Tea Party Fun: Booing GOP Congressman & Boiling the President

Tea Party videos just keep filtering in, and the right is working hard to build the fiction that this is not just about hating Barack Obama.  The latest exhibit: A group of tea partiers mercilessly booing a GOP Rep and candidate for SC Governor:(h/t HuffPo)

Well, I guess if they want, I’ll concede that they’e also able to hate any of their own who deviate slightly from their amorphous agenda.  I’m not sure how that’s a win.  98% of the signs and t-shirts at these rallies tell a different story.  A story that includes people like this:

I realize that citizen journalists are bound to seek out video that buttresses their own point of view, but are you telling me that conservatives don’t have flipcams?  This lady, and the ones with the really hateful signs, might be aberrations, but where are the clips of fellow tea-baggers ostracizing them?

Janeane Garofalo was wrong to say what she did, and I’m not afraid to point that out.  Where are the brave tea-baggers telling these people they’ve crossed the line?



  1. Way to go Tommy!!

    Get me all worked up and pissed off !!

    what is it about people wearing yellow???? First this am, a guy on CNN blowing smack…now this bitch??!!

    dead Liberal huh? I don’t call myself a Liberal, but I bet, this woman would view me as one….I throw down the gauntlet…

    if she wants a dead one…then I volunteer….

    any place any time…I’ll give her the chance to “brew” my ass

    may the best woman win…

    Im about sick and tired of this shit!

  2. just watched the clip again….


    that woman would be dead just from my chi….

    I bet she would crap her pants, from the image of a 5’9″ pissed off “liberal” coming her way, that knows how to fight, showing much intent in her eyes…lol

    she’d be on the ground before I got within 6feet of her!


    damn, Tommy, you gotta get me the hook up on this female….call the cable companies…pay per view…

    I’ll start training….

  3. You ask where the vids are of the right side of the tea parties. I have seen plenty of them. I was at one of the tea parties and it was nothing like the obamunists claim. What make you think that the obama press would publish or show them? obama is not he second comming( at least not on the side of good). He is a puppet and the world will see this after it is too late.

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