Jake Tapper Asks Gibbs About Rev Wright’s “Them Jews” Remark

I had to shake my fist a little and do a Kirk-esque “TAPPER!!!” when the aforementioned Jake asked Gibbs this question today, as it was one of several I was juggling in my head to ask.  Just as well, since I didn’t quite get a question in today, and it adds another log to the Tapper Derangement Syndrome fire.

What was somewhat surprising, to me at least, was that Gibbs wasn’t ready with a more forceful, or funnier, repudiation of Reverend Wright’s remark that “them Jews” are keeping him away from the President.

Jake Tapper: Okay. Second question: The President’s former mentor and spiritual advisor, Reverend Wright, had some choice words to say about “them Jews” that are being — that are preventing him from talking to the press; and then he later, in fairness, changed that to “Zionists,” not “Jews.” But I was wondering if the President was aware of these comments and if he had any reaction to it at all?

MR. GIBBS: I haven’t talked to him about these comments. I think I would — I don’t have any comment on it except to refer you to the last time the President spoke about Reverend Wright in late April of 2008. I refer you to those comments.

This happens all the time, where Gibbs will say he hasn’t spoken to the President about something.  A friend asked me if I thought the White House deliberately keeps Gibbs and the President apart so they don’t accidentally talk about something.

While my instinct would have been to excoriate Wright (as I did), the Team Obama long ago figured out the calculus involved in deciding when to push back, and when to simply let it fly right by.


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  1. Is “Tapper” fisting more like Seinfeld and Newman? Or maybe Lex and Ms Taswalker!


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