Note to TMZ:Pictures Don’t Lie, Miss California is Not a Liar

At least, I don’t think she is.carrie2005_crop

TMZ is blasting Carrie Prejean, saying she lied when she claimed she was only 17 in the sexy pictures that keep popping up online.  Their proof is an email from an anonymous source that says the pics were taken after Carrie’s breast enlargement surgery in January of this year.  I believe the pictures tell a different story.

Why do I care?  Well, as much as I can’t stand any of the principals in this story, the way that Carrie Prejean is being attacked is unjust.  Her mission to deny people the right to marry is also unjust, but you don’t fight injustice with injustice.

Here’s a thumbnail of a picture from the 2005 Miss Teen California pageant, where Carrie was runner-up.  Click here to see the full picture.

Now, here’s a picture of Carrie from this year’s Miss USA pageant, post-surgery.


And here are the 3 “topless” pictures that have been released so far on


Now, if I’m on a jury, I see one piece of evidence against Carrie Prejean, the aforementioned anonymous source.  I see 3 pieces of evidence in her favor.

1. Her own word.  She says she was 17 when the pictures were taken.

2. A comparison of the photographs suggests that the pictures were taken pre-augmentation.

3. Her hair color in the 2005 photo closely matches the pictures, and diverges significantly with the 2009 pic.

Plus, what real motive does she have to lie at this point?  The pictures are irretrievably public now.

Carrie Prejean is wrong to try to break up marriages, period.  Calling her a liar or disseminating sexy pictures of her doesn’t buttress that point in the least, but it does distract from that much more important issue.



  1. I like all boobs. Big ones. Little ones. One’s with extra nipples.

    Boobs are apolitical.

    Before I have an attack of feminists, feel free to comment on my very small penis.

  2. I wonder how high I could bounce a quarter off of that cute litttle dumper.

  3. So…..distract away. Buttress….nice 😉 Is it just me or does anyone else think she looks better as a brunette/dirty blonde? Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about…they’re not even nudie pics.

    Hey, Cube…..have you noticed that it’s become a requisite to amassing followers on Twitter for a woman to post a profile pic of her boobs?

  4. All class, Cube.

  5. Tommy, good for you!

    People are entitled to have opinions different from the progressive mainstream without the Media Mafia digging up stuff. (nice pics dug up, though :>)

    Note- am pretty impressed by cube’s intellectual, deep structure analysis of the issues at hand.

  6. Prejean is not allowed to have an unpopular opinion in our faux-free country because the ‘Liberal’, ‘Lefty’ press mirrors the Far Right as THOUGHT POLICE.

  7. Wasn’t her original comment MORE liberal than Obama’s (or the Clintons’)? Iirc the Clintons said “marriage IS between a man and woman.” Obama said something like, “I understand marraige to be”. Carrie QUALIFIED IT with something like, “In my culture, among the people I grew up with”. For Obama fans to attack that is hypocritical.

  8. You ignore the fact that she changed her position when she joined NOM

  9. Yeah tommy. Alll class. I’m sure that by posting all the pictures of her ass was soley meant to prove she’s a truth teller.

    No. This post is all ass. Your claim of truth telling is a pretext to look at it.

    And that’s the truth. Ruth.

    You had her ass and boobs up for all to see before this excuse to do it again. Which is fine.

  10. See, e.g. Jessica Alba.

    Sorry for not following Tommy’s moral compass.

    I never talk shit to you. Eat me.

  11. “Her mission to deny people the right to marry is also unjust…”

    Mission? What mission? She was asked a question and she answered it. I don’t see her waging jihad against gay marriage.

  12. Another blonde bimbo boob job who is vying to be a right wing spokesperson. Wow! Intelligence reigns. She has an opinion, is entitled to it, and should be called to task for her discriminatory words. And dethroned for her pics… doesn’t matter who came out with them they do and should disqualify her. Her tearful acting during her acceptance speech with “the donald” was as phony as his combover. Do I hear wife number 5?

  13. Check out her NOM commercial

  14. Cube, dear, I think he was being ironic 🙂

  15. I posted those pictures to vindicate her, nothing more, and I am shocked that you would accuse me otherwise. Good day, sir.

  16. I don’t get your point. What’s a timeline got to do with it? What I see is a hypoctitical Christian prancing around topless.

  17. Well, I agree with everything except the hypocritical part. I’ve never understood this tendency among the non-religious to accuse Christians of hypocrisy for not living up to their own beliefs. That’s not being a hypocrite, it’s being human. Really, it’s to be expected.

    Hypocrisy is a poor argument, anyway, since it necessarily ignores the merits of either side.

  18. The problem is she did LIE. She broke the contract when she DID NOT disclose the info.abouut the pics.but a new boob job will make it OK says Mr.Trump

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