Robert Gibbs’ Magical Powers and Other Observations

Man, what a long 2 days.  I am so tired.  I’m assuming you’ve read all that I’ve written in that time, so I’ll try not to duplicate.

First of all, I discovered my new favorite song on my way down to DC.  I dare you to listen to “Zombie Jamboree” and not at least smile.  It’s at once whimsical and deeply unsettling.  It did make me wonder what the difference is between a “Jamboree” and a “Jubilee.”  I could easily look it up, but choose not to.

I am super-unimpressed by the quality of Rockapella’s groupies.

That, of course, reminded me of this Mr. Show clip.  There is a part of this sketch that will make you spit your drink, I’m just warning you.

Hard to believe they got that and the brilliant “God’s Autobiography” into the same episode, back-to-back.

Anyhoo, about Gibbs.  There was an unusually large number of print photographers at yesterday’s briefing, hell if I gibbs_handsknow why.  There were actually a lot fewer reporters than usual.

So, every time they take pictures, there’s this sound of multiple shutters from each camera, you know, where they’re taking a jillion pictures a minute.  With all those photogs there, it caused quite a racket.

After awhile, we started to notice that they went nuts on him every time he put his hands up.  It got kind of comical, and I think Gibbs even did it once just to mess with them.  I guess you had to be there.  I thought it was funny, it reminded me of Magneto.

So, there are now 743,000 pictures of Gibbs gesticulating on April 27.



  1. “Do it, Rockapella!” Oh man. The theme from “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego” is utter genius and a large part of my childhood, but I have not heard this “Zombie Jamboree” yet. Intriguing. I’ll have to listen after Bad Movie Night is over.

  2. Really, Tommy, you are wasting your time with Gibbs. Take a leaf from the book of the sage streetwise and cover ME. I’m the only game in town!

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