Megyn Kelly Chills Free Speech the Way it Oughta Should

Ed Morrissey played this clip on his show yesterday, but it bears repeating.  This is only the 2nd Megyn Kelly clip I’ve seen, but she’s 2 for 2 now.

Some have made the tired argument that the Playboy episode amounts to a chill on free speech.  I’d present them this clip, and reply that it has actually resulted in a fine example of same.

That’s the beauty of freedom.  Everybody has it.  In this case, Megyn’s free speech was rock, and Guy Cimbalo’s was scissors.  Game on!

Tapper Derangement Syndrome


This is one of those situations where the only thing new I have to offer is an awesome headline.  I hereby coin the term “Tapper Derangement Syndrome,” and any and all rights to it.

I talked a little yesterday about the latest Jake Tapper post to garner froth from the wingers of both latitudes.  While most of the Tapper-mania comes from the left these days, the right is quick to attack him when it suits them.  Both sides ought to be aware that the guy is pretty good with a zinger. Continue reading