Fox News’ Question Hog Major Garrett Cops Major Attitude

At yesterday’s White House Press Briefing, Fox News’ Major Garrett got a little testy when Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and another reporter called him out for question-hogging:

The full video is at, where you can see that Garrett goes on for, like, 5 minutes.  I realize it’s his job to ask questions, I just want him to spread the wealth around a little.



  1. Of course, Gibbs is right…! What the public needs is more hard-hitting, Jeff Zeleney-type questions about how “Enchanted, Surprised, Troubled and Humbled” the president is…

  2. Oh my…. heaven forbid a “REAL” question be asked of Gibbs! Keep up the good job, Major…. somebody has to.

  3. Geez, Tommy, maybe if there were straight answers the process would be shorter. Of course, a ceremony where all the attendees just lit votive candles and chanted hymns would be even more streamlined!

  4. Another great example of giving just anyone a government job. Somebody needs to check his software it must have been made by G.E. His answer is either I,m not aware of that or I’ll have to check on that and get back to you. What a joke and a waste of taxpayers money having this clown. Eric Holder and him must have the same program. The other day on CNN at the Judicial meeting Holder was asked if he was looking into the corruption in ACORN and why were they still receiving tax payers money. His reply was about the same as Gibbs usual comments. He was unaware of any inditments against them. Not aware of this seems to run wild in this party.

  5. Yeah, but note the shorter timframe in which I got my 5 questions in.

  6. It seems as though “the Major” is a bit full of himself and needed to be knocked down a few pegs. Bravo to Mr. Gibbs! (same goes for the reporters with the cell phones going off).

    On a more positive note, congrats on YOUR performance at Friday’s briefing 🙂

    Bob….LOL, I recall saying the same thing back during the Primaries. But, you have to admit that Tommy challenged Gibbs and, by extension, the Administration with his line of questioning (even seemed to frustrate the PS). Doesn’t sound like an Obamabot to me!

  7. Diana, why doesn’t Tommy post clips of his questions so we can see them? Modesty? :>)

  8. Obviously Garrett’s wasn’t ENCHANTING enough-or FLUFFY enough- or B.O. BUTT SNIFFING enough.
    We ALL know the DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST media is corrupt.
    Shut up, whiners-go drink some kool-aid.

  9. Major was right on! This White House spokesman “Robert Gibbs” is an unfortunate stooge.

  10. It’s funny when a reporter asks tough questions and dimbulbs like Tommy Christopher dispell it as FOX NEWS, But Helen Thomas is a lefty folklore hero!!! Let’s let the NY times ask the questions like what has been your favorite dessert so far? You guys are comical!!

  11. I will mercifully ignore your violation of the rules this one time. My issue, BTW, wasn’t withthe toughness of Major’s questions, but the quantity and subsequent ‘tude. And it was done in a jocular fashion.

  12. Major pain in the ass…

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