Michael Steele Flips on ‘Barack the Magic Negro’?

When RNC Chair candidate Chip Saltsman came under fire for giving gifts of CDs containing the Rush Limbaugh s-steele-large“parody” song Barack the Magic Negro, current RNC Chair Michael Steele offered a weak rebuke, saying essentially that it was bad for the party’s image.

Well, HuffPo has a transcript of Michael Steele laughing it up with a caller about Limbaugh’s “parody.”  Or do they?:

CALLER: It’s just like the LA Times said last year, or two years ago — he is the magic Negro.
STEELE: Yeah he is — [laughter]. You read that too, huh?

CALLER: Oh yeah. I read that too. And even when things go wrong, he still manages to come out smelling like a rose.

STEELE: Well, yeah. And it’s because he’s getting unprecedented coverage — cover — by the media.

In the interest of fairness, Steele and the caller reference David Ehrenstein’s column on the subject, not Limbaugh’s misinterpretation of it.  The column is not an endorsement of the “black authenticity” argument, but rather an indictment of it.

Steele and his caller derive the real meaning of Ehrenstein’s column, even if they somewhat miss the point of it.  That Steele didn’t re-denounce and re-reject Limbaugh’s offensive song is, perhaps, a sin of omission, but Steele didn’t flip-flop here.



  1. It’s a funny parody of a comment made by Al Sharpton. Rush Limbaugh never made that comment, it was made by Al Sharpton, but as usual, the lib media lied. And they continue to propagate the same lies over and over. Both Sharpton & Jesse Jackson were so jealous of Obama they couldn’t see straight. Now that he’s so popular, they wouldn’t dare say any of those things because they would be tossed away like former idol Bill Clinton.

  2. Ha, Ha, Ha! If Barack is the “magic negro” what does that make him? The black joke, that’s what!

  3. Paul – you are wrong. Your leader (Rush) said
    “RUSH: It’s not “a direct quote” from the Reverend Sharpton! ”

    go to Rush’s website http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/estack_12_13_06/BarackSection/Drive-By_Media_Misreporting_of__Barack_the_Magic_Negro__Song.guest.html

    Rush is a lawyer – he can confuse you with semi-truths. Wealk minds (like most of his followers are) begin to make up their own truths. A lie is as good as the truth to a blind horse…

  4. Troll edit

  5. Joyce maybe you should look further. Those comments were first made by Al Sharpton. Those comments were practically taken verbatim and were put into an extremely funny pardoy that us “weak minded” individuals found amusing. I find it ironic that you harp on Rush and his semi-truths. Doesn’t your party lead in that particular category??

  6. Rush’s Grandfather, Father and Brother are lawers (his Grandfather is now dead). Rush has never been a lawyer. Why would he give up the money he now makes to be abused even more?

  7. if there was ever a true uncle tom – this guy is the real deal

  8. I’m not quoting “liberal media”.. RUSH HIMSELF ADMITS THAT IT IS NOT A DIRECT QUOTE.

    go to Rush L’s OWN WEBSITE and you’ll see HIS OWN TRANSCRIPT where RUSH HIMSELF says it is not a quote by Al Sharpton.

    here’s excerpt:
    COLETTA or VALICENTI: ….. Limbaugh’s staff says he’s been using the song parody for months and that the title is a direct quote [sic] from the Reverend Al Sharpton and that the uproar is unwarranted.

    RUSH: It’s not “a direct quote” from the Reverend Sharpton! …”

  9. Ralph – you are rightt. Rush didn’t even go to college (except for a few months). I just assumed that anyone from such an intelligent, educated family would have a college degree too. Thanks for the info – his education explains a lot.

  10. I can’t believe what Steele did. I wrote a post on Rush’s song at http://soozah.wordpress.com/

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