Introducing Alex Villanueva

This is Alex.  You might remember her from the Offensive Tea Party Signs story at AOL.  She’s going to be contributinalex01thumbg to Daily Dose now.

Things that are cool about Alex, any one of which is reason enough to warrant an unpaid Daily Dose contributorship:

  • I can see that it would be amusing to have her read the opening voiceover narration to “A Clockwork Orange.”
  • She noticed, and understood, the back of my custom-painted dork jacket.
  • She roughly doubles the amount of teen girl angst on this blog.
  • During my interview with a Tea Party counter-protester, also named Alex, she was writing “notes” on a little “note-pad” in order to later report what was said.  I think other reporters should try this technique.
  • She has a t-shirt that says “Yes, we can!” in Klingon.  Or something like that.

But seriously, folks, while we share interest in the same subject matter, Alex has a different style and perspective that I think will make an interesting counter-balance.

So, welcome, Alex.



  1. Sweet Alex!

    I’m having writers block because I can’t get the opening scene from A Clockwork Orange out of my melon. Nice T. You could have used some aside with “Alex” like “Jeopardy,” or “Flashdance” maybe. We would have either the trivia song with Alex Trebec (there you go) or “What A Feeling” (and there’s another song I hope spins round round baby round round like a record baby) playing endlessly in your mind. Nope. We have the ultra-violence to kick around in the mind’s eye and consider now. Good luck! Welcome. And please don’t hit me with a giant, penis, furniture thing.

  2. You forgot the fact that I don’t have to drive several hours to be in DC. Usually. (Rush hour, we are not even talking about rush hour.) And yes, it would be hilarious if I did the opening VO for “A Clockwork Orange”. Funnier still if I borrowed my friend’s Clockwork Orange Halloween costume – true!

    Anyway, thanks for the horrorshow introduction! Now I have to make up my rassoodock on what to write about first, possibly in a sarky way. Maybe bacon flu?

  3. Mmmm…Bacon! Actually, that’s genius. Bacon is our most popular search engine term.

  4. Welcome to the fray, Alex…look forward to reading your views!

  5. Thanks for the welcome, Cube and Michelle – I look forward to posting here! (Don’t worry, Cube, I don’t hit people…not with penis-furniture from a milk bar, anyway.)

  6. Cube, Alex, I hate to be a dick, but that “penis furniture,” as you call it, is an IMPORTANT WORK OF ART!

  7. actually, it was a piece in the home of one of the gang’s victims…

    I live with a fanatic of the movie…

    and he also spawned children that are fanatics…good times, when they all 3 start reciting the lines…

    oh I love my life…

  8. lol Alex…got one of those costumes too, my daughter dressed as “Alex” one year…to me, she just looked like Liza Minnelli.

  9. Art is in the eye of the beholder. 😛

    Aha, thanks for the correction, Michelle! It’s been a while since I saw that movie.

  10. I’d hate to have that thing in my eye.

  11. Zing. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Tip the veal, enjoy your waitresses! *ba-dum-PISH*

  12. hahahaha Alex…I sort of missed the whole concept of the movie, its my family that has the love of it…I have always seen it from a different point of view…

    its knowledge that has been seeping into my brain for years now…lol not by choice…

    but I have picked up several phrases over the yrs. lol…

    guess you could say, Im alot like “Alex” in being “forcefed” the images….lol

    I know I can always get images of the damn movie everytime I hear Beethoven…lol

  13. […] this blog will note that on April 15th, yours truly met not 1, but 2 different Alexes.  You know Alex Villanueva as Daily Dose Junior White House correspondent and contributing writer, but Alex and I both […]

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