And Now We Are Not Even Safe From the Cubans

alex01thumbNot sure how to talk about this whole AOL/Playboy/Tommy getting fired/laying-off of the Politics Daily bloggers/bullshit shenanigans business. The paranoid cynic in me believes that he was fired because of the article criticizing Playboy, and the optimist in me thinks they’ve just made a mistake and will hire him and Caleb and all the other laid-off PD bloggers back any day now (with a pay raise for any inconvenience caused by this little ‘misunderstanding’, since the site really can’t work without them.)

So, aside from asserting that it was a poor decision and that AOL as a whole will suffer for it (sufferrrrr!!!), I’ma keep my trap shut on this and let Tommy do the crusading. Unused as I am to professional blogging, this is showing me an interesting little slice of the reality it entails.

So I’m going to talk about the news! Wasn’t it great that “Will Sarah Palin attend the GOP fundraising dinner or won’t she? Let’s talk about this for an hour instead of addressing the Supreme Court striking down the DADT challenge,” dominated the news cycle? Actually, my favorite is an odd bit of information that made me smile a little before saying, “wait, spying for Cuba? Yes, folks, Cuba. I know, we think that only the Russians have moles in our diplomatic corps, but the Cold War is over.
Apparently, this guy, 72-year-old Walter Kendall Myers, and his wife Gwendolyn, have been spying for the Cubans since 1978. What makes it even more ridiculous is that diplomatic security “let it go for a while” just to see what he was up to and what information he was passing on. In an affidavit, Myers said that he took notes about documents that had information that he wanted to pass on to his Cuban handlers, and – wait for it – memorized it. Now that’s old-school.

Surprisingly, the Myerses seemed to be in it for the ideology, not the money, true believers in the Cuban system. The Cuban government reimbursed them for vague “expenses”, but nothing like Aldrich Ames‘ haul. (That guy was loaded…he paid for a $500,000 house in cash, for cryin’ out loud, and makes me ashamed of my high school.) Also, I love how wire fraud has double the maximum prison sentence of working as an agent for a foreign government. We have the FBI to thank for catching them, as they set up a meeting with the Myerses and an undercover FBI agent posing as a Cuban intelligence agent with a clever ruse, and duped them into spilling the beans. Go FBI! But the boggling part is that though he worked in the State Department as a European analyst, he still managed to view over 200 classified reports on Cuba in the months before he retired in October of 2007. Compartmentalizing: Apparently, we don’t.

More stuff I thought that ye merry Dosers should know: Suspicious package? In my Capitol Visitor Center? Apparently. Damn, and I was thinking of going down there today if I weren’t so tired from spending most of yesterday running from train to train. I missed all the excitement. It was probably a sandwich, but you never know. Either way, I feel safer now.

That, and holy freakin’ crap, Colbert got a buzzcut! Well, Obama told Gen. Ray Odierno to give him one, damn Stephen and his newscastery hair. And John McCain made a joke about muskets (when Baker rifles are clearly superior). A splendid time was had by all. Yay supporting the troops! In that spirit, here’s a nice macro from PunditKitchen, which is my top location for political hilarity (aside from the news, of course):


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