Today’s Quickies and…Epic Pong Maneuver!

alex01thumbPaging Dr. Freud…good to know I’m not the only person who thinks the right’s fascination with sex that they consider to be perverted and wrong is hi-larious.

And it’s good to see that Rahm’s helping Geithner out. Hey, whatever Rahm wants, Rahm gets.

Also, there’s an interesting YouTube video making the rounds of Condoleezza Rice debating a Stanford student, complete with such lovely and thoughtful user comments as “Don’t you wag your finger you traitorous cunt! Up against the wall with you!” and “Condoleezza for the WIN! FUCK OBAMA!”


Finally, have this epic pong video, courtesy of Caleb.



  1. Oh my….

  2. Ahhh mom and dad’s hard earned college money paid off!


    must be future engineers…they have perfect aim, or excellent editing skills…

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