Melinda Henneberger’s New, Stunning Lies About Playboy-Related Firing

In a new interview with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey regarding the recent Playboy controversy, Politics Daily editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger told, perhaps, her most stunning lie to date:

Tommy’s article was not approved for publication before it hit the site, Henneberger said, and she didn’t want it reposted, so she deleted it.

In fact, the article in question had been promoted to the home page prior to Henneberger’s deletion of it.  This process involves review by several editors, and only content deemed especially meritorious is even given consideration for the home page, which is the portal by which every one of the millions of AOL users log in to the internet.  Several meetings are held daily in order to select content for the home page.

That means that, not only was the piece reviewed, not only was it reviewed by several editors, not only was it the subject of a meeting of editors, but the piece was specially selected for its merit.

The only person who didn’t review it, if you believe her incredible account, is Melinda Henneberger.  When she deleted the story, it was still on the home page, leaving a dead link.

Melinda has further exacerbated her pattern of lying by enlisting other journalists, journalists with reputations, in her lies.

The next whopper in question involves a meeting between myself and Carl Cannon, a veteran Washington journalist.  It was at this meeting that Carl and I discussed our working relationship going forward.  Without breaking Carl’s confidence, I  will only say that the “language standards” at Politics Daily never came up, and that we reached accord so quickly on our working relationship that the balance of the meeting was spent discussing a pitch for a new story about the Playboy article, one which Carl thought was newsworthy, and which he instructed me to write so he could pitch it to Melinda.

Here’s what Melinda says:

Melinda says that she asked Carl Cannon to talk to Tommy about standards specifically on this article and in general for the site, but that Carl reported back that Tommy didn’t want hear it on this or any other article. No one contacted Tommy to redo the piece, because “the communication wasn’t really happening.”

As I said before, the language never even came up.  It didn’t come up because, after receiving a gentle, second-hand note from an editor about the use of the word “crap” several weeks ago, I had become self-policing in that regard.  Check it out for yourself.

But by releasing a false, and damaging, account of my meeting with Carl, she is now relying on him to either lie along with her (which I guarantee you he will not do), or remain silent.  In betraying the journalistic ethics she purports to bring to the internet, she has betrayed Carl, as well.


  1. I knew her explaination was dribble, made up off the cuff, and without checking her sources that she would site to cover her ass!


    Tommy, you are WAY more professional than she evah could be…leave her in your dust my brother…you have a story to tell….TELL IT!

    Big things are coming for you, I can feel it!

  2. And I love how she said,

    no professional jounalist types contacted her on the issue…

    Then why are you addressing it? What’s the worry, why even give it space?

    oh and I find it ironic, that she used the very symbol in her article, that she “fired” you for…LOL

    not a laughing matter I know…but sheeesh…

    at least get it believable before you put it in “print”.

  3. […] II: Tommy Christopher has responded to the interview: In a new interview with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey regarding the […]

  4. It only makes sense. Why WOULDN’T she fire you for something she hadn’t read, even though she’s the one who deleted it? It’s not like she’s taking the truth and hate-f***ing it or anything.

  5. Oh wait, I forgot: She didn’t fire you for that, even though she deleted it without having read it. Also, she used to work for the New York Times.

  6. Here’s a little trip through the trailer park of the mind, AOL national news comment board.


    12:01 AMJun 09 2009

    Yeah, no need for anyone to read this. just move along. Nothing to see here.

    Looka at all of these s*it heel rednecks. Same trailer park mutants that have populated AOL since I don’t know when. So what does AOL do? They grab all of the laid off NYTimes writers they can grab and fire the whole PM crew. Think any of these guys will be reading the new politics page? Hell, I’m surprised they can read this 3rd grade level AP wire service drivel. Fat chance they’d read the nooyawkerer even if they had the vocabulary do do so, which they don’t. Don’t get me wrong, a fancy education and a head full of words don’t make you smart, but these guys are stupid AND culturally deprived. HEY, I SAID MOVE ALONG. NOTHING FOR YOU HERE.
    I’m just writing this so I can copy it along with the nasty random comments up top. I’ll paste it around as an example of just how bad the inappropriate Melinda and her friends are for this neighborhood. KEEP MOVING. YEAH YOU, LINE DANCE YOUR REDNECK BUTT OUTA HERE.
    urn:x-aol:oid:mddn:25199c0a-54aa-11de-a7d9-0f57cb52737a AVG RATING:
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    11:45 PMJun 09 2009

    yeah ,he was innocent just like all the blacks in US prisons we all know their all innocent victims of those darn republicans .They’re justified having to rob ,murder and deal drugs because their relatives were dicriminated against in the past.Of course it was the reps that pushed through the civil rights legislation as the southern dems fought it tooth and nail(Al Gore’s dad and kkk Byrd leading the way) , What was I talking about? oh yeah you frikkin libs suck!
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    11:43 PMJun 09 2009

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    11:40 PMJun 09 2009

    Too bad!!! I have no sympathy for him or his family.
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    papa holston

    11:32 PMJun 09 2009

    would this guy admit it if he was a terrorist? WOULD YOU?
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    11:30 PMJun 09 2009

    To all of the BLEEDING HEART CLUB….ever hear about FRIENDLY FIRE…?I am sure the ROSENBERGS would forgive you….
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    11:29 PMJun 09 2009

    Bosnia arrested him…..they claimed he was a terrorist…..sue Bosnia…..
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    11:25 PMJun 09 2009

    Once again, a wingnut idiot assumes the guy is guilty of something, simply because the GOP’s Keystone Kops arrested and tortured him. A Republican is someone who never heard of “due process of law” and has no idea what “lack of evidence” means.

  7. Oh, the story was about a guy who was wrongly arrested in Bulgaria and tortured in Guantanamo for 7 years. Here’s a couple of more comments:


    12:05 AMJun 09 2009

    Oh, I feel so so guilty. How can I live with myself knowing my government tortured this poor poor Muslim. Oh, the agony… (moving right along, has Obama gone out for burgers lately?)
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    12:03 AMJun 09 2009

    Page one in the Terrorist hand book > ” Tell Anyone That Will Listen That You Were Tortured”, the more press you get the better. . Page Two>> see if you can squeeze a little cash out of it if you can.
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  8. […] this point things get fuzzy, with charges and countercharges a-flyin’.  Henneberger’s assertion is that Christopher’s dismissal had nothing […]

  9. (comment originally posted on RedState)

    To paraphrase the immortal words of Ron Ziegler (Nixon’s press secretary)… it has come to our attention that our previous explanations of this matter are now at variance with what we now perceive to be the truth, insofar as fact leakage via the usual suspects has catalyzed the need for retraction of our previous explanations, which we gladly provide pending new revelations that are not encompassed by our current clarifications.

    and in the words of Nixon himself… let me make one thing perfectly clear!

  10. In the iimmortal words of everyone who heard the explanation you just paraphrased: “Huh”!!!!!!!

  11. Henneberger:Hindenburg

    I’ll continue to call her, Melinda Hamburger.

  12. Funny. I started calling her Melinda HennyPenny.

  13. […] by Playboy (then by Politico), my firing from Politics Daily, and its Editor-in-Chief’s campaign of lies to cover it up, there is a newer, sadder, much more unjust wrinkle to this story.  You may recall […]

  14. […] and Jason Linkins’ refusal to let her muddy the waters, and for Ed Morrissey’s extraction of a slanderous lie from her. Conservative radio host Media Lizzy also pitched in the smoking gun, and was also […]

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