I Love My Dosers

I really do.  I swear, I’ve been sitting here trying to write something for you, but I completely mortified myself about an hour ago, and I cannot think.  I will Dose it up like crazy all weekend, I swear.  I might even share with you the most horribly mortifying experience of my life.   I haven’t decided yet.  As a human being, I want to disappear off the face of the Earth, but as a reporter, and as a humorist, I can barely resist.

Anyway, until then, here’s an “exclusive” tidbit for you, my loyal Dosers.  I managed to corner David Axelrod this evening, and I asked him if he had spoken to the President about the Prop 8 decision.

His reply was, “I can’t say that I have.”

More on that tomorrow, too.  Here’s a Dose only picture, too.  Enjoy.

Tommy_Christopher_AOL_News 043