Note to TMZ:Pictures Don’t Lie, Miss California is Not a Liar

At least, I don’t think she is.carrie2005_crop

TMZ is blasting Carrie Prejean, saying she lied when she claimed she was only 17 in the sexy pictures that keep popping up online.  Their proof is an email from an anonymous source that says the pics were taken after Carrie’s breast enlargement surgery in January of this year.  I believe the pictures tell a different story.

Why do I care?  Well, as much as I can’t stand any of the principals in this story, the way that Carrie Prejean is being attacked is unjust.  Her mission to deny people the right to marry is also unjust, but you don’t fight injustice with injustice.

Here’s a thumbnail of a picture from the 2005 Miss Teen California pageant, where Carrie was runner-up.  Click here to see the full picture. Continue reading