Appropriate Levels of Cowbell

I’ve spent the better part of the last couple of days in my car, listening to music on my iPod Macro (that’s what I call my laptop). This led me to contemplate, as I often do, the songs that make the best use of cowbell.

Without question, the winner is this Reagan-era jam by Time Zone, a Johnny Rotten/Afrika Bambaata side-project. If you can get a clean MP# of “World Destruction,” do it. This song is HAWE-some.

My next choice would be Prince’s “U Got the Look,” which only lost to “World Destruction” because of that annoying vocal effect he used on the track.  Since YouTube is made of suck, I can’t play that one for you.

I know it’s super-obvious, but “Honky Tonk Women” is a cowbell classic, whose only drawback is the howling, high-pitched harmony that sounds fine on the track, but makes you want to stab the douche in your car who tries to sing along to it.

Also obvious, and awesome, is “Lowrider.”

Cypress Hill’s “Lowrider” is awesome, too, but contains no discernable moo chimes.

In my quest for cowbell, I ran across this webpage, which lets you add cowbell to any song, along with Christopher Walken samples.  This misses the entire point of my exercise, but it is fun.

Another awesome display of bovine percussion is Miquel Brown’s ode to the Health Department, “So Many Men.”

I’d like to hear your suggestions, and then perhaps mock them.  I’ll finish up with the first entry on our next list, “Songs About Fictional Municipalities.”  Here’s “Funkytown.”


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