Today’s Quickies and…Rant Mode averted!

alex01thumbJust doing a quickies post today, since I have to be out the door in fifteen minutes and I’m trying to pre-empt my own Rant Mode. How sad is that?

Obama wants new, tougher fuel efficiency standards. Hey, I’m all for it! After all, we own the car companies now, so we should be able to see that they’re at least doing something with all that money, right? The new standard, an average of 35.5 mpg for cars/light trucks, used to be the standard for 2020, but the Obama administration has bumped it down four years, to 2016.

Obama wants a two-state solution, Netanyahu is iffy. At least they agree on quite a bit, and if the extremists on both sides realize that fighting is getting them nowhere, things could look up. Peace In Our Time? Hopefully.

I really, really hate arguing religion. (No, seriously.) It’s an emotional subject rather than a rational one, which means that discussions thereof usually don’t end up so well. Especially not in this current climate of borderline hostility between Islam and the Judeo-Christian religions. But I can’t help what the news cycle hands me. That in mind…seriously, guys? Seriously? You didn’t think these would come out and look like promotion of a holy war or a crusade of some kind? Seriously? Ahh…I love it when people don’t think. No, wait, actually I hate it.

In other, lighter news, a peek inside the only legal marijuana farm in the United States. The question is, how many White Castles are nearby?



  1. “…after all, we own the car companies now, so we should be able to see that they’re at least doing something with all that money, right?”

    Yeah, the fact that the public might not be interested in buy those cars is irrelevant. Take a look at January’s top selling cars and you’ll see the Toyota Corolla at 4th and the Honda Civic at 6th. The top two spots? Ford F-Series and Chevy Silverado. Yeah, gas guzzlers and pretty practical (I mean, can you tow anything with a Prius?)

  2. the sales for those type of cars were so high, because they were offering killer deals on them,and I suppose the people who bought, felt that off set the fuel costs…

    and truck sales will be up, if construction jobs and projects get going again…can’t build a house out of a corolla

  3. Michelle,

    The Ford F-Series has been on the best sellers list forever…well…really since it was introduced. From

    The Ford F-150 has quite a track record, and we don’t necessarily mean on-the-road performance.

    Rather, it’s been the country’s best-selling pickup for 30 years, and the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for 26 of those.

    It was also the best seller in 2008. And yes, Ford has not been offering “killer deals” all those years. The 30 years that american consumers have kept the F-150 at the top encompasses everything from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush, boom times, recessions, 1987 stock market crash, the dot com bubble.. you name it.

    You are right though, you can’t build a house out of a corolla. I know that there are people that buy a truck that are never going to use it for what it was designed for, but most of the buyers get it because they need a truck, plain and simple.

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. I was just happy about fuel efficiency standards being raised, not intending to spark discussion over the Ford F-Series necessarily being a good car line or not. But, whatever floats your oyster! 🙂 Personally, I hate seeing Hummer H2s and H3s where I live, because it’s obnoxious…seriously, you guys, it’s Northern Virginia, not Tikrit. No need for that. I really don’t care what people drive as long as a) they’re not assholes about it (like the jerks in Hummers here), and b) it doesn’t mess up the environment, so yay fuel efficiency. I am very much a fan of breathing.

    (Also, I keep reading that as “can’t build a horse out of a Corolla”. Obviously, I need sleep.)

  5. “I hate seeing Hummer H2s and H3s where I live, because it’s obnoxious…seriously”

    Do you realize that you don’t have any control about that? I mean, in a perfect world we wouldn’t have obnoxious people. But we do and being this a free country they have a right to be, there’s no law against that… but with Lord Obama in the WH and the democrats in congress, who knows? So be patient, they might still make you happy…

    By the way, about this fuel efficiency and the environment… I don’t think that’s going to work either. Let me explain my reasoning: Last weekend I drove from Kissimmee, FL to St. Petersburg, FL. I like to take pictures and I always look for nice places to visit.

    The whole trip gas expense was about $15.00 for 214 miles of travel. Thanks to google maps I knew the distance and sort of had an idea of how much it would cost me. If my car was twice as fuel efficient as it is now, and it will cost me the same $15.00 to travel 428 miles, I would do it.

    So I would use the same amount of gas I’m using now and would “mess up the environment” just the same as I’m doing now. And you can bet that everybody else would do the same thing.

    The only way to prevent this? Raise the tax on gas so it is twice as expensive at it is now. Of course Obama will not do that now, he promised that he would stop renditions, would not hire lobbyst, post legislation online five days before signing, Pork Barrel Earmark Reform not raise taxes for the “95% of working americans”…

  6. Haha, Ulises, you are too funny. Are most people going to drive twice as far to work if their car is more efficient? Maybe do some laps around the building?

  7. Hummers just piss me off. Especially because the people who drive them are usually a) assholes and b) incapable of driving. Oh, and c), they get even more assholey because Hummers make them feel tough.

    $15 for 214 miles of travel? How much does gas cost where you live?! It costs at least $30 just to fill up the tank in the family car, and it’s pretty fuel-efficient (and from when before fuel efficiency was cool, i.e. 1995)!

  8. Tommy,

    I thought about that too. Yes, I would save driving to work. Right now I drive 80 miles to get to and back from work. If my car was twice as efficient as it is that means that in the weekend I will have more fuel available and more places to visit. Right now I only do it once a week. With a more fuel efficient vehicle I will just go visit more places .

    My main point is that if now I can comfortably spend $35.00/week in gas I would probably feel the same way even if my car was more efficient. If my income rises I probably will spend more than that… or might even get a bigger, less fuel efficient vehicle. That was the point I as trying to convey, but sadly my weekend trip story was too simplistic.

    Current and past attempts by the government at setting fuel standards using CAFE and other mandates just make things difficult for automakers to compete. If they really wanted to reduce gas usage, a gas tax is the more efficient way to accomplish that. But… it is a step that requires leadership and conviction to get the voting public to accept higher gas prices….


    I think that is your “inner totalitarian” speaking… he he… live and let live.. it’s easier on your blood pressure…Gas prices around Kissimmee, FL are about 2.20/gallon for regular. I fill the tank with about $32 or $34 and when I started my trip the fuel gauge showed 3/4 and when it ended 1/4 so the $15 is just an estimate… and I just don’t drive really fast, so I guess that helps…

  9. Although having better fuel standards sounds nice, and since the old SAAB Viggens could get 34 so it is possible for news to do it so I will be happy( 23 on SAAB 9-3 city driving 95%), but it won’t work America has a huge lack of diesel mechanics, which will prevent us from switching to that meaning the cars like the Ford F (normally topping us charts) and Jeep Wrangler( I love this thing) would die which would crush the US auto industry . Although we should just ban Hummers and other outrages cars like the Suburban, but we must make room for cars like Jeep and Ford F series because of their sales.

    In terms of the Israel the problem with the two state solution lies in the fact the the Palestinians want their capital in East Jerusalem which is the home of the Kotel which is equal to the Israelis demanding Mecca for peace.

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