The Best and Worst Musical Municipalities

As promised, but first, a fun fact about Moe Lane:  He’s a huge pop star in Japan under the name “Curly Boulevard.”

In order to qualify for this list, you have to be an actual, fictional town in the title of a song.  Hence, Uptown by Prince would, unfortunately not qualify.  Neither would Funky Broadway, because that’s a street, and will go on my “Department of Public Funky Works” list.  (Note to self: Electric Avenue)

OK, let me start with the worst. Margaritaville.

See, I’m a bit of a Margarita aficionado myself, and I want to barf every time he says “shaker of salt.”  You can’t rim a margarita glass with a saltshaker, and you sure as hell can’t use granulated salt.  Ugh!

I give a pass to the shoehorned lyric “on a rope” in the song Marijuanaville, and give it extra points for being the song with the most frequently misidentified artist.

My #1 song on this list, however, also tops the list of “Songs Not to Perform Cunnilingus to.”

“Lipps, Inc” indeed.

OK, this is way too labor intensive.  Hit me with your best music towns.



  1. I’m speechless.

  2. Jet City Woman…


  3. Chocolate City


  4. Paradise City

    Guns and Roses

  5. Emerald City

    The Seekers

  6. Gee

    what am I, playing by myself???


    Im married to an audiophile….

  7. Chocolate City: excellent.

  8. Metropolis


  9. must




  10. Anybody having problems with AOL mail today?

  11. I totally am.

  12. ME TOO!! I have been trying to send email for the past hour and it keeps telling me to contact technical support–which is gone for the day at AOL (I thought they never left).
    I had to create a whole new email address from yahoo. This sucks! LOL

  13. Tommy, are you receiving emails? I can receive them, but I can’t send anything out on my aol address. Earlier some thing came up about ‘script’ running on my AOL mail–what the hell is that about? I’m sooooo confused.

  14. AOL does this sometimes. I’m getting some emails. When I can’t send, I usually use AIM or Twitter, it’s really only a problem for me when I can’t get them. I haven’t gotten anything from the White House in hours, which is unusual, and the White House wasn’t getting some of mine last week, so I had to use gmail.

  15. Well does it go away? I sent an email from my yahoo account to my aol email address (which is exactly the same except for after the @ part) and it went to my aol spam file.
    This is just not right.

    Nothing from the White House, huh? Now that would make me crazy.

  16. Doncha love it, PCL

    something from the WhiteHouse…

    (vinnie babarino laugh)

    that is so cool…

  17. I know, huh? And I’m still just shits and giggles that I’m the president of his fan club. 😉

  18. It’s no joke, I missed a briefing because of my fucked up email.

  19. Oh no, Tommy. That really sucks. I have really only had this problem with AOL one other time. I hope it is cleared up by tomorrow–I hate yahoo’s format (too busy).

  20. No joke, understood….

    but it is cool, that on a normal day, that you do get something from the WhiteHouse…

    thats all Im saying…

    Hope it is up and working for you soon Tommy..

  21. Me too–I hate that mine is down.

  22. When I was working in D.C. my old girl jacked me for banging to the rhythm of Shakedown Street.

    Thanks for the link tommy. Now, imagine me boning to this song… (Alex, turn away, you’re not old enough to think like this.)

    The pace worked fine I thought…

  23. Ladies. Note the lenght of that jam. “You just gotta poke around.”

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