Michelle Obama Survives Apparent Lightsaber Attack

Michelle Obama is badass!  She doesn’t even flinch when some off-camera Sith Lord takes a swing at her.

She also handles a tiny heckler with aplomb.

I can’t wait for all the right-wing blogs to start complaining that 4th graders have a liberal bias because they ask Michelle a question like this, but they give Condi the 3rd degree.  Maybe there’s something to that.



  1. I just love this lady…

    She has really proven to be a great First Lady!

  2. Speaking as a right-wing blogger, I actually saw this a couple days ago and thought the question was appropriate coming from a child and I thought Michelle Obama answered it in a phenomenal way. Very First-Lady-like and I enjoyed it. Michelle Obama gets an A+ for this from me……..truly.

    Too bad Palin’s answer to a child on what a VP does got taken as if she were addressing the United Nations. Sigh.

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