Air America Declares Politics Daily a Conservative Website

You wouldn’t know it by the way they go out of their way to bury attacks on conservative women, but Air America makes a decent case:

Although, one of AOL’s daily political news suppliers, aims to offer “smart pieces from across the ideological spectrum,” it may be pandering, intentionally or not, to AOL’s increasingly conservative audience.

…On AOL’s political page, the top most-commented articles from today report “Sarah Palin Launches New Attacks on Government Stimulus,” “Meghan McCain Accuses Brian Williams of ‘Bowing’ to President Obama,” and “Obama on Clinton: A ‘Loose Cannon’ Who Tells ‘Bald-Faced Lies’.”

It’s a tough to argue with that, especially given its new Chief Editor’s platypus ideology:

I’m an economic liberal but also a socially conservative, pro-life Catholic feminist…

Isn’t that a little bit like being an Andrew Ridgely/John Oates fan?


  1. AOL either has no idea what its’ audience is or would rather not know. As I have said a few times over the past week they are crazy if they think that the trailer parkers will buy into the NY Times II, on-line.

    Back handed conservatism like the Times and that odd liberal conservatism that does NOT ‘get’ my president.

    “You’ve Got Mail”? Not much, actually. Most of the posts have a scant few,. I’m willing to bet that the Tommy Firing controversy has created a few record. Well, two posts hit above 50 comments, I think.

  2. AOL has been a loaded with unstable RW conservatives, since inception.

    The DC violence is, as all violence is: deplorable.

    Breaking Confirmed: The DC shooter is a WNutD Barack Obama Con-Spiricy theorist: “Birther”,.

    No wonder the violence advocating Cons were so distressed over the unfortunately, thrice proven accurate w NIE, released by DHS in an effort to thwart this RW violent crime wave.

    In a Democracy, we the majority of people will decide with you. Those unlicensed weapons that you insist upon? are 43 times more likely to kill your family & friends, rather than any intruder…

  3. DKs post on the Letterman kerfuffle has over 2000 comments. Could somebody explain how that happens. I have a few ideas.

  4. Matt lews latest post has one comment

    Bonnie Goldstein since 6/1 3 comments, 6 & 9 on the 6/1 post

    Out of 12 ‘most commented on’ DK has 5 of them

  5. Hi Tommy,

    You may already know, but you got mention on Sean Hannity’s show, the other day (Tues, June, 9). As I tuned in, I caught the tail end of something he was saying about the Playboy article and he said, “so one guy got laid off over it.” I didn’t hear anything before that, but if you check the archive, maybe he mentioned you by name and it may help carry the story further into the main stream news.

  6. Tommy, you were fired from AOL for being TOO LIBERAL! Run with this, and your future is assured!

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