Jake Tapper is a Tool of the Right Wing..er..Left Wing..eh..POP!

That POP! is the sound of wingers everywhere blowing their own minds trying to impugn Jake’s objectivity.  He posted a great fact check of President Obama, and those who would call him “Not MY President NObama!”  It’s the kind of pitch-perfect balance, too, between reporting and blogging that shows that Tapper really “gets” the interweb:

A bizarre and inaccurate meme is circulating among conservatives that President Obama referred to the U.S. as a “Muslim nation.”

It’s not even remotely true…

He goes on to fact-check stats from President Obama’s speech, and finds them suspect, as well.

His point, it seems clear, is that numerically there are enough Muslims in the U.S. to make it one of the biggest “Muslim nations” in the world if — hypothetically — one were only counting Muslims.

(That happens to be a fairly debatable claim, but we’ll get to that in a second.. One fact check at a time.)

You should read the rest of it, he deserves the clicks.

I’ve written a couple of pieces recently defending Jake from tin-foily claims that he’s Karl Rove’s Manchurian reporter, but this thing has a great self-canceling quality.  I’ve been away from the larger interweb lately, but I got to watch Jake, the rare media figure who really engages people on Twitter, fend off blows from both sides on this.

As another Tweep noted, whose name I can’t place right now, you know you’re doing good journalism when both sides are mad at you.  That rule isn’t really true, you could just be in the tank for Ron Paul, but it fits here. Nice job, Jake.



  1. “As another Tweep noted, whose name I can’t place right now, you know you’re doing good journalism when both sides are mad at you.”

    So, so true.

  2. Tapper’s got good stuff. I wish we had a whole lot more like Tapper, and you. Really sick of Couric, WIlliams, Matthews – just zombies with a platform.

    Thanks for recognizing, and not being afraid to say so, what the PB article was all about. Nice site, I’ll be back.

  3. Tommy, heard the news on @ItalianTomatoes blogtalkradio show. Good luck bro.

  4. […] talked a little yesterday about the latest Jake Tapper post to garner froth from the wingers of both latitudes.  While most […]

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