Further Proof That Wolverine Sucks

But first, a quick note.  Just so you don’t think Alex is a giant narcissist, I make her put that picture on every story so you can tell Alex wrote it.

Here it is:


Missed The Pound by that much!



  1. Ahhhhh Hugh Jackman–love my Aussies. By the way, Tommy, love Alex! But of course (no offense Alex), no one can replace you. 😉 She is a refreshing addition to your blog.

  2. of course I’m a narcissist, I look fierce

    So I take it you’re not going to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine, then?

  3. MMMmmmmmm……

    Jackman….Jackman good…..



    (fans self)

    Is it hot in here?

  4. Verrrry hot. Yessss, Hugh baby!! LOL! I’m sure Tommy will be along to once again chastise us, eh Michelle?

  5. Heh, Heh, Heh…

    like thats a bad thing….lol

  6. I know. LMAO!

  7. Jackman does have his moments, but I much prefer Russell Crowe. And especially Sean Bean.

    …and you know he missed the pound on purpose so the contact wouldn’t automatically engage his adamantium claws and impale the dude’s hand, right? 😛

  8. Love Russell Crowe’s voice.

    Or maybe, Alex, he was just avoiding hand contact of any kind–there’s that pig flu thing going around.

  9. Oh, I’ll probably see it, if only on the off chance that Magneto gets to pwn Wolverine AGAIN!

  10. Always late to the party….working long hours this week….

    Welcome, Alex! With your wit, I’m sure you’ll fit in around here quite nicely 🙂

    Hey, my gals PCL & Michelle!

    If I HAD to choose, I’d take Russell over Hugh (in part due to the bulk factor….and his refusal to be typecasted. Proof of Life, filmed in my beloved Ecuador, was one of my faves of his). Am I the only one who thoroughly enjoyed Hugh’s song & dance performance during the Oscars show? I know it really got panned by the critics, but I thought it showcased his “hidden” talents well.

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