Robert Gibbs Sends Me an Urgent EMail!

First things, first, though.  I’ve decided I can’t tell the story of horror and mortification that was my Friday evening.  You’ll have to take my word for it that it actually has naught to do with said mortification, but I can say no more.  Get a few drinks in me, and that might change.

That makes this story a little bit funny, as I received an email with this ominous subject line early yesterday:

Important Please Read: From White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs For a second, I had major clenchage, as I feared it had to do with my top secret misadventure.  Nope, turns out it was directed at everyone:

From White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

A number of you have asked about or reported on a recent article in the Telegraph that inaccurately described photos which are the subject of an ongoing lawsuit. Both the Department of Defense and the White House have said the article was wrong, and now the individual who was purported to be the source of the article has said it’s inaccurate. Given that this false report has been repeated around the world, and given the impact these negative reports have on our troops, I felt it was important for you to see this correction.

– Robert Gibbs

I’m about to write this up in detail at PoliticsDaily, and I’ll put a link here later, but this sort of reinforces the point I made at Thursday’s briefing.  By publicizing this correction, I’m afraid they’re just aggravating that problem.  Basically, they’re saying that the photos in the story do exist, they’re just not in the bunch that the President is blocking.  That begs the question of what’s in the blocked photos, and is it somehow worse than rape?

I’ll get into a lot more detail at PD, so keep checking for that.



  1. OH thanks, now I’ll be on the edge of my seat, waiting for you to get tanked up and looseygoosey!


    Which is your posion? I’ll send cases.

    You really sound shaken, hope all is well, and that you have recovered, and no implants were placed anywhere on your person.

    We can scan you to make sure you know….


  2. […] Robert Gibbs Sends Me an Urgent EMail! […]

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