who Michelle is. You ought not be a prick. There’s something to be said for not being rude over here and starting shit off that way. Especially when unprovoked.

    I come to this blog to get away from sniping and bullshit like that. If you like crap like that, have at it at Political Machine. You’ll find plenty to engage you.

    As to the “merits” of your position (see, there’s an easy one but I choose not to go there) why have’nt you explained yourself once? Do you honestly think that or were you being faceitious? If you are serious, that’s where the rubber meets the road and I will flat out label the guy on the video fucking crazy A million guns in D.C. How about one million padded cells?

    Those who follow that garbage are not far from it, though, probably just fools behind a veil of anonymity who won’t do shit. Like you.

    If your definition of troll includes originality, you win in the sense you are original for supporting the most insane youtube video I’ve seen since the last one I watched.

    However, I stand by my origianl thought, that’ you’re full of shit, fucking around, and can’t possibly take that stance… could you?

    As for smarts, well, I only know there is more to know. But, I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge with you any day of the week

    Respectfully, I dissent.

    Welcome to tommy’s blog kook! Chill out.

  28. Oh, and of course Xanadu (did you know that was Tommy’s favorite film) you are welcome to come over to my blog and comment. You can either not snipe or snipe. The choice is yours. Cick on Cube. I do have footage of Isabella Rosselini fucking a praying mantis for whatever that’s worth.

    I prefer the non sniping variety, but, do as you want.

  29. Very gracious Cube. I apologize.

  30. um….

    why would a chick tell me to “blow her?”

    can a chick be blown?

  31. LMAO! Michelle. No a chick can’t be blown, but she can ‘blow’!

  32. “No a chick can’t be blown, but she can ‘blow’!” YES SHE CAN! YES SHE CAN!

  33. […] wasting time with these resolutions, but whatever it is they’re trying to say, they should keep in mind who’s listening. Tommy on: Daily […]

  34. I read in a book once, in HS, warning of never “blowing” air into the special place on a woman’s body…

    was she asking me to “kill” her in a roundabout way??

    I mean, really?

    only if I can use a straw….

  35. How does one video a 4th of July 2009 march on DC three-months before it happens? Anyone?

  36. Caleb

    Wouldn’t surprise me if 2 or more million American citizens showed up 07/04/09 to support their 2nd Amendment Right.

    Can’t wait to watch the gathering confident none of them will shoot up a train car full of innocent people, post office employees, or families at McDonalds restaurants.

    Tired of reading about wimps & cowards who let liberal dems steal their spines, and then start shooting when liife gets tough.

  37. KathyK

    obviously, that is footage of a different very large crowd in DC…

    sliced into the story…

    isn’t the interwebs a wonderful thing?

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