Comedy Central and Tommy Christopher in Feud

I already wrote this up at AOL, but I did it in “serious voice,” complete with Doogie Howser end-phrase, because I take DADT so seriously.  I thought I’d give the inside scoop here.

You all know I asked about Don’t ask/Don’t tell at Friday’s briefing, and the clip got a lot of attention.

What’s really funny is that two of the people who embedded that clip, Jason Linkins at HuffPo and Dennis DiClaudio at Indecision Forever, are web-friends of mine, and neither of them knew it was me in the clip!  Insert Rodney Dangerfield line here.

What didn’t amuse me was when Cube pointed me to Dennis’ original post, which sourced another story claiming I stole my question from Jon Stewart.

As today’s Maureen Dowd feeding frenzy indicates, this isn’t a funny accusation to make, and while Dennis softened it up and made it funny, the original guy really didn’t.

They both corrected their stories, and Dennis even offered me a chance to respond on his blog.

I know this is hard for those of you who know me to believe, but this really wasn’t about ego.  I’m still laughing at how none of my friends even knew it was me asking.  My main problem had to do with the issue at hand.  I’ve worked hard to represent gay rights in a fair and persuasive manner over the years, and the attention from this clip was a big part of that.  It makes a difference if people think I’m just a Daily Show version of those “Baba Booey” guys on Howard Stern.  It makes a difference in how they see the issue.

I would also like to point out that Jon Stewart and I, in pointing this out, stand on the shoulders of unknown and unthanked thousands of activists and victims of discrimination, people who do the heavy lifting on equality.

I also love the retraction from the original guy, at GotchaMedia:

Tommy Christopher did not appreciate the implication that he stole his question and contacted me to ask for a correction.

While I appreciate the very swift retraction, I have to quibble a little with the term “implication.”  See if you can extract the subtle inference in this headline:

Reporter Steals Jon Stewart’s Question at White House Briefing

I’m not seeing the wiggle room, are you?

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, and this will end well when Don’t ask/Don’t tell is history.



  1. I smell a Daily Show spot here. You shoulda wrote that fuckin’ book by now. What will Stewart hold up if you’re not selling something? You had the bona fides to ask the question.

  2. The Maureen Dowd thing was sweeeeet! Big Mo invented the “parasitic blogger” with her column, the bitch. Great that she plagiarized a blogger.
    Look, if you do get a Daily Show spot, bring some shit from around the house, an old cell phone, last years IPod, and make him hold the stuff up. Set up a craigslist ad to go with the bit. It’ll be funny, trust me.

  3. The Return of Fitzi!

  4. Hi Fitzi!

  5. Hi Bob, Hi T!

  6. Great to see you here, Fitzi….feels like old times (can you believe it’s been a year and a half since Viva Vagina & BBBB?! Great ideas re: Daily Show, too. BTW – I agree on Maureen Dowd. So, are you going to join Twitter?

    Well done, Tommy!

  7. […] Comedy Central and Tommy Christopher in Feud […]

  8. […] Comedy Central and Tommy Christopher in Feud […]

  9. no respect no respect!


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