Air Force One Fly-By Photo, Report, and Resignation Letter






  1. I bet I can combine this photo and this other photo with Photoshop and get a similar one… no need to fire anyone and no need to scare New Yorkers…. which I never really understood why they were scare of a 747 and two f-16 flying 1,000 feet over their heads….

    What did they thought? Terrorist…? I though that was a Bush-Cheney invention…

  2. If ever there was a situation the term “Epic Fail” seemed to have been invented for…

    …no, it’s not even strong enough. We need something worse than Epic Fail, Epic Fail is what happens when you let Joel Schumaker direct a Batman movie.

    I am still just stunned at the glaring stupidity of this.

  3. Well, GLAD to see MY TAX DOLLARS hard at work! What a flipping waste. The egos in DC are extremely dangerous!

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