All Up in the White House’s Grill…Literally

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m something of a foodie, so you can imagine my excitement at scoring the culinary scoop of the centuminute.  I’m referring, of course, to the apparent Official Cookout Gear of the White House, the Weber Sputnik.


According to a White House staffer, the place is lousy with the things, and they’re used not only to cook outdoor fare for the President, but also by White House staff when the opportunity presents itself.

Oh, but that’s not all.  Behind the trusty Sputnik was a sight to quicken the pulse of any charcoal aficionado: Continue reading

Jake Tapper Asks Gibbs About Rev Wright’s “Them Jews” Remark

I had to shake my fist a little and do a Kirk-esque “TAPPER!!!” when the aforementioned Jake asked Gibbs this question today, as it was one of several I was juggling in my head to ask.  Just as well, since I didn’t quite get a question in today, and it adds another log to the Tapper Derangement Syndrome fire.

What was somewhat surprising, to me at least, was that Gibbs wasn’t ready with a more forceful, or funnier, repudiation of Reverend Wright’s remark that “them Jews” are keeping him away from the President.

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White House Disputes HuffPo Account of Frosh Dems Being Bullied

Editorial note: Here’s how you know blogging has “made it.”  I am actually blogging with stereotypical orange snack-food powder on my fingers.  In the White house.

At today’s briefing, Robert Gibbs was asked about a report at HuffPo that has Rep. Lynn Woolsey claiming that the white House is bullying freshman Democrats to support the supplemental war spending bill.  Now, before I get to Gibbs’ response, let me point out that not only are these Democrats, they’re freshman Democrats.  Their default position is inside a locker with wedgie.

Here’s the exchange, from today’s briefing: Continue reading

Does President Obama Still Smoke? Gibbs Isn’t Saying


At today’s White House Press Briefing, the subject of President Obama’s smoking habit came up a couple of times, as related to the signing of a new anti-smoking law.  Gibbs was his usual forthcoming self.  Here’s the first shot at it:

Q    Today when the President made some comments around the smoking and tobacco act, I noticed the President didn’t refer back to any of his personal experiences at all with smoking struggles.  I’m wondering if smoking continues to be a struggle for the President.

MR. GIBBS:  I think the President would likely tell you, as I think many — anybody would that has smoked or been addicted to smoking, that it is a life-long struggle.

Q    Is it a daily struggle for him?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, since days are comprised within your lifetime, I would — I think that’s covered.

White House reporters are a stubborn lot. Hence, the laser-like follow: Continue reading