Top 10 Conservative Women I Love to Love

I am going to risk a major bro code violation here by being shamelessly lovey, and perhaps dovey, in view of other bros.  If I am grounded from ESPN for a week, so be it.

Let me first say that I mean no slight to the liberal, and other, women I love to love.  You weren’t the ones attacked, though, and I think you know who you are already.

I also have to say I’m not sure there will be 10 on this list, as my time is limited, but it went better with the theme.

As a liberal man, and a feminist, I can see both sides of the coin, I think.  Feminism is necessarily at odds with conservatism over key issues, so I get legitimate feminist opposition to conservatives, women or men.  Conversely, a conservative woman can’t be expected to support a movement that won’t have her, and with whose key issues she disagrees.

One thing everyone should agree on is that women should be treated with respect, and as equals (at least!).

Now, before my liberal pals start googling around for quotes from the women on my list, let me save you the time.  First of all, I know most of them mainly through conversation, and not an exhaustive reading of their blogs, TV appearances, etc.  Second, and more important, I don’t agree with a lot of what they say.  That’s what makes a conversation.  If agreement were a prerequisite, I’d be a virgin hermit.

So, in no particular order, here’s my list:

First up is Media Lizzy, and not just because she’s my number 1 (conservative) fan.  Lizzy and I go at it quite a bit on her BlogTalkRadio show, and while we agree on plenty, there’s also lots of room for sparks to fly.  For a real taste of what Lizzy’s all about, check out her beautifully written piece about Carrie Prejean.  Finally, she’s easier on the eyes than a month’s supply of Restasis.


It is a well-documented fact that I think Meghan McCain is an awesome role model for women of every political stripe.  She’s also a hell of a lot of fun, and rightfully proud of her assets.


Lori Ziganto, aka Snarkandboobs: Guess which half of her name she proudly displays on her Twitter feed, and which half she keeps mostly to herself?  With a sharp wit and a sharp tongue, Lori is a lightning rod on teh Twitter.


Mary Katherine Ham: I met Mary Katherine at CPAC this year, where we sat across from each other and traded jokes.  She’s the epitome of what the bro code calls “the cool chick.”


Amanda Carpenter: I don’t know Amanda all that well, but I was impressed at the poise she showed in reacting to the Playboy story.  Plus, look!


Elisabeth Hasselbeck:  Actually, when I , and the rest of America, fell in love with her, she was Survivor’s Elisabeth Filarski.  Beautiful, charming, and sweetly protective of her pal, Roger.  The fact that she’s a political lightning rod doesn’t make her a political being.


Skye: Skye and I have a bit of a rocky history, and I’m sure I’m on a very different list for her, but to paraphrase Lou Grant, she’s got spunk, and I like it.  She and I probably agree on zero, but she puts her heart into what she does.


Megyn Kelly:  Yes, she’s hot, but here’s the real reason she makes my list:

I’m going to stop there, mostly because it’s time to make dinner.

I’ve learned, over the past year or so, that engaging the other side of the aisle is much more rewarding than simply preaching to the choir.  Here’s hoping my liberal friends think about achieving a deeper understanding of these great women, and maybe my conservative friends can point me to their favorite liberal honeys.  Even if I already have the best one.


  1. Awww 😉 Excellent list! Media Lizzy (aka Elizabeth Blackney), Meghan M. & our Twitter friend Lori Z. get my vote! Unlike these terrific gals, Megyn Kelly is ONLY hot for her looks, that’s it. There are only two who I’d disagree with here (hint: one was also on the OTHER “bad” list)…my two cents, sorry. I’d also add Bettina Inclan, a Latina conservative who I also follow on Twitter.

  2. Oh last sentence.

    Call me a sap, but, if everyone could just focus on having a last sentence like that everywhere, everyday, the world would be a better place.

  3. Well, well, what do I find here? It is a good list of quality women.


  4. Thank you, Tommy. Both for the kind words and for having the integrity to not just pay lip service to Feminism (the real kind). Of course, that doesn’t mean I always agree with you, heh heh…..and I’m sure that is mutual. Still, I respect your absolute lack of hypocrisy here…it’s refreshing and much appreciated.

    Also, I’m with Cube (hi, you!)..beautiful and oh-so-touching last sentence.

    Thanks again,


  5. Why don’t you admit that you only like Meg McCain because she will inherit a beer empire..? he he….

    By the way, I’ll put Mary Katherine Ham in first place of any list. Not only is she pretty, she has a great sense of humor. Megan Kelly..? Anyone who spends so much time trying to explain the first amendment to Bill O’Reilly without smacking him must be really special…

  6. these are bright classy fast thinking chicks your bros may fear. you are bold and wise to pursue starting at the top. your bros will be alone at the bars talking sports while you are attcked for your humor honesty and good taste to hit on their brains not their bods. thats the bonus. or something like a cause greater then your own self interest. but hey lets be good to self later. great list.nice pictures.
    thanks big gabe

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  8. So sweet. My favorite part is that while you disagree with what they are saying, you like their fire. People who can articulately and (most of the time) civilly disagree have a lot to add to the conversation –on both sides. There is definately something honorable and admirable in standing one’s ground, even if it’s maybe not where you, or I, would choose to stand.

  9. See, dudes are governed by a bro code that knows no political ideology, nor any other -ology, unless it deals with facilitating the four noble dude pursuits: Eating, Drinking, Gaming, and Sex.

    You’re confusing dudes with dunces. ‘Bro code’ = can’t stand on your own 2 feet and think for yourself. Hopefully boys outgrow this around 16.

  10. Clever stuff. Being from the opposite end of the political spectrum, I’ll have to check out some of your winners.

  11. Whoo Hoo! Thanks for your post honoring intelligent and beautiful women! I honor you right back. Love, Goddess

  12. Great post! I think it’s wonderful that you can agree to disagree without name calling & being a jerk, like some others I’ve seen. *high five*

  13. nice. 🙂
    thumbs up!

    question though,
    about your blog profile… how did you do the heading?(daily dose) where did you edit it?

  14. The great thing about being a woman is you can appreciate beauty in other women without people going “What are you? A les?” LOL. So if I can add someone to check out, that would be Dana Loesch. (My name is Dena but more often than not I get called Dana, so I love Danas. LOL) She has a blog Mamalogues and I wrote for the Mother of All Conservatives for a while, it is going under a revision. She is smart and very sharp. She has a radio talk show at 97.1 in St. Louis. Anyway check her out.

    And if I could give a shout out to the hot conservative guys I would start with Tony Perkins of Family Research Council. The man makes me weak in the knees. Then you got 99.9 percent of country singers-Trace Adkins would be my favorite in that category. He is as big as a tree but boy would he be worth the climb. LOL And I hear Denzel is on the downl ow when it comes to his conservatism but boy at 100 he still looks good, don’t he? Now if you are talking Black conservative men who can set your heart aflutter, Zo of Macho Sauce Productions is my fave ! His smile gets me all giddy like a school girl.

  15. My buddy, Caleb, did it. Twitter= @Calebhowe

  16. I guess this is the rage now. When you get a chance check out my blog. Bobby Gee. Oh yeah, if you see Andy Katz tell him Bobby Gee says Hi.

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  19. Megyn Kelly sounds stoned in that video clip. I dont imagine that she would ever do drugs, but there is something hot about smart women with morals.

    So how come Miss California didnt make the list?

    While only men make Chris Matthew’s legs tingle, Carrie Prejean gets mine every time!

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  21. Your a class act Tommy!

  22. As a conservative woman, thank you. I too enjoy discussions with my political opposites (I married one) and am glad that you seem to be one with integrity.

    I will be back often.

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    Media Lizzy blogs about the Playboy website putting up a graphic piece about the author’s desire to have hate sex with 10 conservative women.  Violent rape.
    See NSFW/Kids screen shots HERE, that were abruptly deleted from the Playboy website – after ma…

  24. Ummm…why don’t you love any conservative women who aren’t physically attractive? As a “feminist”, you should eschew focusing attention on the appearance of these women whom you categorize by ideology. Now, I have no issue with a good ol’ fashioned hot women photo spread, but this post comes off as both trite and offensive because it is premised on the grounds of appreciating a person of opposing political beliefs due to some higher common ground other than “these chix is the hott!!”

    Perhaps a better title for this piece would be “Several Women I Would Have Sex With Despite Our Ideological Differences Because I’m A Feminist”.

  25. LOL
    As a conservative woman liberal men are so funny …
    There is NO ” Bro code ”

    Where I come from it’s somewhere between balanced and masculine men with balanced and feminine women (that’s me :D)

    Not ” bro coces ” or ” machismo ” … like fake and superficial masculinity
    Most conservative masculine/balanced men I know do NOT act like that

    But yeah …
    Even though I’m not American thank you for the list =)

    And in a weird way conservative women are becoming ‘feminists’ in the USA …
    Ever seen the movie ” 300 ” ?

    Well the thing that happened between Perez Hilton and Carrie Prejean ?

    Miss America occurence = 300
    Perez Hilton = King Xerxes
    Carrie Prejean = Queen Gorgo

  26. ” As a liberal man, and a feminist, I can see both sides of the coin, I think. ”

    Charming and everything but I don’t think most conservative women ‘love’ you 😀

    I’m an anti gender feminist and mostly disagree with much of the present or current feminist movement

    Anyhow don’t wait that a conservative woman falls for you 😀
    Conservative women + Conservative men = Good

    Liberal men are cute but they are like cute little toys 😀
    You play with them and like them but do NOT marry them =)

    ( And I don’t mean play in THAT way okay … conservative/religious women tend to wait until marriage and be virgins or have very few sexual partners )

    Here is what I am trying to say …

    – I like you but I’m a conservative and therefore we will disagree on many things ( and no interfaith/inter beliefs/etc is NOT a good idea )
    – LOVED and am thankful that not all liberal men are evil people that hate conservative women

    Kisses & Hugs

  27. Thanks for your concern, but he has already had a liberal-moderate woman fall for him (the closest to a conservative that he’d ever be compatible with 😉 Your comments are appreciated, but you must know that his bravado is all satire.

    I do have to remark that your broad generalizations about conservative and liberal women are unfair. Hate to break this to you, but not all libs are promiscuous or lacking faith/spirituality…and looking at Twitter, it’s evident that not all conservative women are Madonna figures.

    Your “300” analogy is quite interesting….there are no PH fans around here, I can assure you. Even his fellow gays despise him.

  28. Megyn Kelly ftw! I moved from SW Wyoming to metro Salt Lake City to live w/ my bro, who doesn’t have tv, and prob. 1 of the top 3 shows that I miss watching the most is “America Live.”

    I do watch clips on though. My brother does have Internet.

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